Americans are TEA-ed Off

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today, on this annual tax day, I am even prouder to be an American. All over the United States, Americans are participating in tea parties. They are gathering together. They are holding signs. They are letting their voices be heard. And they are doing so peacefully. I am proud because once again the time has come where thousands upon thousands of people have decided that there is something worth fighting for, and they've thrown their names into that hat. Enough is enough! Americans are "Tea-ed Off."


Who would have ever thought that tea parties would resurface after all these years?! The grassroots fever is spreading--and I love it. For so long so many have buried their heads in the sand because, they said, "Nothing I do will make a difference anyway." And, I admit, sometimes it's hard not to think that way. But today people are taking a stand. They're refusing to be silent. They're energized to act, and that's what America needs. America needs people with conviction, but simple conviction is not enough. America needs people who have a backbone and will put feet to their fervor. That's what's going on all over the United States today.

The new administration has gone off the deep end in terms of spending, putting Americans in deeper debt to the detriment of our children and grandchildren, not to mention ourselves. The out of control government spending has got to stop. Bigger government is bankrupting America.

And just to be clear, these protests cross Party lines. It's not a Republican thing, as some have claimed. It's an American thing. Look, this wasteful spending was wrong when President Bush was doing it, and it's wrong now that President Obama is doing it. So don't make this a partisan issue. It affects all of us.

People and businesses are tired of funding big government, and they are willing to make their voices heard. Can you hear them? Can you hear what they're saying? I do. They're crying, "Stop raising my taxes, and stop wasting trillions of dollars. Stop spreading my wealth around to fund your wasteful programs!" I hear them loud and clear. And I lend my voice to their pleas.

Oh yes, Americans have gotten "Tea-ed Off," and I, for one, am very proud.


Big Tom,  April 17, 2009 at 5:04 PM  

That was a great blog, Adrienne!!!

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