Palin Cleared of $145,000 Clothing Complaint

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Throughout the 2008 campaign--and afterwards--the mainstream media has tried to ruin Governor Palin's reputation as a down-to-earth hockey mom by blowing up the story that she is some kind of spoiled diva who went on a $145,000 shopping spree on the RNC's dime. People bought into it, laughed at her expense, and enjoyed seeing her name smeared as she was painted as some sort of thief and arrogant princess wannabe.

Well, more truth has unfolded. Yesterday, the FEC dismissed the clothing complaint. Read about it here. Of course, those of us with a brain knew all along that the charges were bogus. As campaign members tried to throw her under the bus, Sarah said time and time again that she had not asked for the clothes, the clothes were not hers to keep, and they would be returned. They accused her of shopping at the elite Saks Fifth Avenue, her response to which was that she hadn't ever stepped foot into a Saks in her life. On the contrary, her favorite shop is a consignment shop in Anchorage, Alaska!

I wonder if the mainstream media will cover the fact that this, like so many other complaints against the governor, has been thrown out--by a 5-0 vote. I don't expect the "journalism" world to go out of its way to cover this. Do you? Why would they? It doesn't fit their agenda. But I do continue to see God turning things around. Sarah has been praying for revelation of truth. Governor, it's happening. And there's more to come. Keep on doing what you're doing: Stand still, and let the Lord fight your battles!


LindaW May 23, 2009 at 10:01 AM  

The funny thing about when she said that she prays for revelation of the truth, the next day the Alaska news station featured exposing the anklebiters (especially Jay Ramras). That was hilarious!

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