President Obama, Stem Cells, and Bad Gifts!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Believe me, I want to have something good to say about President Obama. I really do. I desperately want him to surprise me. He does continue to shock me, however, with his total disregard for anything sacred, his utter arrogance, and his inability to "get it."

Two issues are of particular concern today.

This first issue disgusted me to the point of feeling like I could puke. Today the president reversed President Bush's ban on allowing your tax dollars to pay for embryonic stem cell research. I really should not be shocked. Would the man who three days into his presidency reversed the Mexico City Policy, which means that taxpayers are now funding abortions in other countries--during a recession, mind you--really care that there are millions of Americans who are morally opposed to creating life, using it for science, and then destroying that life? I know the mainstream media and many Obama's supporters think he is the Messiah, and I had an inkling he thought he was too, especially when he set up those Greek columns to accept his Party's nomination and when he later declared, "We (meaning "I") are the ones we've been waiting for." But when with the stroke of a pen you declare that life can be destroyed in the name of maybe making medical advances, you remove all doubt of who you think you are.

The crazy part of this is that there is not one success story from embryonic stems cells. On the other hand, adult stem cells have proven successful. There is no excuse for the destruction of human embryos, but when you throw in the fact that there are alternatives, like adult stem cells, that we know work, how does one justify this?

Obama had the audacity to say we can't elevate politics over science. Does he really not understand that some people actually have principles, and that it's those principles--not politics--that cause them to stand up and say, "No"? Just tell me: he really doesn't get it, does he? It has been my experience that people who themselves have principles that are rooted in something greater than themselves don't have a hard time getting that. What does this say about him? Hey, just asking. It's a wonder I only felt like puking and didn't upchuck all over myself. When life is dispensable for the sake of a possibility in the presence of certainties (You'll get it in a minute), we are in a world of mess and judgment will soon come.

The second concern would be hilarious if it weren't so embarrassing. If you get your source of news from the same mainstream media that demonized Sarah Palin and almost single-handedly got Obama elected, you may not have heard, but every fair and balanced (There aren't many) news sources have covered the story. British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, visited the United States and was treated like a pesky neighbor by our president. Understand, Great Britain is our chief ally. Thousand of their troops are fighting by our side in Afghanistan, and our relationship with them goes way back. We are truly sister countries. So why then did President Obama treat Prime Minister Brown so poorly?

It is customary for the two countries to exchange gifts. Gordon did his country proud when he presented President Obama with a pen holder made from a real anti-slave ship, along with a certificate of authenticity. This gift would be cherished by any president, but Gordon showed that Obama's being the first African-American president was not lost on him. The anti-slave ship speaks volumes. What an honor for our president. And what had President Obama prepared for this big day to give to our biggest ally? Hold on to your hats now. Our president presented Prime Minister Gordon, on behalf of the United States of America...drum roll please...25 DVDs! No, this is not some heinous joke! He actually gave him DVDs, which included Psycho, E.T., and The Wizard of Oz! All 25 DVDs are classics, so they can be bought from any video store for...oh...about $1.99 a pop! As if that wasn't pathetic enough, the British have a different system, so Gordon can't even use those DVDs in his country! No, I'm really not joking! Not only did we give Great Britain an embarrassing basket-full of garbage, we gave them garbage they can't even use!

Then--now this ought to make you crawl under your seat and hide--President Obama had the nerve to return the bust of Winston Churchill that Great Britain gave us after 9-11 as a symbol of their solidarity with us. Again, I am not joking! They gave us a gift to show their support of us, we've had it for 8 years, and this president gives it back. What in the world is going on?!! The reports are coming in: the British media is burning mad at us and are ripping us apart over there--and we deserve it. Not only that, but Prime Minister Gordon and his entire country deserve an apology from our president. To make matters worse, we normally hold an official state dinner for the Prime Minister, which we denied him, and we cancelled his joint press conference with President Obama. This is all inexcusable, and I don't understand it. True, Obama has no experience worthy of being called president, but even as a community organizer, I'm sure he had to pick out a gift before! What...did he realize Gordon's plane was landing, quickly ran out to the local five and ten and grabbed some DVDs, threw them in the cart, and headed back to the White House?! Could he possibly not have known better--or is he sending some kind of message? Is the message, "Sorry, but we're in a recession, and since we're paying for abortions in other countries and paying for the destruction of human embryos, we can't afford to buy you a decent gift, and by the way, since we bought you a cheapy gift, take back your bust of Churchill; that ought to even things, eh?"

Somebody wake me up in 2012.


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