Some People Just Don't Get It (Updated with Video)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some people just don't get it. Last night Governor Sarah Palin spoke at the Vanderburgh County Right to Life Banquet, our nation's largest function of this sort. Just as she did during the 2008 campaign when thousands of people would gather to hear her speak, she set the house on fire! That's because the fire is within her. I didn't think I could respect her any more than I already did, but I was wrong--because I do.

Sarah has been under incredible attack and pressure in the state of Alaska. Some of these people have nothing better to do than try to make life difficult for her. They slam her every decision, accuse her of tainted motives, and frankly are hell-bent on destroying her. They severely ridiculed her decision to leave the state to attend this event. Now, other governors travel out of their states during the legislative session much more than she does. She's left the state only twice, but these legislators are so intent on having her blow their noses, bandage their boo-boos, and wipe their...well, you get the picture. When she rejected part of the so-called stimulus, they said, "She's not doing this for the well-being of Alaska. I bet she's just focused on her national political future." When she says she traveling for 36 hours--yes, it was only 36 hours--out of state, they said, "She doesn't care about Alaska. She's looking to the future and a run for national office." How many times, and in how many languages, does she have to tell them that she is committed to the state of Alaska? What do they want from her? She faithfully serves the people of Alaska and does an amazing job of that. Before the MSM recognized her as a viable threat to the Kingdom of Barack Obama and pledged themselves to the task of destroying her, her approval rating in the state of Alaska was near--and sometimes over--90%! That's unheard of! She has a plethora of supporters, is an expert on the issue of energy, and remains a die-hard social and fiscal conservative. The liars and haters know she is a threat, and so no matter what she does or doesn't do, they will attack.

But one particular attack regarding last night's appearance was particularly absurd. All over the airwaves today people have discussed what a magnetic, powerful presence she had at this pro-life affair. The problem is some follow that up with comments about her using this moment to "reignite" her national image and set herself up for a 2012 presidential run. They're wrong. Many of these people simply don't get Sarah Palin, do they? She has turned down thousands of requests to speak all over the world. It's precisely because her #1 priority is Alaska that she has declined all but last night's. She said yes to them because the pro-life movement and families of Down Syndrome children really are near and dear to her heart. If you watched Sarah Palin speak last night, choking back tears when talking about the moment her son Trig was born, how God had answered her prayers, and how her "heart overflowed with joy," there should be no doubt who this woman is and the sincerity of her motives.

I'm not saying she doesn't want to run for president one day. In fact, I'm praying she does run. But I am saying, she didn't travel almost 4,000 miles, stand before a pro-life crowd, and bare her soul...for a better chance to become the next Republican Party presidential nominee. Sarah boldly shared what she went through when she learned at 44 that she was pregnant, discovered that the baby she was carrying had Down Syndrome, and "just for a fleeting moment" contemplated making this unexpected challenge that she said, "rocked my world" go away. The honesty and complete transparency she displayed did not emerge from a self-serving elitist political strategist. They flowed from the heart of an everyday American: a Christian, a wife, a mother. They came from someone who could very well live next door, who's had the same challenges that many of us have had. Her appearance before a crowd that gave her several standing ovations spoke to the values that are shared by most of us. Afterall, Sarah is one of us--which is exactly why we feel so comfortable calling her...very simply...Sarah. Sarah, unpretentious to the core, is misunderstood by some because, honestly, they don't understand that some people actually do things for the right reasons, out of conviction and service. And that is who Sarah is.


tom,  April 18, 2009 at 10:15 AM  

Amazing word 100% fact and 100% truth thank you Adrienne once again for these words

Josh Painter April 18, 2009 at 9:06 PM  

Excellent! Love your blog...

- JP

Greg April 18, 2009 at 11:46 PM  

A great post.

Now that she is no longer held hostage in Alaska, she can take the country by storm. I'm really hoping that she will be down here in the lower 48 on a regular basis, attending to as many of the hundreds of invitations as she can over the next 8 months. If she gives a speech like she gave on Thursday at every event, she will leave ever possible contender in the dust.

She said she's going to restart her engine, so that should give us great hope for the future.

Clifton B April 20, 2009 at 4:55 AM  

The abortion issue is single thing liberals fear of Palin the most. Even if she doesn't run for President in 2012 (God forbid), the fact that she can speak so clearly and honestly for ProLife, makes her very dangerous. If she was to throw all her energy into this single cause, she could set the Pro Choice movement back a good 50 years!

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