Sharing my Weekend with Sarah Palin with my Students (includes pictures)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pictured above from left to right: Kristina, Buffalo Organizer of 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, Jeff Graham, Mayor of Watertown, NY, and me, Executive Board Member and New York Organizer of 2012 Draft Sarah Committee

Today I had the opportunity to share with my students what transpired in Auburn and Purchase, NY this past weekend. I told them the story of William Seward's purchase of Alaska, his devotion to Harriet Tubman, and the occasion that brought Governor Sarah Palin to the area this past weekend: Alaska's 50th year of statehood. Also, in light of Sunday's Walk for Autism, we briefly talked about autism. Some said they know people who are autistic. Others asked what autism is.

Although I spoke well of the Palins, I did not even attempt to express the depth of my emotions throughout the weekend. I can't even express it internally, so I know any effort to adequately give voice to these emotions to my students simply wasn't going to succeed.

I observed several things as students in my different classes took in the pictures and the facts. I was surprised to note that there was one question that was asked in a couple different classes: "Is she nice?" I said, "Oh yes, she's very gracious." Do you remember the student I wrote about in Part I: Sarah Palin Teaches my Classes Here in Upstate New York? Well, she commented after class that Sarah looked different in these pictures, that she seems nice. I don't know what kind of person she thought Sarah was, but I told her that Sarah is indeed a very "nice" person, and I questioned why she thought otherwise. She said, "No, she just seems nicer now. She looks more relaxed in these pictures, and not so uptight."

That was news to me because I always thought Sarah looked comfortable addressing the people, but the comment did give me something to think about. Why did she, who previously thought Sarah had never said anything of value, also think she was some kind of uptight rogue. Every time I saw Sarah among the people during the campaign, she was always kind, incredibly friendly, and so very giving--of her smile, her handshake, her time. But just as we discussed a couple weeks ago, it's amazing the impression left upon people by the likes of the mainstream media, but--although not any more gracious than she had always been--perhaps Sarah is indeed more relaxed. Maybe that's what happens when you're the one calling the shots now and not being mishandled. Just a thought...

A student in my afternoon class asked the same question. When, in answer to her question, I assured her that yes, Sarah was "nice," she said, "So she's not snobby, thinking she's all that or anything?" I find that question laughable, kind of like the "diva" allegations that came out after the election. "Oh no, she's not like that at all. She really is gracious," I stated.

After meeting Sarah and watching her in real time, that question sort of shocked me. Having seen her and talked to her, I cannot even fathom questioning her character, her heart, or her willingness to show grace toward others. She oozes these qualities. It's one of those things that has to be experienced first hand to fully understand, I suppose, but I did stress that she is most liberal in her kindness toward people. (This, by the way, is the only way in which she is a liberal!) And I don't know how she does it. I think I would find it all too much, and I would probably succumb to the urge to yell, "Get up off me!"

I think in each class at least one person mentioned that her cheeks must really hurt "from all that smiling." One boy said, "She must tie them up to keep them that way!" I explained to each class,"That's just the way she is," but I don't think they got it. I don't think they can--nor can you--without seeing firsthand how she treats those around her. These kids are conditioned--as even most adults are--to believe that people do what they do for reasons other than authenticity. We have become used to politicians, but we are not yet accustomed to public servants--and Sarah is a public servant.

I thought it was cute when one student shockingly observed, "She's not wearing red!" I said, "No, but she did wear some red shoes this weekend." Her response was, "I knew it! She has to wear some red. She always wears red."

I could also hear the "She's pretty!" comments, followed by "Yeah, she is!" I mentioned to a couple classes that the camera couldn't really capture the beauty she and Todd truly have. But again, you can't fathom that either, unless you see it in person.

One of the sweetest comments I heard was from a girl, who said with such awe in her voice, "I think it's so cool that you got to be right next to her."It was really cool.

As I wind down here, I can't fail to share the one comment that had a bunch of us baffled. Toward the end of one class, we had a fire drill. We had already finished talking about Auburn and Purchase, and the students were working in groups on a final project. As I walked up the line in the grass awaiting the end of the drill, I heard one student exclaim to another, "You don't know who Sarah Palin is?!" Apparently the unknowing student asked who that lady in the pictures was! I find this unbelievable, so you know I had to join in and give her a hard time. After all, we spent many a class this fall discussing the election campaign, talking about each candidate, and even seeing video footage of the candidates addressing certain key issues. Finally, on November 4, we held a class election. All that, and after 20 minutes of seeing pictures and hearing comments, she asks who Sarah Palin is! Oh, nobody. Just the next President of the United States!

Today the Mayor of Watertown, NY emailed me some pictures that he had, unbeknownst to me, captured during the Seward House reception in Auburn Saturday afternoon. I'll post some here.


Kristina June 8, 2009 at 11:41 PM  

It is so hard to explain what we experienced this weekend. You just had to be there. Sarah is truly a gracious person and her personality glows upon anyone who stands before her. Sarah is a true inspiration!

LindaW June 9, 2009 at 12:22 AM  

Those are great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Anonymous,  June 9, 2009 at 1:00 AM  

Another great post Adrienne. I enjoy them.

I saw the mayor's tweet on Sarah being at Yankee Stadium and checked his website. Now I am a fan of Mayor Graham. He has an interesting and informative blog. Check out his Sarah Trip posts, but also his NY Senate and Congressional race posts ( and
They might give insider material for your classes.

Also see
"Covering Sarah Palin...You Betchya!" June 6 for the local reporter post and video from Auburn including interviewing the mayor.

I bet Meg, Sarah, and Todd would like to see the news report and the mayor's blog. You can send them the links if you like.

The mayor's comments that only the rich are able to run for Congress make me think about Sarah and SarahPAC. Maybe Sarah will inspire, and SarahPAC help, some regular folks succeed in politics.

April June 9, 2009 at 9:58 AM  

How many thousands of people have bought into the impression the MEDIA has tried to paint of Sarah Palin....just what you expressed the children said, that she is uptight and snobby....ANYONE who has ever had the chance to be around Sarah knows this is not true.

It is our responsibility to get the true message out there. Not only is she the most genuine kind person I know, she has a heart as big as Alaska, and loves the people she meets, no matter how pressing the crowd, or time is.

Keep up the good work Adrienne. April

Peter,  June 9, 2009 at 5:14 PM  

Thanks for the posts and pictures from your incredible weekend.

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