I'm Black and I'm Proud...To Support Sarah Palin

Monday, March 23, 2009

I was asked recently why I support Sarah Palin, and I hesitated, not because I didn't know what to say, but because I didn't know where to begin. It's such an emotional subject for me because I still--yes, still--ache over what America lost by not electing her Vice President of the United States. When I think about what could have been, I still shake my head and grip my heart.

To keep it simple, Sarah Palin represents the best of America. That's what I always say. That's what I mean. She is America in its finest hour and, with the help of God, she can lead us back. And that's the number one reason I support her: She seeks God for her own life and the life of this nation. She relies on His direction and trusts that He has it all under control. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what America has lost and needs desperately to retrieve.

Sarah Palin's very life speaks to the values that will progress this nation. It says to the rest of us, "Embrace the innocent, love the vulnerable, and offer yourself up for service." I support Sarah Palin because she sees the perfection in a special needs child whom 90% of Americans faced with this same challenge would have aborted. I support Sarah Palin because she did not back down on her support of a strong military defense, even when it hit home as her own son enlisted in the army and was deployed to Iraq. I support Sarah Palin because she supports her daughter, even though she was no doubt disappointed by the news of a teenage pregnancy. We often say, "You never know what decision you'll make until it happens to you." Well, it's all happened to her! And she has walked out every stance she has taken.

Sarah Palin is a true conservative, which is why some don't understand her. A true conservative woman? That's too much for some to wrap their brains around. She holds to principles of life, family, personal responsibility, fiscal restraint, smaller government, and low taxes. She understands that government is not our best resource; the American people are. She is an expert on energy and has a vision--and a plan--to make us an energy independent nation, which will make us a safer nation.

Governor Palin is not a politician in the sense we have come to know politicians. She is a leader with a servant's heart, and she stands upon her principles. If this means taking on her own party, breaking up the old boys' network, and staring down corruption, so be it. She'll do it--and has done it. This kind of integrity earned her an approval rating in the state of Alaska of above 80%, which was unheard of--until we heard of Sarah Palin.

But isn't there pressure on a Black woman from New York who supports Sarah Palin and has Palin stickers on her car? You betcha! In this age of Obama-mania how do I handle that kind of pressure? It's not always easy because above all else, Black people are loyal--to their own. I am seen by some, no doubt, as a sell-out, a traitor, a misguided soul. I can handle it because I know what matters. I will never grant my support or cast my vote based on color or gender. I do what I do based on principle--and Sarah Palin's principles are what we need in America--including the Black community; they're for all people, of all ages, in all parts of the nation. The vast majority of Black people have pro-God, pro-life, and pro-family values. This comes as a result of our spiritual heritage. So many Black people claim God as their source. In light of this, we must come to understand that the government cannot be what we look to for hope, but to that God we claim. We must also understand that He has made us victors, not the victims the Left makes us out to be in their effort to secure our votes. This message is the conservative message that our community needs. It's also Sarah's message. Black people just need to hear someone articulate it--and Sarah Palin is the one who can articulate that message.

Again, why do I support Sarah Palin? The bottom line: I'm pro-God, pro-life, pro-family, and pro-country. Therefore, I'm pro-Palin. It's as simple as white...and yes...black!

Palin 2012...


Yolando March 29, 2009 at 10:28 AM  

The reason I supported Sarah in the beginning was because she was a woman. Once I got to know what she stood for, I realize I had been making a mistake my entire voting life. I am a former black democrat woman who supports Governor Palin.

Anonymous,  March 30, 2009 at 1:19 PM  

Well said Adrienne! It's very refreshing to hear your opinion. Being called a white woman doesn't seem to pinpoint my heritage...I'd say I'm more of a mutt...lol! I am loyal to people who earn my respect no matter what their color or gender and that is about it. I have always considered myself a Democrat until Sarah Palin came along and realized that she is what this country has been lacking. Sarah Palin has earned my respect and has my 100% support! Palin in 2012!!!

Peter,  April 13, 2009 at 7:05 PM  

This is an excellent article. It articulates what so many of us believe is important in our leaders and what attracted us to Sarah in the first place. I agree that America truly missed out on November 4th, and it does hurt to contemplate that. I hope that we can correct the mistake in 2012.

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