Proud of my Sarah Palin Shout-Out from Fellow Sarah Supporter

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am finally getting around to some 40 emails that I had not yet opened. Today I was very touched to have found in my inbox the one pasted below. What a pleasant surprise! Steve, I know you encounter a lot of writing about Governor Palin, so for you to point mine out means a whole lot. Thank you so much for the shout out! Go, Sarah!

I've written perhaps 900 blog posts (really!) on Gov. Sarah Palin -- and read perhaps a thousand more. I've never found a better one about Sarah (or about the person who wrote it) than the one linked below by Adrienne Ross. The piece is about getting new supporters for Sarah Palin. The writer is Adrienne Ross, a young Black woman from upstate New York. She captures the spirit of "Palinistas" -- and the riveting appeal of Sarah Heath Palin. Here's the link: (I hope you'll pass it on to friends.)Here's an excerpt from the post:

I was somewhat uncomfortable as the [Black] woman [Obama Supporter], as sweet as she was, looked at me, saying, "Wow!" again and again. I gave her my blog card, and she said she would check it out. Perhaps after reading what I have to say, she will understand Governor Palin's heart--and get to know my heart in the process. Perhaps she will see why I was wearing a pro-Sarah shirt and why I am willing to defend her. Perhaps she, too, will join in at some point. She won't be the first to have a change of heart. Just a few weeks ago, a friend sent me this message after spending some time reading my blog: "Adrienne, what's the deal with Sarah Palin? You've got me curious." I was then able to share a little with her about the governor and her character. Look, that's all I want to do. If I can use the truth to motivate people to learn more on their own, wow, I'm honored and I've done something. Just this week another friend told me that as she read the Time article I posted here with the governor on the cover and saw the accompanying pictures--although she had not been a supporter of Governor Palin previously--something deep stirred within her. She couldn't really explain it because she couldn't really understand it herself, but she admitted that there "IS SOMETHING" about Sarah, something she had never been open to before. This friend and I hadn't communicated for months due to some disagreements regarding my blog, some of which we probably still have, but as she shared what took place within her, she wrote, "I owe you this much." She went on to say that she would now be praying for Sarah. What better response is there?! That is indeed a God-thing--and He used liberal Time magazine! Shhh...Don't tell 'em! LOL!

Steve Maloney
Ambridge, PA

The article can also be read in its entirety here at Motivation: Truth at


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