Juneteenth is a Good Day to Get off the Plantation: Consider Yourself Informed

Friday, June 19, 2009

Today is Juneteenth. This is the celebration of the announcement of the abolition of slavery to Texas, which took place on June 19, 1865. Although emancipation had occured over two years prior, Texas was still in the dark. So imagine the celebration when Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas with 2,000 federal troops to take possession of the state and force emancipation. The following year jubilant Juneteenth celebrations began in Texas, and continue to this day. It has been an official state holiday there for 29 years. But these celebrations, which include parades, cookouts, street fairs, and joyous dancing, have extended to many states in the country. As of May of this year, 31 U.S. states acknowledge Juneteenth as a state holiday or a state holiday observance. Read more about Juneteenth here.

It is only fitting that we should rejoice about chains of bondage being broken, captives being set free, communities having the opportunity to exercise their God-given right to create a life for themselves, to prosper, and to develop. The wonder of Juneteenth, however, is that there was a whole group of people who, by the letter of the law, had been freed, but didn't know it. Imagine that. You should have the right to be your own person, to do your own thing, to answer to no one, but news hasn't reached you, so you remain in that same state of captivity, never knowing that there are people just like you who have been delivered. Now go with me, if you will, to the news that you have been emancipated, that you can walk away, no more, "Yes, Masta!" No wonder there was partying, dancing in the street, and wild exuberance!

I believe in freedom. That's one reason I speak up so much for the principles of this nation. America--though initially flawed in putting it into practice for all--is the land of freedom, of opportunity, of possibility because it was born out of a belief that freedom is not just the desire of a people, but the intent of a loving Savior who knew a thing or two about the cost of freedom. I'm sure you've seen the logo for Motivation: Truth. Included in it is the Scripture, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" John 8:32. Notice what it says. Sometimes we ignore the first part and skip right to the free part. But the first part is vital. The first part is the point. If you miss the first part, there will be no free part. In other words, it's not just the existence of truth that makes you free. Rather, it's the knowledge of that truth that makes you free. It's the truth that you know that brings freedom. It stands to reason, then, that if you don't know it, you can't be freed by it. Such was the case with Texas. The slaves remained in bondage because they didn't know something better should have already been theirs. Yes, you are only as free as you realize.

Even worse than being free and not knowing it, is being in bondage and thinking you're free. I call this being stuck on the plantation. I have strongly stated that the majority of Black people have been trapped in a political ideology that doesn't line up with most of our deepest held beliefs, so many of us are living on that plantation and have set up shop there. We have remained fixed there when the world is before us and all we have to do is step off the master's property. So today I will be like General Granger and his troops and issue the news: You're free to go. Today, Juneteenth, is a great opportunity for you to read--or reread--the first thing I ever posted here at Motivation: Truth. It's called "Get Off the Plantation." It's a strong word that every person needs to read because on a day like today, when the nation celebrates the news of emancipation reaching a segment of society, how sad it would be if we remain on the plantation when freedom is at the door.

I'm posting "Get off the Plantation" below:

How is it that well after 100 years since the end of slavery, many African-Americans still live on the plantation? No, we're not picking cotton for the slave master or working in the big house. This is the political plantation I'm talking about, where we're enslaved to a system that is the antithesis of what we believe in and what we represent. The slave master is the Liberal Democratic Party which uses control tactics and misinformation to keep itself in the big house at the expense of unsuspecting African-Americans and now Hispanics.

Some 90% of Black Americans vote Democrat, often without so much as a second thought. Most would not even consider a Republican candidate. And why is that? As Angela McGlowan spelled out so powerfully in the book Bamboozled: How Americans are being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda, Democrats have done a good job of putting a lock on the "minority" vote by using racial slurs such as "Uncle Tom" or "Sell-Out" to refer to any Black person who would dare leave the plantation in search of his true God-ordained freedom. Those who stay behind have the chains of bondage tightened more and more around their minds. If they knew better, however, they would rush off the master's property without looking back. Even Harriet Tubman declared that she could have led more slaves to freedom if she could have convinced them that they were slaves! But sometimes bondage becomes so familiar, it gets confused with freedom and begins to feel like home.

For today's blog, let's just focus on values. How is it that the vast majority of African-Americans, by virtue of our spiritual heritage, are pro-life, believe in a traditional definition of marriage, and are prone to expressions of faith, yes, even in public, yet our voting pattern consistently belies those very values? Liberals these days are passionately attacking the traditional family, celebrating the killing of millions of unborn babies through the help of Planned Parenthood, which sets up shop mostly in Black, lower class neighborhoods (Hmmm.....), and showing tolerance for every group under the sun, except Christians whom they wish to silence as they seek to remove Jesus Christ from every aspect of public life. Oddly enough, some of the self-proclaimed leaders of the Left wear a "Rev." at the front of their names while endorsing candidates who have promised to push the most anti-Christ, pro-abortion, Godless society imaginable. This is quite curious and certainly a cause of concern.

