Governor Sarah Palin: A Fairbanks Farewell (includes great pics)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Todd and Sarah Palin pray during invocation at inauguration ceremony.

Governor Palin steps down today...uh, steps aside..okay, let me say what I mean: Governor Palin steps up today. She is now free to move into a higher calling and effect change on a larger scale.

The activities at the Governor's Picnic in Fairbanks today (Well, it's about 2:00 a.m., but anyway...) were most appropriate and spoke to what Sarah Palin is all about. Sarah served Alaskans. Nothing new there. That's what she's been doing: governing with a servant's heart. I watched her as she put food on plate after plate. The line was incredibly long because everyone wanted food from Sarah! She didn't just slap some chicken on a plate either. As people went by, Sarah was saying, "What's your name?" to person after person. Most politicians couldn't care less what your name is; all they want is for you to get your chicken leg and then get your behind out the way!

I watched as Sarah was intent on serving one guy who seemed to have been shorted somehow. I'm not sure exactly what had happened, but she wanted to be sure he got his food. When she got his attention and put the food on his plate, I heard her say, "Thanks for letting me serve you." That blew me away. Thanks for letting me serve you?! How many people ever thank people for being allowed to be a blessing to them? But that's Sarah Palin. And as she addressed Alaskans for the last time as their governor a few hours later, she was still saying the same thing with all her heart: "Thanks for letting me serve you." And what Alaskans were saying in return was, "No, Sarah. Thank YOU for serving us."

I have never seen someone love her state more--she absolutely loves the beauty, the hardiness, the richness, and the destiny of Alaska. And that's Sarah. Her heart is all about Alaska. And knowing that, I thank her. Now, as you know, I am not an Alaskan, but I thank her nonetheless because that passion has caused me to evaluate my own heart and my personal commitments. I thank her because I understand that her call to service has not come without a price. It has cost her much. It has not come without sacrifice, without trials, without tears, and without the need for intercessory prayer. It has, in some ways, cost her the opportunity to continue to be the governor of the state she loves so dearly. No, I'm not an Alaskan, and true, it was not my governor exiting office today, but as an American, I thank her because I know that when she said "yes" to John McCain to serve in a greater capacity, excuse me, but all hell broke loose. Yet she has stood her ground. I thank her for being willing to suffer the abuse that she has for the sake of a greater good and obedience to a higher calling. Sarah Palin, it has not gone without notice. Thank YOU.

Now...I couldn't help myself today, so I approached some people who were carrying hateful anti-Palin signs. Please help me with something. Why would people displaying signs saying they are "Sick of Sarah" or want her to "Go Home" come to the Governor's Picnic? Why? I can assure you of this one thing: You would not find me at a Barack Obama picnic. You just wouldn't. Why would I go? I don't agree with much of anything he does. I don't like his form of leadership. And frankly, I don't trust him. So if they don't like Sarah or they think ill of her, why would they spend hours at a picnic where a multitude of people are assembled to honor her on her last day in office? If they were truly sick of Sarah, they'd have gone fishing, or rock climbing, or maybe they would have taken a hike. Now that last one is quite a thought! The truth is they can't get enough of Sarah. They're not sick of Sarah; they're just sick!

I couldn't help myself and had to approach a group of haters. I just had to. I wanted to pick their brains, but it got a little testy. They talked about how she changed when she got back from the campaign trail. I suggested that they had changed. They complained about her being too mean when she said Barack Obama was "palling around with terrorists." Okay, help me again. We have an unrepentant domestic terrorist, and they are more loyal to him than to their own. Scratching my head over this. When I said, "Well, wasn't he a terrorist?" they refused to answer me.

I won't even bother going into all their foolish reasonings, but I asked them to talk, so I listened. Well, I listened a little bit, but I couldn't keep my mouth closed--for which one lady reprimanded me. One thing that annoyed me was her comment about Sarah traveling back to Alaska to give birth when she went into early labor with Trig, rather than going to the first hospital she could find. We went back and forth on that, and I finally said, "You know, some of the people you support would have preferred she not even carry Trig to term at all, so give me a break!" She didn't respond to that at all. The hypocrisy is sickening.

Haters are haters, you know. They have ankle fetishes, so what can you say? Sarah put them in their place, though. Please watch the video of her speech when they tried to make a scene and she shut them up with just a few words. I mean, she lit 'em up, and it didn't take much to do it.

