Who's to Blame for George Tiller's Death?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

What in the world is going on? Abortionist George Tiller was gunned down today in his church in Wichita, Kansas. Yes, he has stirred up a barrage of emotions for his apparent dedication to performing late-term abortions. Yet those of us who believe that life is precious cannot stop at George Tiller's life. As wretched as his behavior has been, going into a church and killing him is something I cannot begin to wrap my brain around. Though I find his actions despicable and sickening, killing the killer is not the answer. But are such acts inevitable?

Perhaps the assailant felt that since the law did not do its job in March when Tiller received no repercussions by the court for performing illegal late-term abortions, he/she would take matters into his/her own hands. The truth of the matter is that when the law does not do its job of protecting life, everything gets out of hand.

God has ordained life. As the song we used to sing in Sunday School says, "Jesus Loves the Little Children." Unfortunately, we live in a society now that does not necessarily feel the same way--or at least doesn't love the littlest of children the way Jesus does. We live in a society where a Senator who votes to end a baby's life, even outside the womb, can become President of the United States. We live in a time where a woman's choice is more important than a baby's right to life, and she is applauded for exercising that choice. And that, whether we want to admit it or not, cannot exist without great price. I want to be very, very careful not to over-spiritualize an act as horrendous as the one which occured today, but is it possible that what we see is a case of reaping what we have sown here in America? Each must bear his own sin, but I'm challenging us to look at the bigger picture. The truth is that when we are willing to sacrifice even one innocent life in favor of death, all lives are placed in jeopardy.

Lest I be misunderstood, I must again say that I am not--in any way, shape, or form--condoning the murderer's actions in this case. As much as I despise the act of little lives being snuffed out by abortion, which Tiller committed himself to, I cannot be silent when this man's life is brought to an end. All life is precious. What I am saying is we'd better get it together across the board. What will America, so providentially born, become? Will we be that place of "liberty and justice for all," or will we compromise in one area, making us vulnerable in every area? So much is on the line: The conscience of America, the soul of America, the very life of America is at stake. When we embrace a culture of death on one hand, it's impossible to close the door to it on the other hand.

My prayer is that we would cultivate a culture of life in every single way. We cannot have pockets of life, segments where life is sacred, and other areas where it is dispensable. All life must be valued and protected. And yes, that includes George Tiller. His loss of life is part of a bigger problem--one that needs serious fixing. If it continues uncorrected, we're all in trouble.


Today I Received a Personal Note from Sarah Palin!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I was very pleased to come home today to a personal note from Governor Sarah Palin!

I encourage all who read Motivation: Truth to contribute to SarahPAC and The Alaska Fund Trust.

The official SarahPAC statement reads thus about its efforts:
Dedicated to building America's future, supporting fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation. SarahPAC believes America's best days are ahead. Our country, founded on conservative principles and the fight for freedom, must confront the challenges of the 21st century with integrity, innovation, and determination. SarahPAC believes energy independence is a cornerstone of the economic security and progress that every American family wants and deserves.

SarahPAC believes the Republican Party is at the threshold of an historic renaissance that will build a better future for all. Health care, education, and reform of government are among our key goals. Join us today!
The Alaska Fund Trust is the official legal defense fund for Governor Palin and her family. It was started as a result of the enormous debt she has been placed in due to the bogus, politically-motivated ethics complaints that continue to pile up against her. Although, from following this website, you know that these complaints are being seen for the hateful attacks that they are and dismissed regularly, they are still quite costly. While it doesn't cost the ankle-biters a dime to file them, it costs Sarah greatly to fight them--only to have them thrown out. It's a faulty process, no doubt--and America is helping because people want truth and righteousness to prevail over lies and evil.

Here's the official statement about this defense fund:
The Alaska Fund Trust is the official legal fund created to defend the integrity of the Alaska Governor's Office from an onslaught of political attacks launched against current Governor Sarah Palin, the First Family, and state-employed colleagues. These baseless accusations have cost Alaska more than $1 million in public monies to defend, and Governor Palin has incurred more than half a million dollars in personal debt defending her official actions as Governor. You can help by donating to the Alaska Fund Trust today!

Over the past months it became increasingly clear that supporters of Governor Palin needed to help defend against the onslaught of frivolous attacks against her. These baseless accusations are designed to inhibit her ability to focus on the issues Alaskans truly care about and force massive personal debt on her and her family. I joined with fellow Alaskans in forming the Alaska Fund Trust to help alleviate the Governor's legal debt incurred while performing her job as well as eliminate the incentive for future attacks by her opponents. In doing so, we have created one of the most restrictive and transparent legal funds in history.
The "thank you" note was a joy to receive, but the greater joy is participating in something I believe in, being involved in a cause that matters to me--and obviously matters to Sarah, as well. Won't you help also? No "thanks" from the governor was necessary, but it sure says a lot.


Sarah and Lakers Win Again

Thursday, May 28, 2009

While I've been asleep since 4:00 this afternoon with a booming headache, a couple things have transpired.

First, another victory for California. No, I'm not talking about the Prop 8 decision; we covered that victory yesterday. I'm talking about another L.A. Lakers victory in game 5 of the NBA Western Conference Finals. Nothing political there, but I love my Lakers! One more win and it's back to the Finals--and this year we'll finish what we started last year.

Okay, on to the second thing...

A total of 13 ethics complaints against Governor Palin and her administration have now been dismissed. It sure feels good when your prayer for "revelation of truth" is answered time and time again, doesn't it? One would think, however, that with a plethora of complaints being dismissed, people would begin to get the message and stop wasting tax payers' money with their nonsense. Aren't they embarrassed yet? As I always say, you don't have to like someone, but to purposely, maliciously try to take her down is ridiculous--and costly. People who complain that in rejecting some of the so-called stimulus money, Governor Palin demonstrated that she doesn't care about the people of Alaska, who then turn around and waste Alaskans' money by filing stupid complaints need their heads--and hearts--examined.

But, of course, her name being cleared only makes the ankle-biters angrier, and the haters continue to come out in full force. The hounds are biting over at the Anchorage Daily News, and the self-appointed Celtic Diva can dish it out but can't take it. Even I've gotten comments from an Alaskan at SarahNet's Soul Food column telling me that my support of Sarah causes sadness of heart because she is "no friend to African Americans and Native Alaskans." You know, I thought the governor was supposed to look after the affairs of an entire state, not provide certain groups with special attention. When I asked for examples of this "prejudice," nothing was forthcoming. Come on now! At least come armed with one example!

Anyway, I rejoice with Governor Palin in answered prayers. Every fair-minded person ought to rejoice when someone's name is cleared after being charged for reasons that amount to nothing more than hateful games. I happen to hold the governor in very high regard, but even if I didn't, I would still rejoice with her because one thing I can't stand to see is wrong treated as right, and a lie hailed as the truth. If certain Alaskans don't particularly like Sarah, they can voice that clearly in the voting booth. But to smear and throw mud--mud that amounts to lots of dollars out of people's pockets and a family adversely affected--well, that's just dirty.


Left Does Right in Upholding Prop 8

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Leftist California has done the right thing by upholding Prop 8 and the will of the people. Californians have already spoken. The majority believe that marriage is intended to be between one man and one women, and the court ruled in favor of this today.