Liberals manage to secure those votes by duping African-Americans into believing that Republicans are racists who have no heart or concern for the "little man." They promise to be the answer to the problems the "little man" faces. Now, think about it: If they were the solution, don't you think they would have gotten us to the Promised Land by now?

They have counted on the fact that we, as a people, would not question the Liberal agenda or line up our votes with our values. And you know what? So far we have proven them right. They're counting on us to remain on the plantation, and some 90% of us have said, "Yes, Masta, I'll stay 'cuz yous a good masta. You gone take care of me!"

Now, isn't that rough talk? Well, it takes rough talk to get us out of bondage. Harriet Tubman carried a gun on her journey to free slaves. All I have are words in hopes of triggering the masses to emancipate themselves. Now, although I believe the Democratic philosophy goes against the core of most Black people, I will say this: If, when you've looked over the issues, you can look yourself in the mirror, look your God in the eyes, and still vote Democrat, you've acquired a measure of freedom. But if you are so under the thumb of a political Party that you don't even consider voting against them, don't even look at where they stand on issues, then I have to say it: You're on the plantation. And your self-appointed leaders are happy to keep you there, to own you, because as long as you don't question them or question yourself, they remain in power--and that's what they're counting on you for. They know they can't win without you.

But there's still time to get off the plantation. The Emancipation Proclamation has already been signed--by a Republican, I might add.

Next time, we'll take a look at history because just as Blacks didn't begin their existence as slaves in America, Blacks were not always slaves to the Liberals. Oh no...In fact, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and many others were Republicans. You know why? In part because your beloved Democrats were lynching Blacks and denying us the civil rights that the Republican Party was created to fight for. I'll tell you more about that later.

God bless!


Lisa Graas June 19, 2009 at 6:21 PM  

Powerful post, Adrienne. Wonderful. I would love for you to write a letter to Jesse Jackson. Back when Terri Schiavo was being starved to death, the Reverend Jesse Jackson came to Florida and stood with her parents in protest of the killing. We all thought maybe, just maybe, he might decide to come full circle......but he didn't, and then came Barack Obama and he fell along behind him. I wonder, if you wrote to him, could you appeal to his conscience? Wouldn't it be great of Jesse Jackson came full circle? Because he could lead so many others with him.

Adrienne, you really hit the nail on the head with this. I hope you get a good response from readers. And thanks for cross-posting it on my blog, too!!! Mom is still recovering. Hopefully I can start blogging again on Monday or so.

Many blessings, my sister in Christ.

multipath June 20, 2009 at 12:11 AM  

God Bless You Adrienne.The more I read your blogs the more I become convinced that you are a true and bold ambassador of our Lord. Keep speaking and writing the TRUTH.
gini, also your sister in Christ who is The Truth

Sheila,  June 20, 2009 at 8:36 AM  

Once again you have written a very moving and inspirational blog. Keep up the good fight. My husband and I just finished a conversation about fighting the fight. Your blog will help keep me motivated. God bless you and your writings.

Lisa Graas June 20, 2009 at 9:36 AM  

Also, I love that line about Harriet Tubman. I think I had heard that many years ago, that she could have saved more if she could have convinced them they were slaves. That gives me goosebumps, you know?

Okay, this is at least the second time I've gotten goosebumps reading your blog.....so great work!

susitna-flower June 20, 2009 at 10:29 AM  

Blacks are not the only people in our country who suffer the chains that bind....there are millions of people across our nation who are chained to addictions, who also need to understand and KNOW that there is freedom for them as well.
Christ is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIGHT. He provides the way for the addict of drugs, alcohol, food, or a negative attitude and depression to KNOW the TRUTH (HIS WORD...the Bible), which sheds LIGHT into the dark hole of addiction, and will set them free indeed! I encourage you to visit www.reformersunamious.com to learn more of a group near you.

Adrienne June 20, 2009 at 12:26 PM  

You got it right, susitna-flower. Go 'head and preach!

Rosie June 20, 2009 at 4:22 PM  

I came across your blog a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed your thoughts! You have a way with words that touches others deeply. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for "fighting the good fight". I wish more would.

Consider me a Patriot in Arms!

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