There weren't too many haters, though. Masses of masses of people just adore and appreciate the governor. They are grateful for what she has done, and they wanted so desperately to show their support--and that they did. So the few cannot spoil the love of many. The love was overflowing. There were signs everywhere supporting Sarah. There were T-shirts proudly worn. There were cheers--and tears, I'm sure. There were people who were happy for her and people who just didn't want to let her go. However, I sensed no sadness in Sarah at all. My prayer has been--and was again for her this morning during my prayer time--that she would have such a blessed assurance and confirmation that she was doing the right thing--no regrets, no wonders. And I did not sense either one. This is a woman who spent her time praying about this decision months prior to her announcement, so when July 2+6 (= New Beginnings) came, she was ready. And what a speech--from beginning to end. As I listened to her at one point, I said to Tracey and Jill: She is so presidential--and she is. I was captivated by her words. Why do multitudes of people gather to hear her speak--every time? Simple: She speaks common sense. She understands the Constitution; she understands states' rights; she understands government's role in the lives of citizens; and she understands where that role ends and personal responsibility begins; she understands that energy independence is vital to America's safety, and that we can care about developing our own resources and care about the environment simultaneously, as she said today; she understands that our military sacrifices greatly for America, and we must honor them and protect their efforts. Sarah Palin understands that the way out of national debt is not going into deeper debt by spending more money. Like I said, she has common sense--something severely lacking in the leaders of our nation today. And Sarah is not afraid to call a spade a spade. She told the media off, basically calling them liars. And she told them that when Sean Parnell was sworn in as Governor Parnell they were to "Leave his kids alone!" The entire speech was amazing. My advice to all of you: Go to YouTube, find it, watch it!

Now, let me share a few highlights. I talked quite a bit to Sarah's parents again. I absolutely love her mom. She is just the sweetest woman--and again, her memory blows me away as she greeted me with, "Hi, Adrienne" once again. Her dad is hilarious. He introduced me to Sarah's brother, Chuck Heath, Jr., as the one who is always "bouncing a basketball around!" It is no surprise that Sarah is so grounded; her parents are the same way. This is the first time I met Chuck, Jr., but he was also very cool--just a friendly guy. At the end of the picnic when I went to say goodbye to the Heaths, Mrs. Heath said, "Oh, we will see you again." I said, "I know you will." Wonderful people--not just because they're Sarah Palin's parents; they just really are.

I really wanted to see Todd Palin again; I enjoyed talking to him in Auburn, NY, but he wasn't at the Wasilla Picnic (if so, I didn't see him), so I was hoping to get to talk to him again in Fairbanks. I found him, and he came over. We talked a bit about where I had traveled in the state and what I had been doing. He's such a cool guy. I guess that's why they call him the First Dude.

The other person I wanted to see was Meghan Stapleton, Sarah's Spokesperson. She is the one responsible for granting me the opportunity to meet Sarah in New York, for which I am still most grateful. It was great to see her and talk to her. She has my respect because she is such a good friend to Sarah, is so good at speaking up on her behalf, and just stands by her side. I like that in people. It's called loyalty. So many people just want to make a name for themselves. They don't know how to serve others. In fact, they're offended by the term. But I sense something completely different in Meg. I watched her in New York as Governor Palin prepared to speak at City Hall. Meg is, as Sarah says, "Her right-hand man." It was quite hot, and Meg went in and out carrying bottled water to Sarah and everyone else sitting on the steps of City Hall. Now someone else in that situation--if asked to do what Meg was doing--may have thought, Hey, I'm the Spokesperson; that's not my job. But Meghan served. That may have gone unnoticed to some, but that's the kind of thing that jumps out at me. And I remember how that stood out to me that Saturday morning. Maybe it's my Christian faith, but I always view people with servants' hearts as people of incredible power. It's evidenced by how we live our lives, too. I just believe that true humility is something that is revealed in what we do, rather than what we say--and when we can give ourselves to someone else without feeling like we're losing out...well, it's just something special. Whenever I saw Meghan during that weekend, she was serving: getting water, keeping the crowd from devouring Sarah, standing by her side--whatever, she was loyally serving. In a time when service has become a 4-letter word, an insult to egomaniacal self-seekers, Meghan wears it well--in whatever capacity she happens to be serving at that moment. Service should not be something to be shunned. It's something to be embraced. It reveals true character of heart; that's what I see in Meghan. And because I truly care about the governor, that's what I want for her: people who have her best interest at heart, who will walk alongside her with integrity. In this new place in her life that God has brought her to, she needs that more than ever. I would like that opportunity myself; it's something I feel called to, but regardless, I just want Sarah to have people around her who are professional, faithful, and committed--and that's Meghan Stapleton, so I was delighted to talk to her and take a picture with her.

On an interesting note: You will also see pictures of Sarah Palin's dressing room. "How did you get into her dressing room?" you ask. Some things I just can't tell--or I'd have to dispose of you. LOL! Actually it's not that deep--but I ain't telling!

