Sick to my Stomach!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Today I must admit I felt truly sick to my stomach with sadness, frustration, and a bit of anger at the state of affairs in which we're living. There's so much going on, so much to digest...

1. Pro-lifers
are being blamed for the death of abortionist George Tiller. Tiller, who is responsible for about 60,000 late term abortions (Yes, I said 60,000), was gunned down at his church yesterday. In spite of the fact that every sane person who believes in the sanctity of life has condemned this murder, somehow all people who have ever opposed abortion are responsible. David Weigel of The Washington Independent even found a way to put Sarah Palin's name in the mix of this murder as if she pulled the trigger. Good job, Dave; you wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to blame her for something else. Sickening! Just for the record, contrary to his comments, Governor Palin did issue a statement regarding the shooting death of George Tiller. Read her brief but powerful comments below.

I feel sorrow for the Tiller family. I respect the sanctity of life and the tragedy that took place today in Kansas clearly violates respect for life. This murder also damages the positive message of life, for the unborn, and for those living. Ask yourself, "What will those who have not yet decided personally where they stand on this issue take away from today's event in Kansas?"Regardless of my strong objection to Dr. Tiller's abortion practices, violence is never an answer in advancing the pro-life message.

2. Information emerged today suggesting a link between George Soros and the ethics complaint and overblown media coverage of Governor Palin's so-called shopping spree during the 2008 election campaign, the complaint that was just recently dismissed, and I'm shaking my head wondering, "Could this possibly be?"

3. North Korea is having a field day unethically testing missiles and has positioned for launching a
missile capable of reaching Alaska. President Obama, Commander in Chief of the strongest military in the world, is doing nothing but talking "smack," which means nothing to a tyrant like Kim Jong-il. Let's take a look at this: Alaska is our nation's first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system, and governor Palin is the Commander of the Alaska National Guard. Alaska's National Guard is America's only Guard unit on permanent duty, and Palin is regularly briefed on highly classified military secrets. She has all but begged President Obama not to cut missile defense funds, urging him to understand that now is not the time to make Alaska, and therefore America, militarily weaker, but he has yet to relent. Today she met with U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Maybe he can get the president's attention because Obama isn't listening to Sarah. No surprise there, though.

In my wildest dreams, I would never have imagined this day would come in America. The government is in the bank business, the car business, every business except the business it ought to be in: protecting American citizens from lunatics who care nothing about the rules they're supposed to be playing by. Instead, we're cutting military defense funds and announcing we're closing Guantanamo Bay with no plan for where to place these suspected terrorists. I have an idea: Maybe we should put them in the West Wing of the White House. How about that? If that seems insane, what makes the current administration think I want them in my backyard?! Furthermore, instead of being committed to keeping Americans safe at all cost, we want to bring charges against the previous administration for waterboarding three people whom we believed had information that could save thousands of lives. Three vs. thousands. Hmmm... You decide.

This is some day we're living in. I hope you're prayed up because this is also not the time to be weak in the area of spiritual warfare.


Anonymous,  June 1, 2009 at 9:16 PM  

Good Post...keep up the good work!

David Cordeau

Conservativelikenoother June 1, 2009 at 9:43 PM  


Now you know I am with you there. It's just something I can not seem to put my whole self around. It's so chaotic and yet Obama and his minions walk around like nothing is happening. But I do think now that America had to go through this, because we have taken God for granted. Now we must see what a nation without God's blessing feels like. And I tell you, I want nothing to do with it. The left and their anti- God policies do not have the spiritual understanding to even understand where they are going and what is happening they just think that the world would be such a great place without it's Creator, that's a bunch of sick liberal hogwash.

Oh and the Tiller thing, I really don't buy it. I was thinking why would something like this happen just when America is moving to support abortion. And everyone saw this man in the church they could have just stoppped him. Did you hear anything else about this man. Please don't think for one minute that the left is not ruthless and sick enough to pull something like this off. Remember they have George Soros and the Chicago ganster machine as their core values.

Oh and don't forget about their love for communism. This is a sad day, but you know what the Scriptures say, "joy comes in the morning". There will be a morning when we will be able to smile and shine again, but now it will depend on us to do our part and give God the honor He so rightfully deserves.

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