I rejoice in this victory, not out of hatred for gays, but out of love for God's Word. Marriage is God-ordained. As my pastor so wisely shared on Sunday, "Marriage did not originate with the government; it originated with God." And it is the backbone of our society. Without the union of men and women, I would not be here, you would not be here, and the world would cease to exist. It's quite simple. It was God's order to Adam and Eve to "be fruitful and multiply." And this multiplication has been the product of marriage ever since those words were uttered. Since this spiritual and biological truth is as obvious as it is, why was Californian Carrie Prejean depicted as a devil in a dress? Why does Nancy Pelosi feel it is her personal responsibility to fight the cause for gay marriage when she returns from China? And why are we still even debating the necessity of protecting traditional marriage?

I'm sure this battle is not over, but I applaud the California Supreme Court for doing the right thing today by respecting the will of the people, who, whether aware of it or not, are respecting the will of God.


Memorial Day Reflection

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day! Today we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Martin Luther King said, "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed." Many who made that demand paid the price with their lives. That's the irony of freedom: it's nothing if not costly.

I asked my students on Friday what Memorial Day was about. You know, until you ask, you don't realize how much people really don't know. We take so much for granted. We assume people know why we're doing what we're doing, when sometimes they simply don't. May we work to make sure that a day like today isn't just a day off, a barbecue, and time to "chill out." It is essential that we reflect on the meaning behind our rituals--and talk to our children about it.

Today, let's be mindful of those who made it possible for us to do the things we do and say the things we say. We must honor those who laid down their lives--and then we must join in the fight in our own way. Most of us will never know what it is to step onto the battle field with our lives and the lives of our countrymen and women on the line. But more and more of the freedoms that these people fought and died for are being trampled on. America, we cannot let this happen. The price paid was too high, the cause too dear. It is essential that we pray for this nation and for its leaders. And when we get off our knees, we need to get involved and take a stand for the cause of freedom and righteousness. And we must pass this on to our children who will pass it on to theirs.

So today as we spend time with the ones we love most, let's remember those who left the ones they loved most for a cause that was greater than themselves, and let's honor them--and carry on. Their deaths must not be in vain.


Listen to my Talk Radio Show Debut!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last night I had the privilege of being a guest on the Join Team Sarah Blog Talk Radio Show. If you missed it live, I invite you to hear the interview now by clicking the link below. The host Alex and I discussed Governor Sarah Palin as well and the current goings-on in the nation. Enjoy!


Sarah's Good News

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today brought forth good news from Governor Sarah Palin!

News #1: From the time President Obama announced his huge spending bill, Sarah stated that she was not in favor of this "stimulus" package. She forcefully declared that there was no such thing as free money and that it would come with strings attached. She was concerned most with the fact that, if taken, the energy-related funds would impose building codes upon Alaskans, amounting to mandatory taxes. As a true conservative, Sarah simply doesn't want any increase in taxes and definitely doesn't want bigger government infringing on the rights of her state.

A woman of her word, "Governor Sarah Palin announced today that, as previously stated, she will veto the $28.6 million in federal 'stimulus' funds tied to adoption of building codes by municipalities."

Wow, it's easy to talk about rejecting that green stuff with the faces of past presidents on it when it's a mere theory out there somewhere. It's a totally different thing to have that money actually at your disposal, awaiting a simple signature, and still say "No!" Now, that takes the guts of a future president!

Sarah is opposed to growing federal government. I agree with her. It's not wise for Alaska. It's not wise for America. Plain and simple, it's a prescription for disaster. Those focused only on the now don't get it, but those who can see beyond a temporary fix that will hurt their state in the long run, amount to higher taxes, and contribute to the national debt, do get it.

Everyone has been asking who will lead the Republican Party, who has strength of character, who can stand for the value of smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Everyone seems to be looking for this person who can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Look no further. But listen to what Sarah said:

“Alaskans and our communities have a long history of independence and opposing many mandates from Washington, D.C.,” said Governor Palin. “The question of whether or not to adopt energy building codes is best determined by local governments, not Washington, D.C. Alaskans across the state are actively working to reduce energy costs. A federal government mandate is essentially another tax on Alaskans building or renovating a structure, thus increasing costs.”

Even with this bold move announced today, we know that legislators do not always see eye-to-eye with the governor. To this she says if they do not agree with her decision, they will have the opportunity of a veto override. Translation: I'm going to stand on the principles that I believe in. If you want to go around me, that's on you. But let the record show I did what was right. Any bets on what the legislators will do. Okay, I don't bet. Stay tuned...

News #2: This is especially exciting for me. It is now official that Sarah will be in Auburn, New York on June 6th for Founder's Day, the celebration of 50 years of Alaska statehood. In 1867, William Seward negotiated the deal resulting in the sale of Alaska to the United States from Russia. He lived much of his life in Auburn, thus the celebration there. During Sarah's visit, the city will have a parade with a dog sled--which should be quite the scene here in New York!

I'm headed to Alaska in July for about a month. But why wait until then? Maybe Sarah and I can sit down and talk shop here in New York! How cool would that be?!


Palin Cleared of $145,000 Clothing Complaint

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Throughout the 2008 campaign--and afterwards--the mainstream media has tried to ruin Governor Palin's reputation as a down-to-earth hockey mom by blowing up the story that she is some kind of spoiled diva who went on a $145,000 shopping spree on the RNC's dime. People bought into it, laughed at her expense, and enjoyed seeing her name smeared as she was painted as some sort of thief and arrogant princess wannabe.

Well, more truth has unfolded. Yesterday, the FEC dismissed the clothing complaint. Read about it here. Of course, those of us with a brain knew all along that the charges were bogus. As campaign members tried to throw her under the bus, Sarah said time and time again that she had not asked for the clothes, the clothes were not hers to keep, and they would be returned. They accused her of shopping at the elite Saks Fifth Avenue, her response to which was that she hadn't ever stepped foot into a Saks in her life. On the contrary, her favorite shop is a consignment shop in Anchorage, Alaska!

I wonder if the mainstream media will cover the fact that this, like so many other complaints against the governor, has been thrown out--by a 5-0 vote. I don't expect the "journalism" world to go out of its way to cover this. Do you? Why would they? It doesn't fit their agenda. But I do continue to see God turning things around. Sarah has been praying for revelation of truth. Governor, it's happening. And there's more to come. Keep on doing what you're doing: Stand still, and let the Lord fight your battles!


Christian Living Magazine Interviews Sarah and Todd Palin

Monday, May 18, 2009

"It's a truth I learned early on and it carries me still today... Everything in our lives is grounded in a simple truth, that we put our lives in our Creator's hands, knowing that following His path ultimately will lead to our fulfillment and happiness." - Sarah Palin

Sarah and Todd Palin were interviewed by Christian Living Magazine. The result is a rather encouraging, faith-filled conversation on which we get to eavesdrop. To read the entire interview, visit http://www.gofishproductions.net/home/T287-todd-sarah-palin.

The more I hear from Sarah Palin, the more committed I am to support her, to fight the attacks against her, and the more I, too, want to lead with a servant's heart. She paints a completely different picture of a political figure than we're used to--certainly the kind we need.

I encourage you to read the entire article, but I will highlight aspects of it that stood out to me and encouraged me personally.

