Alaska Kicked My Tail (with pictures)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Today was a good day here in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Before diving into our day, April took me to the Interior Alaska Conservative Coalition. They do a wonderful job there with promoting conservative values and offering a place for making calls during elections, and the like. They also provide a home for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. It was great being in such a Sarah Palin-friendly place and I wanted to capture the moment, so I darted back to the car for my camera.

On to the day's main activity. I blogged earlier about the walk I took this morning, which was a great way to start my day--on a prayer walk. But this afternoon April and her daughter, Christina, took Christina's baby girl, Sophia; Belle, the dog; and me, the victim (LOL!) to Scarland Six Mile at the University of Alaska Fairbanks for a hike. It kicked my tail! First of all, I was like, "Uh, we're in the woods?!" See, I've been talking about bears since I knew I was coming to Alaska. I don't do bears! And these woods seemed like the perfect place to run into at least one. Thank God, no bears. But the bugs may have been worse. Now, I've been to the mountains of Guatemala on a mission trip--bug city. But Guatemala doesn't have anything on Alaska! My goodness!

April had Sophia on her back in one of those backpack carriers, which was an additional 30-35 pounds easy. I took over more than half-way through the trail. I always fancy myself quite the athletic one, but that was a task and a half right there! I had been thinking, "This hiking stuff--minus the bugs and watching for bears--is a piece of cake." But that was before Sophia! I said before coming to Alaska that I would probably lose 10 pounds by the time the month is over. No problem with that, since I gained 15 since September!

I didn't bring my camera on the hike because both April and Christina said there was nothing worth taking pictures of. Spoken like two Alaskans. There were actually a few scenes I would have liked to capture. I love beautiful scenery. Now, I live in the beautiful Catskills of New York, and my classroom overlooks the mountains, so I'm no stranger to nature. But I'm in Alaska; I want to capture all the Alaskan scenery I can! camera because the Alaskans took for granted the beauty that I recognized. I teased them about this. The only picture I took was one of a very interesting sign. I used my cell phone to take the picture because I didn't want to let the opportunity for this one pass me by. You'll see why. It'll go well with the chili Sarah will make me after I beat her one-on-one, if we ever get to have that game!

After the hike, we drove around a bit on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and I took a few pictures there.

We ended the evening with a stop at Denny's. I hadn't stopped long enough to eat since breakfast, so I needed something. We met up with Phillip who does some work over at KJNP, the Christian station where April and I will do a television interview about the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee at the end of the month. Lynette Bergh and her husband, Tom, also joined us. Lynette is a great spark with a wonderful disposition. She is the Fairbanks Organizer and Parliamentarian for the 2012 DSC. What an honor to meet her. We had great conversation and laughs and took some pictures. She and her husband ride Harleys and before I leave Alaska, the three of us will ride together. I'll get to ride their pearl white Fat Boy! My friend, Sally, will get heartburn over that one. I bought my Harley Sportster from her, and she said she wouldn't buy another motorcycle unless she can get a...guess what...pearl white Fat Boy, but they don't make them anymore. Lynette's husband had this one custom made. Wait till Sally sees a picture with me riding her dream!

Tomorrow will come early, especially since tomorrow is almost here. You'd never know it to look out the window. It's almost midnight, but of course, it's still daylight. I still can't wrap my head around that! That just might be the most memorable part of visiting Alaska. That might even trump beating Sarah in basketball! We head down to Wasilla in the morning. I have some friends down there I want to meet up with, so that'll be great. Then Saturday is the Independence Day parade and a TEA Party. We will be out and about for a couple weeks, seeing as much of Alaska as possible. I'm loving it already.

Keep checking back for more information. If you don't see any more blog posts for a while, it doesn't mean a bear ate me, although I hear that's possible when we go hiking in Kodiak! It simply means I can't access the Internet. Here's to hoping that doesn't occur. Either way, follow Adrienne2012 on Twitter to be sure to get occasional updates throughout the day, though. I can always tweet from my cell.
Below you find pictures of our time at the Interior Alaska Conservative Coaliton, the sign on the hike, the UAF campus, and Denny's with the 2012 DSC Organizers and Phil from KJNP.


baby carriers backpacks July 3, 2009 at 9:23 AM  

Sounds like you are having an amazing trip. Good luck

Jacky,  July 3, 2009 at 6:25 PM  

You're right in the action!

Sue July 3, 2009 at 7:57 PM  

Okay, I just read that Sarah is resigning as Governor. So does that mean she is gonna make a run for the presidency? I surely hope so!!

karenfromny July 3, 2009 at 9:50 PM  

Sounds like you had some fun hiking. We have done alot of hiking, in fact we are going on a day trip next weekend. A few years ago, we went hiking in California. That was alot of fun. A bit dangerous, but that is what it is all about.

What was the buzz in Alaska after Gov. Palin's announcement.

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