Yesterday I Met Jim Tedisco; Today I Went Door to Door for Him

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yesterday when I drove about 3 minutes from my house to meet up with the Tedisco camp--which was taking a tour of Hudson's recently-built Firemen's Home--I was excited to be a part of helping the cause. Tedisco himself greeted me as I walked through the door. His staff set me up with lawn signs, pamphlets, and a list of names and addresses. They were very appreciative, giving thanks profusely. My first thought? Wow...he's short! But I digress!

Today was my first experience knocking doors on behalf of a candidate. I went alone, I got a taste of it, and I loved it. I enjoy people--talking, listening, informing, learning. So I enjoyed being out there meeting people today. Granted, not everyone said what I wanted to hear. Even some Republicans said they were undecided. One Republican said she and her husband were going to vote for Democrat Scott Murphy. Another said he did not like Tedisco's advertising--whatever that means. But still I had some very good conversations with people. I spent about 20 minutes with an older couple who were very engaging. They have an understanding of where the Republican Party needs to go. They understand the value of getting out there, being active, articulating our message to all demographics, working at the grassroots. By the end of our conversation, they offered their home if I ever wanted to hold a tea party for the cause. It was wonderful. I will be knocking more doors tomorrow after work.

I might as well get used to it, for I will be doing much more work like this for years to come as I will continue to be the New York organizer for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. In fact, as I was walking house to house, I couldn't help but think of Sarah Palin. Many of us have seen pictures and videos of her doing the hard work of getting out there with the people when she was running for governor. She had her red sign, her adorable daughter, Piper, and her ebullient smile. She stood on the sides of roads and waved at people for hours, no doubt--and we know how cold it is in Alaska! At least here in New York today was beautiful, sunny, and green.

I am pleased to be doing something to bring about the desired results. This election on March 31st is of the utmost importance. Until Kirsten Gillibrand's victory in 2006, a Republican held that seat since the 70's. It's time to take it back because it's a step toward taking America back.

I ask all of you to keep this election in prayer and perhaps go to and donate. They have a 20for20 theme--$20.00 donations for Jim Tedisco's District 20 campaign. Let's do it, New York!


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