There's no doubt that Sarah's appeal to many conservatives is her faith. They find in her a person with whom they can identify, a person who stands on Godly principles. They are refreshed by a woman who is unapologetic in her faith--especially at a time when many claim there are no moral absolutes. Read first about her initial decision to accept Christ as her Savior:

"Just like with everything else, Mom and Dad expected us to go church whether we wanted to or not," Sarah recalls. Her experiences there solidified a belief in something bigger and better than herself. At age 12, she made the personal decision to commit her life to Jesus Christ. "I knew even then that if I put my life in His hands, God would lead me and direct my paths. That decision still guides me today," she shares.

The following series of questions center on how she has manages to handle the attacks against her, her children, and her values. Let's be honest: Many of us would have folded under the pressure of what she continues to deal with.

CL: As a Christian leader, how do you deal with such difficult situations?
Sarah: I look back at Scripture that reminds me, hey, I'm sure not the first to face this. Criticism will come. Unfair shots will be taken. The question is how are you going to react? I like I Peter 2:12. It says to keep your conduct honorable, so that by your good works, which are observed by others, God will be glorified. When I read that I know others have faced this before me. They face it today. Who am I to exempt myself from a principle like that? In spite of it all, I've got to live my life to glorify God. That's what I promised myself I'd do 30 years ago, and that's what I must do now-not just to talk it, but to walk it.

CL: But how do you pass that concept on to your children?
Sarah: It's very timely that you should ask that question. Just the other day Bristol and Willow were at Wal-mart and Bristol called me and said, ‘Mom, you will not believe what I'm reading on the cover of the National Enquirer!' At first I said, ‘Don't even waste your brain cells!' But she was upset because the inside story said that she used drugs and that I was trying to talk her out of getting married. It gave me an opportunity to tell her that if we let it, lies and criticism can consume us to the point of becoming paralyzed. We have to answer our critics with how we live our lives.

With Bristol, God turned a situation that at first looked full of despair and embarrassment into such a blessing for our family. She has the most beautiful baby boy! I remind her and all our children that we have to stay focused on serving God, putting our lives in HIS hands and seeing the blessings flow from some less than ideal circumstances.

Just because you're a person of faith doesn't mean you don't go through difficult times. It doesn't mean that you never have a doubt. But it does mean that you have the strength to stand in the midst of adversity. The Palins know this as well as anyone. And one of the greatest opportunities to stand in God's strength was when they learned that Sarah was carrying a child with Down Syndrome. Statistics show that 90% of these children are aborted. Thank God, they chose life for Trig. They talked about this also with Christian Life Magazine.

CL: Another teaching opportunity came when your youngest son, Trig, was born with Down syndrome. How did this affect you?
Sarah: Trig did give us another occasion to not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk. It's easy to say that every life should be cherished and every life carries potential. But at age 43, pregnant and at 13 weeks along learning that the baby would be born with Down syndrome, the situation necessitated a decision: Would I live what I've talked and taught? Or would I take a different path out of these perhaps less than ideal circumstances? I'm so thankful God gave us the strength and optimism to welcome Trig into our lives. God has gifted us with this child who has given us a way to connect with others around our country who also have special needs children. It's been nothing but wonderful.
Todd: I thank God for Trig every day. We are certainly very blessed to have him with us. You know, life is about being willing to walk the walk, not just talk it. As we go along, it may be tougher than ever to make the right decisions, but we must try to do so. That's all we can ever do.

Everyone knows how much I respect Sarah Palin. (Todd's not bad either!) Of course, I do know that they are just regular people--no masquerading as something other than who they are, no storehouse of riches, nothing like that. They're just like the people you pass everyday on your way to get the mail out of your box. What sets them apart is their heart for God. Sarah Palin reminds us of what public service is supposed to be all about: service. And she recognizes that before she can serve others well, she must serve Christ well. Other than the fact that it's just plain wrong and dishonest, what bothers me about the treatment Sarah Palin receives by some is that it discourages others who want to serve with integrity from putting themselves out there. I wrote about this issue here in February.

We need to do all we can to persuade, not just Sarah, but others with pure motives and heart-felt devotion to throw their names in the hat. Some people of faith believe that Christians have no place in politics. I disagree. We need people who love God influencing policies, and laws, and lifestyles. We need people who won't be found simply responding to the culture, but shaping it. Don't misunderstand: America doesn't need perfect people; we just need Godly people. We need Sarah Palin--and if you fit the bill, we need YOU! Funny thing is: When we have those kinds of people among us, their politics look less like politics as usual and more like service to Christ.

While we're on the topic, I'll take this opportunity to put in a plug. You can receive the book, Sarah Palin: Faith, Family, Country by Susan Sherwood Parr for FREE if you donate at least $25.00 to the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. Find out more by going to http://www.2012draftsarahcommittee.com/. You can watch the 32 second book trailer here:

"Personal integrity is making a hard decision and sticking with it. It's about digging down deep and holding onto your faith, even when you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel." - Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska


Notre Dame Debate Provides 2012 Sneak Preview of Obama vs. Palin Debates (with videos)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Painful is the word to describe the back and forth discussions about President Obama being invited to speak at Notre Dame and receiving an honorary degree. It's in the history books now, but it seems like everybody and their Momma had something to say about it. And with all those different voices, the two main differing opinions amount to this:

Those in favor say, "He's the President of the United States, for crying out loud! Of course he should speak and be honored. This doesn't mean we agree with him on abortion. This is good; it opens the door to meaningful dialogue on the issue of life."

Those who disagree, however, assert, "This prominent Catholic institution should not defy one of the most fundamental aspects of their faith by allowing the most radical pro-abortion president ever to speak, and then honor him with a degree. His attitude towards life deserves no honor; it goes against everything Catholics stand for."

Needless to say, some graduates refused to participate in the graduation exercise, others did so with pride, and numerous people were arrested over several days for protesting.

Let me go on to say that the outrage against President Obama's stance on abortion is not felt simply by the Catholic community. It's not about Catholicism. It's about the Word of God. The Bible is where we get our truth, and the Bible clearly declares that life begins before birth. Therefore, every single person who claims to know Christ ought to have an issue with our president's extreme anti-life agenda. And for those who disagree with my position that his agenda is against life, look at what he has stated himself about abortion, look at the policies he's put into place since his inauguration in January, and look at his voting record in the Senate. He wouldn't even vote to give medical care to a child born after a botched abortion. Translation: Let the child die. He also told Planned Parenthood that he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would remove every restriction on abortion, including partial birth abortion. He is in favor of allowing minors to be taken out of state for abortions without parental notification. The list goes on. I'm just stating the obvious because clearly the president doesn't have a problem putting his position on abortion out there, and if he doesn't have a problem with saying it, he shouldn't have a problem with me saying it and you knowing it. I am saddened and appalled by the positions he takes.

Governor Sarah Palin, on the other hand, never ceases to amaze me. Even when I think she'll be silent on a controversial issue, she proclaims truth. It's not like she always just offers her opinion; people come to her and ask her what she thinks. Now, that's the mark of true leadership. When issues of morality surface and people keep knocking on your door to get your take on it, there's something to be said for your testimony, for your reputation, for the weight that your voice carries. So when asked, Sarah Palin issued this statement, as reported by the Boston Herald:

“My favorite grandpa, Clem James Sheeran, was Catholic. Irish to the core, his favorite place (other than church) was Notre Dame. I can’t imagine what he would think as the university recognizes someone who contradicts the core values of the Catholic faith by promoting an anti-life agenda. As we learned today, our nation is more pro-life than ever before; it is a very important time to strengthen the message that every baby is created for good purpose and has the potential to make this world a better place.”

