Wanda Sykes's Abstinence Joke, a Disgrace to Black People

Monday, May 11, 2009

I wasn't going to write about this, but after getting increasingly annoyed by the nerve of Wanda Sykes, I just have to speak up. I'm sure you've already heard, but since the mainstream media tends to give everyone on the liberal left a pass, I'd better give you the true version, which you can also hear on Fox News.

Sykes, a comedian, was the guest speaker Saturday at the White House Correspondents Dinner. First of all, I've never found her particularly funny. Her jokes simply don't tickle my funny bone, but her comments at the dinner were more than uncomical; they were cruel and mean-spirited. Even
Bob Beckel, an outspoken Obama supporter who gives Sean Hannity a run for his money, was disgusted by her comments. He was especially appalled by her comments that she hopes Rush Limbaugh's kidneys fail. In other words, she wishes death upon him. Add to that her jokes pertaining to Rush's former drug problem, and you have a taste of the tenor of her jokes.

Some say, "She's a comedian. This is what comedians do." But generally it's the president who is roasted the most, who gets lightly blasted, who is mocked in fun. Sykes, however, was very mild with the president, while pouring out her wrath and sick humor on conservatives. This is supposed to be a non-partisan affair, but Sykes turned it into a public flogging of people who are on record as not being in agreement with the president's policies. I did not watch her whole speech, nor do I have the stomach for it. However, I did watch video clips of some of it. As much as I found her comments about Rush to be nasty and inappropriate, I found her reference to Governor Sarah Palin to be equally offensive.

Sarah, who was expected to attend, had to pull out of the event because of the flooding in Alaska, the most severe in recent Alaska history, causing her to issue a declaration of disaster for Interior Alaska. She was to be in the lower 48 for a few events this past weekend, including a trip to New York where her daughter Bristol would be advocating abstinence for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day. Her husband, Todd, filled in for Sarah at these events, including the White House dinner, which makes Sykes's comment that much more despicable. He was in the room. Sykes commented that Governor Sarah Palin had to pull out of the event, but that someone should tell her that pulling out at the last minute is not the way to practice abstinence! Make no mistake about it; the joke was an attack, not just on Sarah, but on Bristol Palin, Sarah's 18 year old daughter, who gave birth in December. Bristol is now a Candies abstinence advocate. Knowing what she knows now, she wants to do the right thing and prevent others from becoming teen parents. She wants to use her situation to encourage others to wait. Apparently Wanda finds this laughable.

But let's deal with the real issue, and this is really why I finally gave up and decided to write about this. I am so tired of people who mock and take pot-shots at character and integrity. Since when did believing in abstinence make you the butt of jokes, particularly at a dinner attended by the President of the United States, a man to whom we ascribe honor? When did believing that your body is special and sex is a gift of intimacy that one gives to his/her spouse only become something to look down upon? How did we get to the point where we can no longer honor people who stand up for the ideal of "abstinence only" as the safest way to go--not just to avoid pregnancy and disease, but to avoid compromising your heart and soul? When unmarried, uncommitted people engage in the most intimate of activities, it's not only their bodies that are at stake; their hearts, their souls, and their minds are on the line. In that act, so much more than virginity is lost. God never intended for us to give that much of ourselves to various and sundry people. He intended us to become one with the one we would spend the rest of our lives with.

But that's a joke to Wanda Sykes. Sarah Palin is known for promoting abstinence education. In fact, she has been considered a flake because of that stand. Add to that the fact that her daughter fell short of that, and it's open season for the slurs of those who would have us believe that they belong to the party of compassion and tolerance. Yeah right! Even when we fall short, the truth remains true--and attacking the value of abstinence or a teenager who fell short of that is simply...disgusting. So much so that Glenn Beck said he couldn't get clean enough after leaving the dinner.

I am especially outraged by Wanda Sykes because she is Black. What does race have to do with it? When 7 out of 10 Black children are born out of wedlock, one would think she would be patting Sarah Palin on the back for speaking up for the Godly principle of abstinence until marriage. One would think she would be calling Sarah and asking how she could use her talent to promote those same values. One would think she could come up with a comedy routine that laughed at the absurdity of NOT being abstinent. Or is it only funny to make light of the values that are actually the backbone of a healthy society? 70%! You want to know one reason why after all these years Blacks can't seem to wave goodbye to perpetual poverty? No, it's not "the man" keeping us down. It has more to do with us laying down with the man! Part of our problem is this cycle of unwed women being impregnated by their unwed partners. By the way, the answer to this problem is not "If you get pregnant, abort if you choose so that you don't make a child grow up in poverty." No, we've got it backwards. How about choosing to do it God's way to begin with? Stop sleeping with people who have no heart-attachment to you, who have not shown that they deserve access to your body and soul, who have made no real commitment to you. You're worth it. This is my problem with some liberals. Instead of promoting real change in this area, they would rather attack people like Sarah Palin who have embraced what really does work when taught properly and practiced strategically: abstinence. And they would rather attack children like Bristol Palin who did not live up to the standard but has taken responsibility for her actions by giving birth to her child while still declaring that abstinence is the right thing to do even though she missed the mark.

