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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today I left Governor Palin's hometown for good. (Well, for this particular trip). We have been coming and going, Wasilla being home base in between travels, but we have left home base and are rounding the bases now.

I arrived in Valdez a couple hours ago. Tomorrow we'll spend some time here, and I'll get a chance to see the pipeline, which is so important to Alaska, so important to America, and so important in the creation of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee slogan: A New Energy for America. Afterwards, we will head to McCarthy, which promises to be rather interesting. McCarthy has been described to me as something similar to a 3rd world country: for the most part, no plumbing, no electricity, no cell phone service, no Internet, no nothing! Needless to say, it will drive me nuts, I'm sure. McCarthy is very remote. In fact, there are miles and miles of unpaved, gravel roads leading to it. I hear getting a flat tire on the way is to be expected, although I am not going to expect that!

With McCarthy's current state of affairs, it is rather clear that there will be no blog post tomorrow evening. If you can't tweet me or call me, and if I don't respond to text messages, you'll know why. Oh joy! But the scenery, I hear, is out of this world. That, I hope, will make it all worthwhile.

The plan is to spend tomorrow night in McCarthy (without phone or Internet: ARGGGGGGGHHH!), and then head up to Fairbanks, arriving sometime Saturday night. I believe I will be in Fairbanks for the duration of my trip. On the 21st, Lynette, April, and I will be on KJNP television to discuss the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. On the 26th, unrelated to the Committee, we will join Governor Palin at her Governor's Picnic, and at the end of the event, she will turn the reins over to Sean Parnell, for he will be inaugurated as the new governor of Alaska. I imagine that will be bittersweet for Sarah.

Changing topics: Let me share something that happened to me just the other day. I met a Black woman, and she and I began a delightful conversation. She gave me some information about her work and talked to me a bit about how she came to live in Alaska. As I was preparing to leave, she questioned me about my shirt. I happened to be wearing a Team Sarah shirt. I explained to her a little about what Team Sarah is. She said, with mouth and eyes wide open, "You mean the Sarah that's here in Alaska?" I told her yes and shared my personal support of Sarah Palin and my work as the New York State Organizer and Media Director of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. She just stared at me for a while and then said, "Wow!" repeatedly--and I do mean repeatedly. She then said, "I'm...impressed!" But she didn't look impressed. I've been at this long enough to know why, so I said, "You don't look impressed; you look shocked." She said, "I mean, I've just never met anyone who looked like us who was on her team." By "on her team," she meant on her side, supporting her. Her absolute shock continued for some time, and I felt a bit unnerved as she continued to stare at me and voice real disbelief. When she stated...again...that she hadn't seen "one of us" in support of Sarah, I said, "Well, it's about time!" (I do have Black friends who support Governor Palin. As they are believers in God, family, the sanctity of human life, limited government, personal responsibility, and the future of America, of course they support her!) I went on to express my reasons for supporting the governor, and she said, "I believe in all those things, too." Yet although she didn't come right out and say it, I knew she didn't personally support the governor and found it strange that I did. I appreciate, however, the fact that she kept wishing me well in my efforts for Sarah. She went on to say that she believed people should indeed take a stand for whatever they believe in. So even though I could tell she thought it odd that a Black person would respect Governor Palin to the extent that I do, she was respectful that I was willing to make that unpopular stand.

I knew what her beef with Sarah is, although she didn't come out and say it--and it's the same beef I hear often and I deal with on my blog, but she wouldn't come out and say it, so I didn't come out and address it. Now, I'm just going to say it because I've had to deal with it, and although I left a couple of them, I had to delete some comments on this blog this week that got out of hand under the post, "Sarah Palin, Woman of Faith and Prayer." This is the issue: There are people out there who assume Governor Palin doesn't like Black people. This assumption is completely false. It makes me uncomfortable to even discuss it, but it has to be dealt with. Governor Palin will have to deal with it in some way at some point. It's a shame that she has to, but she will have to. And this is a battle that I will fight because I can, and it's one that I can help her win.

Look, I've spent a considerable amount of time in Sarah's hometown, spent time with her family and friends. I've walked the streets of the place that has influenced her, where she grew up and currently resides. I worshipped at the church where she gave her life to God and worshipped for years. I digested the culture of Wasilla. I've met the governor myself before. I've talked to her. She's shaken my hand. She's hugged me. I've talked to her husband and two of her kids. I know what I'm talking about here. Now, I didn't have to do any of these things to know that Sarah Palin is sincere, kind, and respectful--to all. I already knew in my spirit that she was the real deal--a woman of character, a woman of God. I had no doubts along these lines, but when you actually look someone in the eyes, you get a better sense of who they are. When you spend time where they spend time and see the people there--how they treat you, how they smile, how they reach out--it brings it home even more. I know Sarah is who she says she is. I know she sees people as people. I know she doesn't have people divided into groups and segments of society. I support her because what she stands for is right for all America, as I've said before. Yet the misconception continues to loom and continues to find me. Hey, I can take it, and I will take it. I will defend what I know to be true, and if that is my part in helping the governor in her future plans, then so be it. I'll serve in that capacity. I'll do that part.