You can read the entire article

Leave it to Sarah to cut through the fluff and get to the heart of the issue: All life is precious, and those who say they stand for life ought not celebrate someone who is a threat to life--yes, even if that person is the president of the most powerful nation in the world. Right is right no matter who opposes it.

There's something to be said for walking the walk. That's why we love Sarah Palin. Her fearlessness and refusal to give in to political correctness are so refreshing. And she is correct. Polls have shown that the country--since August--has become more pro-life. I have read the comments by people who see a tie between that change in perspective and August, which is precisely when Sarah Palin came to the national stage and refused to deny or water down her belief that life is valuable at every stage and is to be protected--even though this position cost her dearly. Of course, there's no way to measure whether these people are correct in their assumption that her stand and her story are the reasons for the rise in pro-life numbers, but it's certainly worth mentioning, and I, for one, have heard a couple people say that they were pro-choice...until Sarah.

I will continue to write about and support Sarah Palin, and I will continue to do my work with the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee because she is the real deal, and I can't help but respect what she stands for. It's what I stand for, and now it's what the majority of Americans stand for.

If God answers "Yes" to the many prayers being lifted up to Him that Sarah Palin runs for the 2012 presidential nomination, wins it, and then moves on to campaign for the United States presidency (and appoints me as her speech writer!), no doubt there will be plenty of opportunities to hear President Obama and Governor Palin address the issue of abortion. A plethora of sound bites will ensue. It's inevitable. But why wait? In the spirit of looking forward, why not fast forward to what the 2012 abortion debates may look like? These video clips are quite telling. In the first video, Obama states that an unplanned baby is a punishment. Sarah attacks that position in the second video. In the third video, Obama promises Planned Parenthood he will sign the FOCA. In the fourth video, Sarah talks about the sanctity of life, using her own testimony, and praises God's standards over man's. Obama says knowing when life begins is above his pay grade in the fifth video. In the final video, Sarah continues to share her own story about life and tells the crowd that it is NOT above her pay grade to speak up for life. Here's your sneak preview, but I hope to see you in 2012 for the full version:


Armed Forces Day (with video)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today is Armed Forces Day here in the United States. Many nations celebrate it at various times of the year. In America, we do so on the third Saturday of May. It is a day to honor Americans serving in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. I personally want to say "thank you" to those who are serving and to those who have served.

Yesterday I met a man working at Wal-Mart who shared that he had fought in Vietnam and did a stint "in the desert." He sustained some injuries. I told him my father served in Vietnam as well, and as he was walking away, I said, "Thank you for your sacrifice." He seemed a little surprised by my words, as if he hadn't heard them too many times. I do thank him for his service, as I thank all those who have served and those currently serving. We get to enjoy so many freedoms because they have been willing to give up so many of their own.

Below is a video that played during the 2008 campaign. I know the election is over, but I want to post it here anyway. It caused me to weep the first time I saw it. Take a close look at the young man as he walks away.

Aside: The man in the video addresses his comments to Obama as he praises and endorses John McCain. While I must say I did not agree with everything McCain did or how he handled his campaign, I honor him as an American war hero. In addition to that, he did America a huge favor with his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, bringing her into the national spotlight where she belongs!


Sexuality Reality

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A week ago, my friend Kia and I finished co-teaching a sexual integrity course called, “God’s Blueprint for Life, Love, and Marriage,” developed by Carrie Abbot of Heartbeat International. The Alight Pregnancy Center Director asked us to teach this series, and we agreed to do so as a means of pro-actively combatting abortion. After all, the best way to eliminate abortion is to avoid enaging in actions that lead to abortion. Alight is committed to offering abortion alternatives: counseling, clothing, supplies, and hope to pregnant women and teens. It also provides loving support to people who have already had abortions. Ironically, it is located right next door to Planned Parenthood. And the Alight Center is definitely a light in this community.

The purpose of the course is to take an in-depth look at sexuality and have open and honest discussions about handling that sexuality with integrity. A key theme is that sexual integrity spills over into every area of your life: what you do with your body, how you dress, what you speak about, and of course when and with whom you engage in sexual relationships.

A volunteer group from Gospel Community Church of Coxsackie was the first to go through it. Now, some would question why a group of "churched" people would need to take a class like this. "Every Christian knows," you may say, "that the Bible demands abstinence until marriage." True, but though the course has abstinence at its core, it's more than that. This course is about a lifestyle of sexual purity. It's about understanding why God asks us to remain abstinent until marriage and faithful to our spouses afterwards. It's about what makes us tick--women and men, for each is driven by different things for entirely different reasons. It's about understanding our dreams, voicing our non-negotiables, and identifying our behavior and the message it sends.

Our first night together, if I didn't learn anything else, I learned this: young people in church feel like the church does not discuss the topic of sex enough, but they want--and even need--that dialogue in that safe place. Don't wonder why our kids in youth group are having pre-marital sex if you're not discussing sexual integrity with them. Sure, they know they're not to have illicit sexual relationships, but do they know this? The know I'm talking about requires conversing about the things that may make you uncomfortable so our young people and singles can live lives of purity.

This brings me to the how of sexual integrity. I have always vehemently disagreed with people who say that abstinence is impossible or unrealistic. It is possible, but not without a plan. Abstinence is strategic, not accidental. I think that should be a bumper sticker or a T-shirt or something! You don't fall into abstinence; you have to walk it out--and it requires God-consciousness, self-consciousness, forethought, and accountability. If any of these things is missing, abstinence is likely to be impossible. Before you decide to write me off as some crazy woman with her head buried in the sand, let me just say that I speak from personal experience. I'm a Christian, I'm single, and I know what I'm talking about!

"God’s Blueprint for Life, Love, and Marriage,” is about loving people enough to share the truth with them and then offering ourselves to them for support, not just for the eight weeks but for as long as they need us. The participants were willing to open themselves up and pour out their hearts, to just be real. The world has had enough phony. We need truth and transparency, and we need people we can trust. These ladies provided that and made themselves accountable to one another.

Kia and I believe they will fulfill their desire to live their lives with sexual integrity. What's even more exciting is that all but one of these ladies signed up to be mentors for the next group of ladies who will take the course. Isn't that what it's all about--passing on to someone else what you've received?

Here are a few comments from the course participants:

"I never realized how much my everyday decisions impacted my sexual integrity. It has been a great learning experience!" --Anna, age 16

"I found all the information equipped me to walk out my sexual integrity with a deeper understanding of God's perspective on, and purpose for, sex." --Kerri, age 18

"I learned how I am supposed to act, as well as why." --MaryBeth, 20

"I believe that in a society that is so bogged down with sex and impurity, the church needs to stand pure. This series is one way that we can do this." --Victoria, 18

"This study really helped me make a stand and truly formulate my beliefs enough so I wouldn't only say, 'Sex is wrong,' but be able to say, 'Sex is wrong because...'" --Bethany, 17

"Carrie Abbot brings light to dark places that have been overlooked." --Catherine, 15

"Your body is a temple and worth waiting for." --Serria, 28

Ranging in age from 15 to 28, each participant clearly walked away with a deeper understanding and commitment to living out their sexuality with integrity. We make that decision every moment of every day, in every decision. And we must, for as Serria pointed out, we're worth it.