So speaking of pulling out: Wanda Sykes--unethical in her remarks, unbecoming in her agenda, and simply unfunny in her performance--should have pulled out a cell phone and told Governor Palin how much she appreciates her standing up for abstinence, the only tried and true method of avoiding one of the major ills plaguing the world in general and the Black community in particular.

Video clip of Wanda Sykes's comments:


Conservativelikenoother May 11, 2009 at 8:54 PM  

I was talking about this very thing with my sisters and nieces over the weekend. And look at this a black woman insulting the desire of another woman to make women more excellent, when it is that woman who needs the help the most. And we wonder why our community is in such shambles. Until the black community understand that we can not lift our hands to God with one hand and try and slap Him in the face with the other, poverty and all the other ills of the black community will continue. Great post Adrienne.

susan May 11, 2009 at 9:26 PM  

Awesome adrienne, totally on the mark. I seriously believe that Obama would have nothing if he didnt have his fans. I can not apologize for this remark. i listen to beck and rush and they disclose and reveal the apparent with our government. its so clear about the social agenda, its so clear of the attack against conservitism. I hope people who dont know are listening and actually get educated on the mass brainwashing going on. The Government (Obama and his administration, pelosi , ect) r zeroing in on the ignorant. Folks who are blind and ignorant of the of freedoms that Obama is and planning to take away from them. We see, they dont . Its like they are star struck by the savior Obama. The liberals and lefts are focused on grabbing the masses favor through deceitfullness of issues and policies. Thanks Adrienne, i love your word of truth.

Tanya,  May 11, 2009 at 9:31 PM  

Adrienne, you hit this one right on the nail. I cannot tell you how many times I heard that abstinence is "unrealistic." That kids--especially minority kids--just can't say no. The truth is that abstinence--the actual act of abstaining--does work. Every time. When practiced, you don't have the unwanted pregnancy, STDs, baby mama/daddy drama, and the emotional fallout of sexual intimacy outside of marriage. As you rightly say, truth remains true even when we fall short of it.

Ron B May 11, 2009 at 11:29 PM  

Abstinence to a lesbian is not laying with a man. This is how Wanda would be able to make her bold jokes about Ms. Palin and abstinence. I still can't see how she could be at this event when Obama does not support gay marriage. Yet she did not get on her soap box about this issue.

This thing was suppose to be about Obama not Linbaugh, Palin or Cheney. She took extreme exception to voice her displeasure with the right. There will be no condemnation coming from the media regarding Obama's yucking it up while she did her diatribe.

Clifton B May 12, 2009 at 12:35 AM  

Ron B:

I still can't see how she could be at this event when Obama does not support gay marriage. Yet she did not get on her soap box about this issue.

Nor would she, because she cannot see past the color of his skin.

Adrienne May 12, 2009 at 8:30 AM  

To the "brave" (NOT!) soul who anonymously left a disgusting, profane comment around 1:00 a.m. (which, of course, I will not publish on here): Your words were intended to sting, but actually, they made me smile. You prove my point exactly--the vile words you spew while pretending to represent a party of compassion does more to prove my point than my own words! Thanks! I smiled because your hate-filled request that "you people cease to exist and just go away" has been DENIED! Whoever the "you people" refers to, the answer remains the same: "NOPE! Not going anywhere! Gonna keep speaking up!" But the fact that you asked, in such colorful language at that, proves what I'm doing is working. Can't stand the truth, huh? Just bugs you, doesn't it? If speaking up for sexual integrity and honor gets that much of a rise out of you, well, you need to reflect--and that's what I'm here for. So glad I could help! I'm sure you'll be back. People who attempt to leave comments like you did always come back to see if your plan worked, to see if your ANONYMOUS "bravery" shows up in lights. Welcome back, and do come again!

JGregg May 16, 2009 at 10:44 PM  

Right on! Great post. I recently wrote about how sexualized advertisements for FOOD has become in our country. Let me know what you think (when you get a break from your busy schedule!).


Keep up the great work.


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