Friday, February 6, 2009

I was led into the first room of the three-room tour, and I knew it: Something had happened to me. I was at the Alight Pregnancy Center, located right next door to Planned Parenthood. So what brought me there?

I have always been pro-life. I can't even remember consciously forming an opinion on abortion. I have simply always known that life is to be respected, nurtured, and protected. I never became pro-life. I simply was, just as one is not taught to breathe, but just does so naturally. You just do it. Actually, I believe that is the case with everyone. People don't have to be taught to be pro-life. We are born pro-life. Those who are so-called pro-choice are the ones who have been taught--rather indoctrinated. I enter into evidence Exhibit A: I've noticed with middle school age kids if the subject of abortion arises, they wrinkle their noses, shake their heads, look like they're going to puke, and then ask, "How could anyone do that?" However, find some of these same people by the time they hit their sophomore year in high school and they're passionately declaring their pro-choice beliefs. This proves that wisdom does not necessarily come with age. Sometimes I think what we should be yelling over our kids is not, "Grow up!" but rather, "Stay young...PLEASE!" There certainly is something to Scripture which states, "Out of the mouths of babes..."

In spite of my life-long aversion to abortion, its tragedy has hit me harder in the last several months than it ever has. I became even more sensitive to it during the election campaign as I raged because of President Barack Obama's radical pro-abortion philosophy and thanked God for Governor Sarah Palin's passionate pro-life stance. I have prayed about the unborn more than ever, emailed/called more senators than ever before, cried about it more than ever before, and have been more aware of it than ever before.

I had been thinking about and planning to get involved with Alight, and when my pastor spoke boldly about abortion on Sanctity of Human Life Day in January, my friend Kia leaned up to me and said, "We need to get involved." My sentiments exactly.

As I took the short tour at Alight yesterday, I knew something had happened to me. The director led me to the room where they store clothing to give away to pregnant women in need. She then showed me the room where they counsel these women and share with them the truth about what abortion does physically and emotionally. Somewhere between the two rooms, I felt such a stirring within me, such emotion. My heart was overwhelmed with the vision of this woman who runs the place. I was blessed with the knowledge that people care enough to--even with little money--supply a place of hope, provision, and direction--all for the sake of life. That simple truth touches me deeply. Yes, something has happened to me.

Finally, we sat down in the outer room and discussed what Kia and I could do to help. We will be teaching a Sexual Integrity course that will run several weeks. The course has yet to be taught, and the director has wanted someone with a heart to teach it! She called us pioneers! She asked me if we were interested in that or if we just wanted to focus on those who are already pregnant. I told her I really had a heart to teach that course. First, I would rather catch these ladies before they find themselves in a situation they don't want to be in, to keep it from happening. As she said, "We want to be pro-active, not just reactive." Second, it's perfect for me because, as I told her, "I'm living it." I know the value of sexual integrity because, as a single Christian, by the grace of God I am living that life--so I can speak from personal experience.

Certainly God is in this. I can't thank Him enough for allowing me to share His wonderful plan of sexual purity, be a support to those who have found themselves in situations they didn't anticipate, and counsel and encourage women to embrace LIFE.

Check out the video clip below. It speaks volumes concerning the sanctity of all life.


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