Here are some pictures of the group on our last night together:


Meet Zo

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

With all the recent talk about abstinence, traditional marriage, and low taxes, it is fitting to introduce to some and reintroduce to others Alonzo Rachel. Zo, as he is known, is a powerful voice in conservatism. I enjoy his spirited, thought-provoking, hilarious videos on his website, http://www.machosauceproductions.com/, and on Youtube. He was a guest at CPAC in February, and it was cool to see him in person and hear him speak about the issues that matter to Americans.

He brings much-needed technology expertise to the conservative movement. He uses this tech savvy to get a message out to a wide range of people in a way that is hip and current but does not compromise the message. So old-school conservatives can respect it, while young people can dig it! In fact, Zo is largely the reason why I plan to start making some Youtube videos of my own and branching out into video-blogging. So stay tuned for that.

In this short video, Zo sums up why he is a conservative. Warning: Turn your brain up to FAST!


The Beauty of Bold Conviction

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today was another good day for people who care about what's right. Three days after the Wanda Sykes tirade against conservatives and Christian principles, two Christian women experienced victories.

1) Carrie Prejean, the Miss California Beauty Queen, has been allowed to keep her crown. She has been mercilessly attacked because of her support for traditional marriage, yet she has handled it all with incredible dignity and poise. Carrie will turn a mere 22 tomorrow, and yet she has shown more courage of conviction than many of us who are much older and seasoned in this thing called life. Over and over she has maintained her position--unapologetically. She said she would rather be Biblically correct than politically correct. The Bible defines marriage as a union between one woman and one man, and therefore, she believes it as well--and will not budge from this position. She has not been ugly or demeaning in this assertion. She simply states it. And for this she has been called horrible names and made to look like the intolerant, hateful one. She has been anything but that.

During this ordeal, it is reported that Carrie received a phone call from none other than Governor Sarah Palin, a former beauty queen herself in the natural and a Queen Esther in the spiritual, who knows first-hand how cruel the world can be when you stand for what's right. This brings me to my next victory.

2) Two more bogus, politically-charged ethics complaints that had been filed against Sarah Palin have been dismissed. Just the other day, two different complaints were canned, as well. Unfortunately, these claims are still rather costly, and they need to stop. Today the governor tweeted the following:

Yet ANOTHER ethics complaint filed & dismissed! Unfair to AKns that state dollars are wasted dealing w/these malicious complaints...

Evil is waxing worse and worse, and the heat is rising. There is an attack on faith and people of faith. Some preach freedom of speech but are in favor of it only if that speech lines up with their agenda. This causes some people to cave rather than stand, knowing what happens to people who oppose this idea of political correctness. But I believe the tide is turning. God is raising up people who are willing to take the heat, who will not back down or give in to the pressure. If it costs them a crown or an election, so be it. They're willing to risk it, for they ask the same question the Bible asks,

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"--Mark 8:36

Carrie and Sarah celebrate victories today. And so do those of us who care about true "liberty and justice for all," who believe right is right and that there really is such a thing as wrong. Their victory is our victory. Many people make a big deal of the outward beauty of these women, but their true beauty lies within--in their boldness to walk in the courage of their convictions. May each of us exemplify such beauty in our own lives.


Wanda Sykes's Abstinence Joke, a Disgrace to Black People

Monday, May 11, 2009

I wasn't going to write about this, but after getting increasingly annoyed by the nerve of Wanda Sykes, I just have to speak up. I'm sure you've already heard, but since the mainstream media tends to give everyone on the liberal left a pass, I'd better give you the true version, which you can also hear on Fox News.

Sykes, a comedian, was the guest speaker Saturday at the White House Correspondents Dinner. First of all, I've never found her particularly funny. Her jokes simply don't tickle my funny bone, but her comments at the dinner were more than uncomical; they were cruel and mean-spirited. Even
Bob Beckel, an outspoken Obama supporter who gives Sean Hannity a run for his money, was disgusted by her comments. He was especially appalled by her comments that she hopes Rush Limbaugh's kidneys fail. In other words, she wishes death upon him. Add to that her jokes pertaining to Rush's former drug problem, and you have a taste of the tenor of her jokes.

Some say, "She's a comedian. This is what comedians do." But generally it's the president who is roasted the most, who gets lightly blasted, who is mocked in fun. Sykes, however, was very mild with the president, while pouring out her wrath and sick humor on conservatives. This is supposed to be a non-partisan affair, but Sykes turned it into a public flogging of people who are on record as not being in agreement with the president's policies. I did not watch her whole speech, nor do I have the stomach for it. However, I did watch video clips of some of it. As much as I found her comments about Rush to be nasty and inappropriate, I found her reference to Governor Sarah Palin to be equally offensive.

Sarah, who was expected to attend, had to pull out of the event because of the flooding in Alaska, the most severe in recent Alaska history, causing her to issue a declaration of disaster for Interior Alaska. She was to be in the lower 48 for a few events this past weekend, including a trip to New York where her daughter Bristol would be advocating abstinence for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day. Her husband, Todd, filled in for Sarah at these events, including the White House dinner, which makes Sykes's comment that much more despicable. He was in the room. Sykes commented that Governor Sarah Palin had to pull out of the event, but that someone should tell her that pulling out at the last minute is not the way to practice abstinence! Make no mistake about it; the joke was an attack, not just on Sarah, but on Bristol Palin, Sarah's 18 year old daughter, who gave birth in December. Bristol is now a Candies abstinence advocate. Knowing what she knows now, she wants to do the right thing and prevent others from becoming teen parents. She wants to use her situation to encourage others to wait. Apparently Wanda finds this laughable.

But let's deal with the real issue, and this is really why I finally gave up and decided to write about this. I am so tired of people who mock and take pot-shots at character and integrity. Since when did believing in abstinence make you the butt of jokes, particularly at a dinner attended by the President of the United States, a man to whom we ascribe honor? When did believing that your body is special and sex is a gift of intimacy that one gives to his/her spouse only become something to look down upon? How did we get to the point where we can no longer honor people who stand up for the ideal of "abstinence only" as the safest way to go--not just to avoid pregnancy and disease, but to avoid compromising your heart and soul? When unmarried, uncommitted people engage in the most intimate of activities, it's not only their bodies that are at stake; their hearts, their souls, and their minds are on the line. In that act, so much more than virginity is lost. God never intended for us to give that much of ourselves to various and sundry people. He intended us to become one with the one we would spend the rest of our lives with.

But that's a joke to Wanda Sykes. Sarah Palin is known for promoting abstinence education. In fact, she has been considered a flake because of that stand. Add to that the fact that her daughter fell short of that, and it's open season for the slurs of those who would have us believe that they belong to the party of compassion and tolerance. Yeah right! Even when we fall short, the truth remains true--and attacking the value of abstinence or a teenager who fell short of that is simply...disgusting. So much so that Glenn Beck said he couldn't get clean enough after leaving the dinner.

