I Eavesdropped on Mainstream Media's Meeting about Sarah Palin

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sometimes I wonder how God can live with Himself. What I mean is, He's just so good, how can He stand Himself? It's one thing when we recognize that we have so much for which to praise God, but it's got to be another when you are God and can't help but praise Yourself! (Let that sink in, or shall I say, "Selah"?) I mean, how can He not?!

Governor Palin has got to be praising God also that yet another ethics complaint has bitten the dust today. About an hour ago, she tweeted:

We won. Another expensive, time consuming false ethics charge thrown out. Remember the one: I wore my coat w/Arctic Cat logo & was charged?

Then shortly after, she added:

We'll attach press release re: win against Democrat blogger's ethics charge that I shouldn't wear my warm snowmachine coat to cold Iron Dog.

All the nonsense and still she has a sense of humor!

This particular complaint came as a result of her wearing an Arctic Cat coat in the cold Alaskan winter. Can you imagine that someone--the self-proclaimed Celtic Diva--was actually up in arms about the Governor's coat? The behavior of wearing said coat was so reprehensible, she just had to file a complaint. I mean, who needs to deal with issues of human cruelty and crime when there's a story about a coat under our noses?! This complainer--for that's what she is--ought to be ashamed of herself--and utterly embarrassed. This "diva" needs to go take a dive. Oh! I just love "revelation of truth."

So I have a question: Where do you think the mainstream media will be in all this? Will they cover that not even one of these politically-motivated complaints have stuck, that all 14 have been dismissed? Will they speak up on her behalf? I can see it now: Their henchmen are gathered in a boardroom somewhere trying to figure out what they're going to do next. Shh...Let's take a peak:

"Now that it's becoming increasingly clear that she is the ethical woman she always said she was, what shall we do?" one is saying.

"Yes," agrees another. "What now? How will we keep the public from learning the truth about this woman, the public we bamboozled into thinking she was a fake, a fraud, a joke, and a monster? Whatever shall we do?"

One poor soul who has been having a hard time sleeping at night because of his unethical behavior in falsely depicting this woman finally finds his voice and sheepishly manages to whisper, "How 'bout fessin' up, admitting our evil attempts to destroy her have failed, and throwing ourselves on the mercy of God and the American people?"

With heads bowed and tears flowing, they all look at each other and nod. "You're right; let's do it." And a press conference is called.

Okay, back to reality.

Governor Palin, in spite of losing an election, is a winner in life. She has maintained her faith, her integrity, and her support among the people who see her for who she is.

Congratulations, Governor Palin. As wonderful as these victories have been, I still feel to tell you, "The best is yet to come."

Click here for the press release.


Ron B June 3, 2009 at 10:18 PM  

This is why this country needs tort reform badly. If these people are made to pay for wasting the lady's time and the courts patience when they lose then this stuff will stop. I feel like these ethics complaints are the same as filing a false police report. It is a crime!

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