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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today brought forth good news from Governor Sarah Palin!

News #1: From the time President Obama announced his huge spending bill, Sarah stated that she was not in favor of this "stimulus" package. She forcefully declared that there was no such thing as free money and that it would come with strings attached. She was concerned most with the fact that, if taken, the energy-related funds would impose building codes upon Alaskans, amounting to mandatory taxes. As a true conservative, Sarah simply doesn't want any increase in taxes and definitely doesn't want bigger government infringing on the rights of her state.

A woman of her word, "Governor Sarah Palin announced today that, as previously stated, she will veto the $28.6 million in federal 'stimulus' funds tied to adoption of building codes by municipalities."

Wow, it's easy to talk about rejecting that green stuff with the faces of past presidents on it when it's a mere theory out there somewhere. It's a totally different thing to have that money actually at your disposal, awaiting a simple signature, and still say "No!" Now, that takes the guts of a future president!

Sarah is opposed to growing federal government. I agree with her. It's not wise for Alaska. It's not wise for America. Plain and simple, it's a prescription for disaster. Those focused only on the now don't get it, but those who can see beyond a temporary fix that will hurt their state in the long run, amount to higher taxes, and contribute to the national debt, do get it.

Everyone has been asking who will lead the Republican Party, who has strength of character, who can stand for the value of smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Everyone seems to be looking for this person who can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Look no further. But listen to what Sarah said:

“Alaskans and our communities have a long history of independence and opposing many mandates from Washington, D.C.,” said Governor Palin. “The question of whether or not to adopt energy building codes is best determined by local governments, not Washington, D.C. Alaskans across the state are actively working to reduce energy costs. A federal government mandate is essentially another tax on Alaskans building or renovating a structure, thus increasing costs.”

Even with this bold move announced today, we know that legislators do not always see eye-to-eye with the governor. To this she says if they do not agree with her decision, they will have the opportunity of a veto override. Translation: I'm going to stand on the principles that I believe in. If you want to go around me, that's on you. But let the record show I did what was right. Any bets on what the legislators will do. Okay, I don't bet. Stay tuned...

News #2: This is especially exciting for me. It is now official that Sarah will be in Auburn, New York on June 6th for Founder's Day, the celebration of 50 years of Alaska statehood. In 1867, William Seward negotiated the deal resulting in the sale of Alaska to the United States from Russia. He lived much of his life in Auburn, thus the celebration there. During Sarah's visit, the city will have a parade with a dog sled--which should be quite the scene here in New York!

I'm headed to Alaska in July for about a month. But why wait until then? Maybe Sarah and I can sit down and talk shop here in New York! How cool would that be?!


LindaW May 23, 2009 at 9:54 AM  

I found your blog through a comment in C4P.

Are you near Auburn anywhere? Please report on the parade. Would love to hear about the excitement that goes on! : )

Adrienne May 23, 2009 at 1:03 PM  

LindaW, I am about 3 hours from Auburn, and I do expect to make the trip to Auburn. I will definitely report on the parade. You'll be able to read about it here at Motivation: Truth, on Team Sarah, and on SarahNet.

What was the comment on C4P? Was it one I posted or did someone else leave it?

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