Stimulus Bill Unread...What Else is New?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It must be something to be able to say that people are engaged in political posturing whenever they disagree with you. It must really be to your advantage to say you've opened the door to bipartisanship because you've asked Republicans to sit down at the table to tell them--ever so briefly--what your new stimulus bill will entail. Then when they disagree with all the pork and pay-back to special interest groups, you simply answer, "Look, I won." Sounds like true bipartisanship to me! NOT! It must be quite the feeling to know that the media is so in love with you that they'll back you up as you sell them on the need to do "something"--anything--during these difficult times, to know they'll be in your corner no matter what because whenever you talk they admittedly get "chills running up and down their legs." Somehow your stuttering "ummmmm", "aannndddd," and "ahhhhhh," whenever you don't have a teleprompter feeding you what to say qualifies as eloquence to them, and it doesn't matter what you say, as long as you say it. Must feel warm and fuzzy--and safe, huh? These are dangerous times, folks. Thank God for Fox News, a bright light in these liberal media times.

As for this so-called stimulus bill, one major source of concern is the fact that no one has read it; they just voted for it! In fact, President Pelosi (You knew she was the president, didn't you?) and her intern (You figure out who that is.) didn't give them access to it to read it, and you better believe they knew what they were doing. Liberals may be many things, but stupid is not one of them. No, they're counting on you to be stupid so they won't have to be! You'll just vote "yes" because "we must do something." Worry about our children and our children's children paying back this trillion dollar debt? No way. We have to do something, anything. Notice the fact that the president has gone rather quickly from a message of hope to despair in his efforts to get the people to buy the bag of doodoo he's selling while he blames the Bush administration? Sure, he stays away from fear and despair--until it serves his purpose to invoke both. Yeah, but he's Barack Obama; it's okay. Hear his speech where he says he was handed this economic situation with a red bow wrapped around it? I heard it, and I yelled back, "You certainly didn't have to take it, sir. There's a large segment of our American population who would have been both understanding--and delighted--if you had backed out, admitting you just didn't have what it took to deal with the demands on the table. Isn't that what you're saying? While you make sure we all know that you didn't start this--covering your own tail--aren't you really saying, "I don't have a clue what I'm doing, so don't blame me"?

As for the fact that the Senate and the House did not get to read the bill before voting on it, why are we surprised? Many Americans didn't know the issues about the presidential candidates before voting on November 4th either. Why should now be any different? True, that information was available, but for many it wasn't necessary. Many had made up their minds who they would vote for when they first saw Obama. Howard Stern went around to African-Americans prior to Election Day and made a fool of Black people. Well, actually we made a fool of ourselves; he just brought it to the limelight. Just about all of them had no clue whatsoever about Barack Obama, what his position on the issues were, and what he stood for. They told Stern Obama was pro-life, supported the war, and that Sarah Palin was his running mate! (Some of you reading this now are still saying, "Well, isn't that true?!) They didn't have a single clue about substantive issues. But they knew he was Black! That's how we roll, isn't it?

Well, as our new president can't seem to get his cabinet picks straight (how embarrassing), we'll find out soon if the color of his skin is enough to get the job done, won't we?


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