I am especially outraged by Wanda Sykes because she is Black. What does race have to do with it? When 7 out of 10 Black children are born out of wedlock, one would think she would be patting Sarah Palin on the back for speaking up for the Godly principle of abstinence until marriage. One would think she would be calling Sarah and asking how she could use her talent to promote those same values. One would think she could come up with a comedy routine that laughed at the absurdity of NOT being abstinent. Or is it only funny to make light of the values that are actually the backbone of a healthy society? 70%! You want to know one reason why after all these years Blacks can't seem to wave goodbye to perpetual poverty? No, it's not "the man" keeping us down. It has more to do with us laying down with the man! Part of our problem is this cycle of unwed women being impregnated by their unwed partners. By the way, the answer to this problem is not "If you get pregnant, abort if you choose so that you don't make a child grow up in poverty." No, we've got it backwards. How about choosing to do it God's way to begin with? Stop sleeping with people who have no heart-attachment to you, who have not shown that they deserve access to your body and soul, who have made no real commitment to you. You're worth it. This is my problem with some liberals. Instead of promoting real change in this area, they would rather attack people like Sarah Palin who have embraced what really does work when taught properly and practiced strategically: abstinence. And they would rather attack children like Bristol Palin who did not live up to the standard but has taken responsibility for her actions by giving birth to her child while still declaring that abstinence is the right thing to do even though she missed the mark.

So speaking of pulling out: Wanda Sykes--unethical in her remarks, unbecoming in her agenda, and simply unfunny in her performance--should have pulled out a cell phone and told Governor Palin how much she appreciates her standing up for abstinence, the only tried and true method of avoiding one of the major ills plaguing the world in general and the Black community in particular.

Video clip of Wanda Sykes's comments:


Exposing My Heart on Mother's Day

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. I'm going to get a little personal and maybe choked up here. So whether you want to or not, you'll get to see a little more of my heart than you probably want to.

Mother's Day used to be a very difficult time for me up until a couple years ago. Why is that? I had always thought that by this stage of my life I would be married with a few children to call my own. I'd be consumed with loving those babies God gave me, spending time as a family, just doing whatever it is that mommies do. In my great plan, all of that should have begun already, but I have learned painfully throughout the years that my plan is not necessarily God's plan. So here I am, having never been married, never having children--at this stage of my life.

I no longer get depressed on this day--but that is simply an act of my will. I simply refuse to believe the lie anymore that I'm any less than what I am intended to be. I believe that God has a plan and it is a perfect one. Wishing for something other than what God ordained for my life--or wanting to rush the plan--is fruitless and foolish. After all, He knows best. Leaving church today, a mother who appeared rather frustrated while trying to get her kids out of the car, said, "I would like to trade places with you." My response? "No, you wouldn't. You want to be in your life exactly where God has placed you. You would be miserable out of His will for your life, as I would be miserable out of His will for my life." And that's the truth. Trading places sounds good sometimes, but just as putting a square peg in a round hole simply doesn't work well, forcing God's hand--or undoing it--doesn't work either. So let's just pray to be content.

This year's Mother's Day is a unique one for me. Last night at prayer at church people were praying about Mother's Day and praying for the mothers among us. I looked around the room at the people gathered. I was struck with an awareness that we were all there because our mothers nurtured the life growing within them, carried that life to term, pushed that life into this world, and did what mothers always do: sacrificed, disciplined, loved. Some of us may have been given up for adoption. That, too, was a mother's love. Some of us were raised by moms who worked two or three jobs to feed us. That was a mother's love, as well. It may not have been convenient. It may not have been easy. We may have had special needs. But each of us sitting in that room praying were there--and we would not have been, had it not been for our moms.

And you can't think about all that without thinking about those who never were given that chance--those promises that were abandoned in the womb, the lives snuffed out. I have always been pro-life, but my whole world has changed in the last several months. My heart has opened up to the sanctity of life and the importance of protecting that life in a way I never dreamed. The fire has been lit, and I am compelled to speak up and take action. That includes calling out the president and anyone else who devalues that life, as you know I do. And I don't care who disagrees with my speaking up. It is the right thing to do. The election campaign of 2008 turned my world upside down. I wrote about that in my article called "Sarah and Little Trig Palin Come to my Classroom." If you've never read it, you can read it here. Trig's story really rocked my world for some reason, and my heart didn't open up for just special needs babies; it opened up for all babies. I look at them differently. I look at pregnant women differently. I look at the world differently.

I went with a friend recently to get an ultrasound. She and her husband are expecting their third child. On that screen I got to see that life growing inside her, the baby with his thumb in his mouth, the heart beating, and yes, we could see that she was carrying a boy! What an amazing experience. No one will ever be able to convince me that what a woman is carrying is not an actual human being. She is carrying a life--dependent on Mom, yes, but a unique life nonetheless, with his own blood vessels and cells, with his own life ahead of him.

It amazes me that God would trust humans to be most like Him, for as He is the Creator of all life, He has given us the ability to reproduce that life. It is in this capacity that we are so much like God--created by Him, for His purpose, to image Him. I do wish that I would have had that experience already, and maybe one day I will, but for now I just want to honor those who are already moms, those women who said, "Yes" to life, and who have given themselves sacrificially to the children with whom God has trusted them. Some weren't "ready," some were teenagers, some were in bad marriages, some received scary news about the baby, some may have even had the tragic experience of being raped. Yet they did it: they proved that they were greater than their circumstances.

I don't know if my mother remembers telling me this, but I remember her telling me when I was a teenager, "If abortion was legal when I was pregnant with you, I would have had an abortion." I recall the sting of that statement. At that time I would have preferred not to hear that, and I was baffled that she would tell me. But today I am glad that she did tell me. I am glad to know that I am here because the law protected my life, which is what the law is supposed to do. I am here because my mom acted in accordance with that law, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that she is very glad now that the law was in place. It kept her from aborting her blessing. God is a good God, and He had a purpose then for my life. I am determined, with all my heart, to fulfill that purpose. When it's all said and done, by the grace of God, my life will be a testimony of the necessity to embrace the sanctity of all life, to give birth to good things even in bad times, and then to just trust God to take care of the rest. Thank you, Mom.

The best is yet to come.


Two Victories for Sarah Palin

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two more ethics complaints against Sarah Palin have been dismissed. We all knew they would be, as they were not rooted in anything genuine. Read her press release about the first complaint dismissed yesterday here. That was just the start of a good day for the governor. Later, she tweeted the following message:

"Great day! Another frivolous ethics complaint against me was dismissed! I won against another false allegation, too! More info to follow..."

Later she did follow up that information with another tweet:

"For more info on dismissed ethics complaints go to

This one is particularly satisfying for me because the complaint filed here was not about her leaving Alaska last month. The real issue, I believe, is the resentment some have that she would dare speak at a pro-life event, which is what she did when she spoke at the Vanderburgh Right to Life Banquet in Indiana.

Not many of us will ever undergo the type of scrutiny she goes through, not just ethics complaints about her role as governor but attacks pertaining to her family. At a press conference about a month ago, a member of the press asked her how she has been able to handle the scrutiny, particularly concerning her family. She stated simply that she thanks God that she can rely upon her faith to endure these circumstances, and that she prays for wisdom, strength, and "revelation of truth." I'm not sure if that was the answer the woman was looking for, but I appreciate leaders who acknowledge God and the need to seek His face. Of all the reasons there are to support Sarah Palin, that alone is my number one. It's not about her being a Republican. It's not about her being a woman. It's about her being a Christian.

Two more victories have been won by Sarah, yet there are a number of ethics complaints still out there. My message to the governor?

"No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD."--Isaiah 54:17

View the short video clip where she tells the press that it's her faith in God that brings her through:


National Day of Prayer (Includes my pictures of event)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today is the National Day of Prayer. I took the afternoon off from my precious students to go to the Court House and pray with like-minded people, people who know that God has promised,

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."--2 Chronicles 7:14.

