The Audacity of Obama's Arrogance

Friday, May 1, 2009

No one appreciates a president who is dismissive, arrogant, condescending, and dishonest. 100 days into his presidency, Barack Obama finally decided to acknowledge that he knew about the tea parties going on all over America. To read my post about the tea parties, click here.

Originally his press secretary, Robert Gibbs, told the American people that the president wasn't aware of these tea parties. Unless he lives under a rock, there is no way he didn't know that tea parties were sprouting up all over the place. And even if he did somehow zone out of the universe for a while, surely his best friends at MSNBC and CNN would have hit him up on the BlackBerry to let him know and to ask him what he wanted them to do about it. That would have been followed by his order to "quick-book Janeane Garofalo so she can call the tea partiers racists and say they all hate me because I'm Black. Run along now. Hurry up!" Okay, none of that happened because the president knew all along about the tea parties. His saying he didn't was his way of saying, as southern black mammas and grandmammas say, "I ain't studying yall!" (pronounced studdin).

So on his 100th day celebration, he finally decided to talk about the tea parties. But first he finds it necessary to diss Fox News without using its name--for fear he'd break out in hives. He calls it "certain news channels in which I'm not very popular." It's obvious he struggles with criticism. Who can blame him? He hasn't had much experience with it. During his campaign, the mainstream media drooled over him, gave him a pass for every radical ideology and association, and conducted softball interviews with him. And let's not forget MSNBC's Chris Matthews' confession that he got a tingle up his leg after hearing Obama speak. So the thought that there could be a network out there that simply isn't madly in love with everything he does just drives him to distraction.

He follows that comment up with looking down his nose, blinking his eyes rapidly, and flailing his arm while sarcastically saying, "...and you see folks waving tea bags around!" while the little crowd around him laughs. You know, you don't have to agree with people, but to have the nerve to make light of what the people you were elected to serve have to say is inexcusable, unprofessional, and just plain childish.

He then follows that parody up with suggesting that if anyone wants to have a "serious" conversation about cutting costs, he'd be happy to engage them. He emphasized the word "serious" not by accident. He does nothing by accident; everything is calculated (well, except the telemprompter malfunctions; he wouldn't dare plan that!). His emphasis on "serious" is his way of saying the tea party protests are a joke. His suggestion that he'd really listen to anyone who wants to talk is simply untrue. He is not interested in discussing anything with people who disagree with him. In answer to people who voiced a different view about spending, he's on record as saying, "I won!" After saying during his campaign that he wanted to find "common ground" on the issue of life, he set his pro-abortion (not pro-choice) agenda in motion only three days into office by reversing the Mexico City Policy, ignored the Red Envelope movement, approved embryonic stem cell research measures, and nominated Governor Katherine Sebelius for Secretary of Health and Human Services--a woman who accepted about $23,000 dollars from George Tiller, a known late-term abortionist. This woman even vetoed, only a week ago, legislation that would have put more restrictions on late term abortions. The idea that she is overseeing anything that has to do with health or humanity is laughable. President Obama's desire to place her in this position is the ultimate slap in the face of people who care about life--yet he's willing to find common ground! Excuse me if I'm not believing this story. So we're supposed to believe that he will sit and listen to what the people have to say about his spending practices? And this is after he mocks Americans' rights to assembly and free speech!

No one can deny the president is quite smart, the ultimate politician (not a compliment), and has people eating out of his hands. But it would serve him well to at least pretend that the people he's actually supposed to be serving well matter to him.

You can watch the 1:22 video clip here:


carder,  May 2, 2009 at 6:33 PM  

While nothing surprises me anymore about our President, I must admit that his audacity can be confounding.
You couldn't have picked a more appropriate title for your post.

Anonymous,  May 5, 2009 at 3:33 PM  

The commentary on the Fox broadcast after the 100 days “celebration” also highlighted another of Obama’s moments where arrogance was allowed to shine thru. It was the day after his interaction with Joe the Plumber, who had concerns about the small businesses of America and their ability to survive with an increasing tax burden. Obama’s scripted response, in a jovial tone, was, “what plumber makes 250 thousand dollars a year?” ,only to have his audience laugh and applaud. The idea that a common working man could make that kind of money; is that concept is so obscene, that it is comical?
To hear that from the commander-in-chief, really bothers me. He bows to our enemies and belittles the people of this great nation. What is he trying to do to this country? Is he fulfilling the oath of office that he took? Is he turning this country into something that the majorities don’t want, but don’t realize that is what is coming?
Do we need to keep a running log of when these events occur, so that they are easily accessible when reelection is being considered?

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