I was interviewed by Fox News today regarding the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, for which I am the Media Director, as well as the New York State Organizer. I've gotten all kinds of texts and tweets from people who saw the interview and said it ROCKED. Unfortunately, it aired before Sarah made her speech, and obviously I was watching the speech and not myself on television, so I missed it. Thanks to SarahNet, however, you can see a few seconds of it here. He placed it into a clip with most of Sarah's speech--right at the beginning. That's all I can get for you guys for now because that's all I even have for me!

After Sarah's speech and Sean Parnell's inauguration, I was on the Eddie Burke radio show briefly and we chatted about the Governor's Picnic. Tomorrow Tracey and I will be in Eddie Burke's studio in Anchorage, where I was a couple weeks ago. Tune in to He will have the new governor, Sean Parnell on at 2:00, and I believe Tracey and I will go on at 3:30. Remember, this is Alaska time. He will also interview by phone another member of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, Kristina, our local organizer in Buffalo, NY.

So I will be going back to...guess where? Wasilla! I brought all my stuff here to Fairbanks, expecting to be here the next couple days and then fly out from here. However, when Eddie Burke asked us to come on the show, well...back to Anchorage for the show, and then back to Wasilla for the night. So now I'm planning to fly out of Anchorage on Tuesday night. I have an open ticket to return from Alaska to Washington, D.C., so I can fly out of anywhere, anyday--as long as I can get a flight! And it gets tricky if I can't because my flight from D.C. to New York is not open--must fly out Tuesday night--or pay to change the reservation. This could get interesting. Maybe I won't go home at all! LOL! Anyway, I will start my day tomorrow being interviewed by Jeff Graham, mayor of Watertown, NY, on his radio show. He interviewed me a couple weeks ago also. Since we are leaving Fairbanks around 7:00 a.m., my interview with the mayor will have to be on the road--except much of the way back to Anchorage has no cell phone service. Uh oh...Just thought of that!

By the way, I still want that one-on-one game with Sarah, and I put my plug in again with her dad! By the way, I didn't have to beat Sarah in basketball to get moose chili. Look at what I tweeted today:
Lynette's hubby made me a gr8 breakfast here in North Pole & afterwards I just HAD 2 have some moose chili! Does this mean I'm an AKn now?!

In conclusion, I am very happy for Sarah Palin. Great things are in store for her, as I have always said. God's plan is HUGE, and I know she will continue to advocate for Alaska and to impact the nation of America--which will impact the nations. Yes, I was completely thrown when Sarah made her announcement on July 3rd, two days after I arrived. But I am also honored to be here as she begins a new phase of her life. I am so proud of her, and I declare and decree over her life that "The best is yet to come."

Here is her tweet sent out a little after the picnic--Sarah Palin style to the core:

Last state twitter. Thank you Alaska! I love you. God bless Alaska. God bless the U.S.A.

Sarah, YOU are so very loved. God bless YOU also.
We now call you Private Citizen Sarah--until we get to call you Commander in Chief.

Now enjoy some pictures. They are scattered and not necessarily in the order of the activities of the picnic.

Above: Pioneer Park entrance

Above: Lynette and I outside park entrance. Lynette is a dear friend and the Fairbanks Organizer for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee.

Above: A whole family of Sarah supporters

Above: Pledge of Allegiance

Above: Look at Trig smiling at his sister, Piper.

Above: More brother and sister

Above: Now it's Mommy's turn to hold lil Trig.

Above and below: Piper is so cute!

Above and below: Governor Palin gives her last speech as Governor of Alaska.

Above: Sean Parnell takes the oath of office while his wife holds the Bible.

Above: Governor Parnell greets the state of Alaska.

Above: Todd Palin and I share a pic.

Above: Meghan Stapleton and I catch a moment together.

Above: People showing their appreciation for Sarah.

Above: This is the way to Governor Palin's dressing room.

Above and below: Sarah's dressing room.

Above: The haters and their pitiful sign seriously outnumbered

Next several pictures: Governor Palin serving food for hours before her speech and Parnell's inauguration

Sarah is always focusing on the person who is speaking to her.

Above: Left to right: Chuck, Jr., Me, Mr. Heath, and Mrs. Heath. I love Sarah's parents' shirts!

Above and below: My interview with Springer of Fox News.


Karen Allen July 27, 2009 at 7:30 AM  

Ya didn't disappoint, Adrienne! Thanks so much for sharing it all.

LoveThatGirl July 27, 2009 at 7:39 AM  

Thank you so much for all these pictures. Your blog is GREAT!
I watched Sarah, and during her speech I CHEERED! APPLAUDED! said AMEN! LAUGHED with her, and AGREED with everything she said.
Sarah is such a godly woman. America will be blessed to have her as President. As True American Patriots we all need to be ready for the call from Sarah. I am ready to campaign for her here in GA. I already have her name on my van. Remember the McCain*Palin stickers, well I took off the McCain and left the *Palin. I also have a PRAYER WARRIORS FOR SARAH PALIN sticker right above the *Palin. I must say I am very proud to show off those stickers everywhere I go. My husband says I have to get a 2012 sticker.
That will be my next sticher purchase, first to SarahPAC.

