I'm Sarah: From Catching Fish to Commander in Chief (includes video)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's Accomplishments has posted this video clip of Governor Palin in Kosovo. The clip is less than 5 minutes, but it gives a great overview of what she is taking part in over there. The amazing thing about the governor is that she is equally comfortable addressing a room full of troops in fatigues and a T-shirt as she is addressing a room full of governors in a suit and heels. Notice how she introduces herself simply by saying, "I'm Sarah." That's what we need in a leader: someone who can relate to all people on all different levels--and be real in every situation. Would we expect anything less from the woman from Wasilla, Alaska, who will go down in history as a born-again Christian, high school basketball champion, wife, PTA and hockey mom, commercial fisherman, city council member, mayor, governor, VP nominee, and, oh yeah...President of the United States? What better example of hard work, determination, and a calling is there than someone who's gone from catching fish to Commander in Chief?


multipath June 27, 2009 at 3:26 PM  

Thanks, love your blog. Looking fwd to hopefully reading about forthcomin trip to Alaska. God bless and protect you.

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