Surely our land needs healing, and we gathered together and called on the name of the Lord for just that. After listening to the passionate cry of people's hearts today, I know two things:

1) People still believe that America is a nation "under God." They refuse to accept that we are a nation simply of citizens. They understand that America was founded on Christian principles with the Bible as our moral compass.

2) People still love this country and believe America was ordained by God for His purpose.

Put those two things together and you find people humbly, yet boldly, praying outside their local Court House while lawyers, judges, and the like come in and out, glancing over at the display of dependence on God. You find police officers outside guarding the building while those gathered around hold those same officers up in prayer. You find people crying out to God for America, our president, Congress, the media, and the military--not ashamed to pray in tongues, lift up holy hands, or kneel on the grass before their God. You hear the passion in the voices of those praying and see the fire in their eyes. You feel the desperation in their hearts. You see a young man with his guitar leading the people in song as they join in and sing "How Great is Our God" and "Your Name." And you're one of them--longing for God to sweep in and have His way in this nation. And you know He will. He will.

That was my experience today. It was a joy to stand together with people of faith who are convinced of this year's National Day of Prayer theme: "Prayer...America's Hope."


President Obama Bows Publicly Before Saudi King But Not Before King of Kings: National Day of Prayer

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I miss President Bush. Now there's a statement you don't hear everyday. He wasn't the perfect president, after all. We all know that. However, he did accomplish much during his eight years in office. Among those accomplishments, I respect most his stand for the sanctity of life, banning partial birth abortion; his commitment to the continent of Africa, doing more for it than anyone else ever has; and considering it his personal responsibility to keep America from another terrorist attack, which he did. But today, I miss him for another reason.

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer. President Bush always took this day very seriously. Every year, Bush invited Christian and Jewish leaders to the East Room of the White House where he gave a short speech and participants prayed. President Obama has decided that he will issue a paper proclamation but will not engage in any other activities to mark the day. He has nixed the formal early morning service and has chosen not to attend a large Catholic prayer breakfast the next morning. Instead, he will pray privately, we are told.

Shirley Dobson, who is the wife of Focus on the Family Founder Dr. James Dobson and the Chair of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, voiced disappointment at the president's refusal to join publicly with so many other Americans to pray. She said, "We are disappointed in the lack of participation by the Obama Administration. At this time in our country's history, we would hope our President would recognize more fully the importance of prayer."

Yes, we would hope. But we'd better place our hope somewhere else. In fact, the theme for this year's National Day of Prayer is "Prayer...America's Hope." It is our only hope.

So, I do miss George Bush today, who, imperfect as he was--as we all are--recognized that we need God, not just for our own selves and our own lives, but for our entire nation. And why not do so boldly? If President Obama can go to foreign countries, publicly bow before the Saudi king, and apologize for the arrogance of America, why can't he stand with people of faith in his own country, publicly bow before the King of Kings, and pray humbly for our nation?

Tomorrow will be the National Day of Prayer with or without the new president's participation, and clearly he has chosen not to be involved. So things will be different this year than they have been in the last eight years, but then again, Obama did promise change. But if it's not change rooted in faith and prayer, it's definitely not change I can believe in.


Conservatives4Palin Hits the Nail on the Head: What Really Separates Sarah from Mitt and the GOP Elite

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Never before have I posted an entire article by another author. This one, however, written by Rob Harrison at www.Conservatives4Palin.com, is so insightful, so inspiring, that I just had to post it here for those who don't keep up with C4P. By the way, you can find the blog roll for C4P on my right sidebar, and I encourage you to check there often. Mr. Harrison offers an incredible perspective regarding one of my favorite topics--and your favorite governor--Sarah Palin. It's also the perfect follow-up to my most recent post called, "Rush Limbaugh Gets it; Mitt Romney, Get Lost." It's lengthy, but it's worth reading in its entirety.

Mitt Romney, the Beltway GOP, and the Meaning of Evansville By Rob Harrison

I have to admit, at the beginning of the last presidential campaign, I was intending to vote for Mitt Romney. I wasn't a huge fan, but my primary concern was finding someone who could beat Rudy Giuliani, the one person in the race I simply could not support; on that score, Gov. Romney seemed like the best option. He was the most conservative of the plausible candidates, and had proven himself to be an effective executive in a number of positions. His record in Massachusetts doesn't look as good now as it did before I really understood the situation with RomneyCare, but even given that fiasco, the man's a capable administrator with the guts to make tough decisions. I still think he would have made a better president than John McCain, though Sen. McCain made a better losing nominee since he brought Sarah Palin on the national stage.

That said, since Gov. Romney began his run for the nomination, the only thing he's done that hasn't lowered my opinion of him was to suspend his campaign; at every other point, the more I've seen of him, the less I've thought of him. His recent attempts to diminish Gov. Palin, both directly and by proxy, only compound that; I understand why he's doing it, but this is one case where to understand most definitely is not to forgive. The fact that he's denigrating someone who simply doesn't deserve it is certainly no more acceptable because he's doing it out of raw ambition, after all.

Gov. Romney's comments aren't only ignoble, however, they're also revealingly clueless. I'm not certain whether he really believes what he's saying or merely considers it to be a plausible line of attack, but either way, it seems clear that he does not in fact understand Gov. Palin's influence, which means that he doesn't understand the reasons for her influence—and in this, I believe he's representative of the GOP Beltway types who now consider him the rightful heir (or at least a rightful aspirant) to the party's mantle.

They don't like her because she's not one of them, and they fail to understand that that's why she's influential: that she isn't one of them is the whole point. She's one of us, a politician who remains of and for the ordinary barbarians of this country, and at this point, any effort—any effort, no matter what else it has going for it—to elevate another Beltway insider as the GOP's standard bearer is doomed to failure.

All of this, of course, has been said before, here and elsewhere; but there's a particular aspect to it which I believe is highlighted in a bitterly ironic way by Mitt Romney, of all people, dissing Gov. Palin as just another pretty face. I don't mean the fact that Gov. Romney himself consciously tried to use his looks to his advantage, and thus was far more deserving of his own jab than Gov. Palin, though the irony there is sharp enough; but there's something more significant in play here as well, something which is thrown into sharp relief by Gov. Palin's trip last month to Evansville, IN.The key thing to understand about that visit is something the executive director of Vandenburgh County RTL said, which Joseph Russo used in his headline: "[Palin] walks the walk and talks the talk. She could . . . be doing other things, but she chose to do this."

To know just how much that means, you need to know something about the pro-life movement: it has been the beneficiary, from many on the Right, of much talk and very little walk. It's a grassroots movement outside the elite culture, outside the halls of power, that is primarily used rather than supported by those who have influence. I can't think how many strong pro-life people I know who looked back at the Bush 43 administration last year and said, in essence, yeah, he gave us Roberts and Alito, but what else did he do for us? Was it worth what we did for him? And the thing is, George W. Bush was no worse in that respect than any other leading conservative politician—he was, in fact, completely typical.

And he wasn't only typical of politicians, either. I know a pastor who served for many years as the senior pastor of a large, influential Southern Baptist church in one of the cities of the Deep South—a good man, a godly man, and one well familiar with the corridors of power and the wielders of influence in the Southern Baptist Convention. We were talking one time about the whole issue of abortion, and he made a statement that absolutely floored me: he declared that over his whole career, he had never known a Southern Baptist pastor who risked anything for the pro-life movement.