Adrienne, thanks again for all you are doing for Sarah.
God bless you and have a memorable day. :)
Do me a favor, next time you see Sarah give her a big hug for me and tell her I said America LOVES her.
Blessings, Irma

munchnstuf July 27, 2009 at 8:02 AM  

Another beautiful post, Adrienne. I'm so glad that I found your blog! All of you are such wonderful people and a great blessing to those around you. I'm so very happy for you and thankful for your posts and pictures!

Red and Black July 27, 2009 at 10:13 AM  

Adrienne -
Sarah Palin touched me as she did you. Oh how much our country needs her - and then more like her.

I go to C4P for the facts and news about Gov. Palin. But I go to your site for the heart. If your words touch me as much as they do, they are motivating thousands of others as well.

If God has a greater purpose for Sarah Palin, he has a greater purpose for you as well. Follow your heart and many of us are going to follow you.


P.S. How lucky your students are!

Shane Vander Har July 27, 2009 at 10:35 AM  

Great post Adrienne! The pictures were awesome. I haven't seen that many of the Fairbanks picnic anywhere else. I linked to you in an update on the post I did for this.

Mrsupole July 27, 2009 at 11:02 AM  

Thank you for sharing this with us. Yea, Sarah. So glad to find you through Adrienne, the other Adrienne. Go Sarah! Let us pray and pray for her.

God bless.

Dee Reynolds July 27, 2009 at 11:21 AM  

Thank you for your wonderful post and insights! I know God has a plan for Sarah, God has a plan for you as well. Don't you just love Alaska? I know what you mean about wanting to live there. I'm praying for Sarah and her family everyday. I'll add to that all of her supporters and prayer warriors. Blessings!

Ray July 27, 2009 at 11:30 AM  

The sound bit you see of you is ALL that Fox News aired of you. Also "most of Sarah's speech" is all of the speech that Fox News aired.

Palin Conservative July 27, 2009 at 2:50 PM  

I was so excited to read your thoughts on your experience of being on the front lines of history yesterday and to hear your thoughts on Sarah's awesome speech. As usual, you did not disappoint. Thank you for all of the details, inspiration and of course, excellent photos. It's just so amazing that you were in Alaska when all of this was happening in Sarah's life.

karenfromny July 27, 2009 at 3:08 PM  

Great write up and great pictures. I have been waiting to see them.

I have to agree with you, "Why are the haters there?" Alaska is a great state with a lot of things to do. Go enjoy your state. Go for a run or go hiking. I am sure there is something they can do.

I agree that they are very unhappy people. And unless they are hating someone, they don't know what to do with themselves. It is really a pathetic way of life..

Lipstick July 27, 2009 at 3:26 PM  

Thanks for your post and pics.

I love reading your posts. You are an excellent writer and I feel as though I was there with you experiencing your emotions.

I have safe trip back home.

Adrienne July 27, 2009 at 4:18 PM  

Adrienne - Have you given any thought to actually working for Sarah in some capacity? I'm sure you love teaching but a job with Sarah might be be a "higher calling" for you.

Sarah would be blessed to have such a fine woman on her team.

Just a thought...

Adrienne July 28, 2009 at 1:19 AM  

Adrienne(the other one--LOL!) Of course I have. Wouldn't that be a dream?! I'd leave teaching in a heartbeat to work for Sarah. The question is how to make that happen. I'm trusting God will open any doors He wants opened.

Thank you for the vote of confidence.

Robin's New Song July 28, 2009 at 7:18 PM  

Just wanted to post a comment Sarah made during her announcement to resign, which I found extremely insightful, "don't explain. your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe you anyway."

georgia mom,  July 29, 2009 at 3:13 AM  

Just a sincere and heart-felt request Adrienne:
Please do not call those of us who do not "adore" Sarah Palin, or do not think she is qualified to be President, or do not think she has provided the transparency she promised, "haters." I assure you that I do not hate her, or anyone else. I am a Christian Republican who supported Gov. Palin - until I studied her record as Mayor and Governor. NO HATE HERE - I wish her the best. BTW, great photos - I know your heart is in the right place, and I am hopeful you and Sarah's fans will refrain from the polarizing effect of branding us "haters."

Adrienne July 29, 2009 at 10:12 AM  

georgia mom,

Thank you for commenting. I'm glad the term "hater" doesn't apply to you, but it does apply to some--and its those I refer to as such. So when you see that word here again, please note that I am not applying it to you, but to those to whom it pertains.

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