Senator Kerry and Celtic Diva Diagnosed with a Chronic Case of Palin Derangement Syndrome

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Palin Derangement Syndrome has struck again. What in the world is wrong with people? Senator John Kerry commented to a group of business and civic leaders in Washington yesterday: "Too bad if a governor had to go missing it couldn’t have been the governor of Alaska. You know, Sarah Palin." No, I'm not joking. He really said it, and he did so even before the news came out yesterday that Governor Sanford had been in Argentina in the midst of an affair. Read the story of Kerry's comments yourself here.

How dare a United States senator make such an appalling "joke" about a United States governor? Something has gone seriously wrong when anyone can say anything, even about a leader we are supposed to show honor and respect. Just saying it was bad enough, but it speaks to something deeper. Somehow we have created--and accepted--such a bash-Palin culture that people now think they can say anything they want about her, even publicly wishing her ill, saying they wish she'd go missing. A senator said this! I'm blown away that hatred--a result of fear, really--of Governor Sarah Palin (Yes, she is a governor, not a punching bag) is so much a part of our climate that a senator is absolutely comfortable with voicing his desire for something bad to happen to her. And the Democrat-infested crowd laughed! Unreal!

Maybe it's just me, but I believe that comments like this are simply off-limits. I put this in the same category of corny Wanda Sykes saying she wishes Rush Limbaugh's kidneys fail. Disagree with politics anyday, but the hatred and personal attacks are over the top and should not be tolerated. And where is Sarah Palin while the fearful haters rant? She's overseas at an undisclosed location visiting and supporting our troops. She tweeted a few minutes ago,

"So humbling to see our troops over here making great sacrifices (their family sacrifices, too) for the cause for freedom. Please honor them."

While Sarah Palin, the new energy for America, is away from her family serving those who serve us, a washed-up politician, with serious untreated cases of Palin Derangement Syndrome and Chronic Fear of Palin-itis is praying for her demise. Sick!

Then we have the Alaskan blogger, who calls herself the Celtic Diva, continuing her drive to destroy the governor with stupid ethics complaints. Her latest desperate act involved the doctoring of a loving picture of Governor Palin and her son Trig, a beautiful picture which most of us have seen many times now. But Celtic Diva has chosen to alter the picture and put a different face on sweet Trig. She feels justified in her actions simply because Trig is Sarah's son. Another unacceptable act by another hater. Many people feel that the blogger's picture is below the belt and was an attack on Trig as a special needs child. Can you believe that this woman is using it as part of a fundraiser to gain money to further harass Governor Palin and bring her up on more bogus charges?! No, I'm not joking.

Look, I said it before, and I'll keep saying it. Leave people's children alone! And yes, that includes Sarah Palin's children. Leave them alone. It shows a high level of desperation, immaturity, and cowardice to go after people's children. It's demented enough that you refuse to leave Sarah Palin alone, but when you keep attacking her kids, it's clear that you really need help. Yep, you've got a chronic case.

So how did the governor respond? You know, her reaction reminds me of the Scripture that states, "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good"--Romans 12:21.

Today she tweeted,

"Perfectly beautiful babies like Trig, & countless others like him, add a special quality to our world. Here's Trig:"

What a beautiful picture of an innocent baby boy.

She followed that up with this tweet,

"Take a look: here's a video that Trig, Piper & I taped in support of Special Olympics."
I've posted this video before. It's worth a second look, and it graciously says it all.

Her most recent tweet was,

"Children are the most precious ingredient in the world" - Laura Ingraham. Stay tuned for authentic pics of just 1 of those precious ones..."

But Meghan Stapleton, Governor Palin's spokesperson, cut to the chase. She had a little somethin'-somethin' to say on the governor's Facebook page. I've had the privilege of meeting Meg and observed her doing her job first-hand. You can't do what she does and be timid. She has Sarah's back, and she says what needs to be said--sharply:

"Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother's love for a special needs child.

The mere idea of someone doctoring the photo of a special needs baby is appalling. To learn that two Alaskans did it is absolutely sickening. Linda Kellen Biegel, the official Democrat Party blogger for Alaska, should be ashamed of herself and the Democratic National Committee should be ashamed for promoting this website and encouraging this atrocious behavior.

Babies and children are off limits. It is past time to restore decency in politics and real tolerance for all Americans. The Obama Administration sets the moral compass for its party. We ask that special needs children be loved, respected and accepted and that this type of degeneracy be condemned."

-- Meghan Stapleton

You can see the doctored picture of Trig here. Of course, I posted the real one at the top of this blog post.

So the self-proclaimed diva, who is the official Alaskan DNC blogger, has been put in her place. But I'm sure she has no shame. She's just mad because all her plans--and the plans of her cohorts--to destroy Sarah Palin have come to naught. Just Tuesday, the 15th ethics complaint against the governor was dismissed. So she's just hatin'. One would think, however, that the Democratic leadership would not tolerate this kind of attack on a governor's child. You would think--unless there's an agenda. Hmmm...

Senator Kerry's prayer for Governor Palin to go missing will go unanswered, and this blogger's attempt to desecrate Little Trig Palin's photo will only make us love him--and all children--more. And with every attack on this family, Sarah Palin's supporters get more fired up and more determined to fight on her behalf.

My advice to the haters: Give it up! This is a battle you cannot win.


multipath June 26, 2009 at 12:02 AM  

Thanks for another great write up. I agree 100% that the more trash they throw at Sarah the more people admire her and want to fight for her. She is so cool and very blessed to have you as a blogger for her. Your blog is fairly well known to TS people, have you ever gone to conservatives4palin to let them see your great stuff? Or any others?

Adrienne June 26, 2009 at 7:52 AM  


Yes, people are absolutely more determined to fight for Sarah because of all the nonsense thrown at her. The haters are hell-bent on continuing their derangement, but what they don't seem to get is that the vitriol is starting to disgust even some anti-Palin people, so the plan to destroy Sarah is backfiring. As I've directed to her before, "No weapon formed against you shall prosper." This IS a battle they cannot win.

To answer your question, I am pretty sure C4P is aware of my blog, as I have communicated with them in the past and have offered them any assistance I can give. Feel free to invite C4Pers to view great posts here.


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