Now, consider that. The SBC is known throughout the country as a conservative Christian denomination, it's known everywhere for its support of the conservative social agenda, and if you asked a random selection of non-Southern Baptists what they knew about it, I'd bet most of them would mention its opposition to abortion somewhere in there—and yet, according to him, that has all just been words. When the rubber meets the road, effectively, he said, Southern Baptist pastors have been unwilling to walk the talk, unwilling to lay their reputations, the reputations of their congregations, their positions, or anything else on the line to back up what they said they believed. And in that, I don't say this to bash the SBC, because in my experience, they too are typical.

The point here, let me reiterate, is not to criticize George W. Bush, or my colleagues in the Southern Baptist Church—or me, for that matter; in all honesty, I have to admit that there have been times that I too have ducked away from the issue of abortion instead of taking a stand. I speak here with the rueful honesty of a regretful and repentant sinner; I know I'm no one to cast the first stone. My point, rather, is this: when you see someone willing to put their political capital where their mouth is, willing to lay something on the line and risk something real for the sake of a cause in which they claim to believe, pay attention. Pay attention, because here you have found someone who actually believes something, and does so strongly enough to live it out when it matters.

This, to come at last to the promise of my title, is the meaning of Evansville—and make no mistake, it's a meaning that the organizers of those events understand perfectly. They have no doubt seen plenty of Republican types show up for the photo op and then be long gone when it mattered; for Gov. Palin to come and speak, especially at a time when she (and everyone else who was paying attention) had to know she was going to get hammered by the ankle-biters back in Alaska—to make an effort that actually cost her something in order to support a cause she believes in—clearly meant the world to them. That she refused the offer of a fundraiser as part of the deal (which I suspect she would have seen as cheapening her visit, and quite frankly would have cheapened it) only made her visit all the more meaningful.

The thing is, those folks in Vandenburgh County were absolutely right to feel that way, and to see Gov. Palin that way, because with that trip she did something that politicians rarely do: she gave of herself for the sake of others. She showed by her actions that her political positions aren't just political positions, they're things that she believes deeply enough and strongly enough that she's willing to spend her own political capital and put herself on the line for their sake, and for the sake of the people involved. She showed that she was willing to make that effort and take the criticism and the sniping from the peanut gallery for the sake of people trying to save the lives of unborn children in southern Indiana, and for the sake of Down Syndrome children like her own youngest son. She showed that what she believes isn't a matter of political convenience, nor is it subject to renegotiation for the sake of political advantage, because it's rooted in who she is and what she cares about and what drives her to do what she does.

And in that, she separated herself—decisively—from Mitt Romney, the GOP establishment as a whole (though not all its members; it was also heartening to see Michael Steele there, and one may hope that this is a sign of things to come), the conservative chattering classes, and many of the party's presidential hopefuls. And in that, she showed clearly the roots of her influence, and the reason why that influence will not wane unless she decides to lay it aside. To borrow a line from Abraham Lincoln on U. S. Grant which others have borrowed recently, we've decided that we can't spare this woman—she fights. If the Beltway GOP wants to win our support, let them stop trying to tear her down, and go and do likewise.


Rush Limbaugh Gets it; Mitt Romney, Get Lost

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rush Limbaugh, who along with Sarah Palin was just named one of Time's Most Influential People, gets it. What I like most about Rush is that he is not competing for elected office, which provides him the freedom to speak the truth without worrying about it costing him popularity. And he called it right today. He called out the fear Republicans have--not of Democrats--but of one of their own, namely Sarah Palin. This fear leads them to make digs and take cheap shots at her, like Mitt Romney did when he commented that they must have been selecting the "cutest" rather than the most influential. This is the second shot I've heard him take at Sarah. I was at CPAC in February when he made the first shot, commenting out of the blue that "Sarah isn't here, but I heard she has a million dollar book deal!" Some of us were left scratching our heads as we were trying to figure out two things: 1) why he found it necessary at the beginning of his speech to point out that she had declined attending to the chagrin of thousands of people, and 2) why he was promoting the book deal rumor that she had already publicly refuted. We knew what he was doing, though. He was trying to say that she couldn't show up for the people, but she was willing to capitalize on her fame by writing a book. The truth was she was back in Alaska doing her job.

No doubt, Romney is planning to run for president again and is trying to aim, shoot, and fire on the one who is likely to be his main competition, but be that as it may, low blows against a member of your own party are definitely NOT "cute." Romney and others in the GOP who have tried to diss or ignore Sarah know she's influential, and therefore a threat to their 2012 aspirations. These insecure creatures should take the advice of Tommy Christopher at Politics Daily. Today I read his comments at Conservatives4Palin:

My advice to any Republican who plans on running for President in 2012 is to be really nice to Sarah Palin. That way, if it doesn't work out (and it won't), they'll at least have a shot at the bottom of her ticket.

That is too good! I love it!!! Another one who gets it.

Like I said at the beginning, Rush Limbaugh gets it as well. Click on the link below and listen to what he said about the GOP contenders and the reason for their bad attitude toward Sarah Palin.



Sarah Palin Twitters and Barack Obama Follows

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sarah Palin has started twittering...or tweeting...or whatever it's called. You know what I mean. Twitter.com is all the rave. Even I have jumped on board. It's all I can do to keep up with Facebook and LinkedIn, along with blogging here at Motivation: Truth and at SarahNET. But when it was announced that the governor of the great state of Alaska has embraced the Twitter phenomenon in an effort to communicate directly with the people rather than rely on the media to get it right, I had to check it out.

As of this moment, only 4 days into Sarah's Twitter experience, she has 15,443 followers! Mind you, just 3 minutes ago it was 15,440. Okay, couldn't help myself, clicked back over there, and it was up 1 more. Just for the fun of it, I could keep checking back every few seconds and watch the number rise, but who's got that kind of time?! In any case, yesterday she tweeted to let us know that she, Trig, and Piper were beginning to walk in the March of Dimes' March for Life in Juneau, Alaska, and she tweeted again to let us know when they had finished the walk. Twitter is just a cool way of staying in touch, and that's one thing Sarah is: in touch with the people. She's one of us.

Who would have thought that the haters would ride Sarah for getting on the Twitter train? Okay, we figured as much, since they ride her about everything she does. (I heard she even blew her nose while on state time. I think there's an ethics complaint about that now.) Of course, they found it necessary to say she's on Twitter only as a way to position herself for a future national run for office. First of all, how do these people manage to read her mind?! Second, so what if she is? What's the big deal? I thought here in America we have the right to the "pursuit of happiness." So whether she's tweeting for the purpose of expanding her supporters, or to simply communicate, or just because she likes it, why all the vitriol? Why not save the hatred for something really wrong that you're so sure she'll do--you know, like sneezing, coughing, praying in tongues, or other such criminal, unethical behaviors she engages in! Jealousy is such a green monster--and totally unbecoming! I do think it is interesting that the day after Sarah joined Twitter, President Obama and the White House decided to do so also. Hmmm...Gotta stay on her trail, you know.

Well, why not go on over and become a Palin follower? You can do so by clicking on the little picture on the right sidebar of this page where it says, "Follow Sarah Palin on Twitter." While you're at it, you can click on my picture on the right sidebar and follow me as well. After all, birds of a feather flock together. Excuse the pun. Tweet, tweet!

By the way, as I end this post, Sarah's Twitter followers are now up to 15,477!


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