I was somewhat uncomfortable as the woman, as sweet as she was, looked at me, saying, "Wow!" again and again. I gave her my blog card, and she said she would check it out. Perhaps after reading what I have to say, she will understand Governor Palin's heart--and get to know my heart in the process. Perhaps she will see why I was wearing a pro-Sarah shirt and why I am willing to defend her. Perhaps she, too, will join in at some point. She won't be the first to have a change of heart. Just a few weeks ago, a friend sent me this message after spending some time reading my blog: "Adrienne, what's the deal with Sarah Palin? You've got me curious." I was then able to share a little with her about the governor and her character. Look, that's all I want to do. If I can use the truth to motivate people to learn more on their own, wow, I'm honored and I've done something. Just this week another friend told me through email that as she read the Time article I posted here, the one with the governor on the cover, and saw the accompanying pictures--although she had not been a supporter of Governor Palin previously--something deep stirred within her. She couldn't really explain it because she couldn't really understand it herself, but she admitted that there "IS SOMETHING" about Sarah, something she had never been open to before. This friend and I hadn't communicated for months due to some disagreements regarding my blog, some of which we probably still have, but as she shared what took place within her, she wrote, "I owe you this much." She went on to say that she would now be praying for Sarah. What better response is there?! That is indeed a God-thing--and He used liberal Time magazine! Shhh...Don't tell 'em! LOL!

I want the best public servant for America we could possibly have, and I believe God has called Sarah to be that one. I will work on her behalf to help make it happen. So the bottom line is this: I want to do so much more, but if my support of Governor Palin touches even one life and gains her even one more supporter, I am most proud and humbled to have served.


Jessica Steele,  July 17, 2009 at 3:08 AM  

awesome! Love your blogs! I was so nice to meet you up here in Wasilla Alaska! So glad you came up here! :)

Adrienne July 17, 2009 at 3:23 AM  


I am so glad I came to Wasilla, too--and so glad to meet you. Wasilla is imprinted on my heart, and I believe I will be back soon.

Keep hookin' up Governor Palin's hair. You always have her looking sharp, girl!

God bless you.

Jan Parrish July 17, 2009 at 3:39 AM  

Love your blog. I recently wrote a series of article on Sarah Palin and am astounded by the barrage of hate!

Please keep Sarah Palin and her family in your prayers. Why the GOP kicked Sarah Palin to the curb -

I'm following you on Twitter now. You can follow me @boldandfree

Blessings, Jan

Adrienne July 17, 2009 at 3:53 AM  

Thank you, Jan. I'm following you now on Twitter.

And yes, it is my joy and mandate to keep the Palins lifted up in prayer without fail.

LoveThatGirl July 17, 2009 at 9:36 AM  

Thank you so much for this article. I do believe God is accomplishing His work through you. This woman you encountered was there because God is trying to reach her. By your description of her response, maybe deep down inside of her she loves Sarah, she doesn't know why, can't understand why this feeling is there, just that it is there. God placed you there at that particular day and time for her to see you. Yes, a Black women to Black women, both believing in the same thing, yet supporting two TOTALLY DIFFERENT people. You chose a godly woman and she chose a black man. God is working in her heart and giving her the courage to STAND UP FOR SARAH. God sees the heart and He knows this woman by name. God placed you there so she could see that she will not be alone in supporting Sarah. The media she is watching is feeding her lies. Now she has seen with her own eyes that yes, there are many Black, Brown, White, all races supporting Sarah. We know that society has a lot to do with the way people think and act. Blacks, White, Hispanics, you name the race and you will see that one either feels superior or inferior to the other which leads to Hate, yes, I said it Hate. People cannot see the Good or Bad some are doing to this Country because of the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN. The people of this country know all the good Sarah has done for Alaska, yet many have chosen Color over Accomplishments. We both know that satan is the father of all lies and when you are fed enough lies for a long time you begin to belive those lies. We must set the record straight. I am Hispanic/Spanish but FIRST AND FOREMOST I AM A PROUD CHRISTIAN AMERICAN. I say Christian because I love God FIRST. I don't care if people call me a racist or hypocrite because I am not here to please them, I am here to please GOD. For He is my Creator and my hope is in Him. I love Sarah and I will continue to support her financilly, spiritually, and phyically by campaigning for her if she decides to become President of the United States of America. I do this NOT because of her gender, or race, I do it to please God. He has placed this mission on my heart and with His lead I will follow. No one on this earth will stop me from accomplishing the work He has blessed and entrusted me to do. I know you feel the same way.

So Adrienne, God has blessed and entrusted you with a mission, I will be praying for you and for those you encounter. May God open their eyes to reveal the TRUTH about Sarah Palin and her precious family. May their heart become filled with love for her, that they cannot contain it and whereas they must go out and tell others. May the love for Sarah become like a raging fire consuming all who hear her name or look upon her. May they be bless as they support and defend Sarah, Todd and their precious family.
God bless Sarah, Todd and their precious family in the name of Jesus.

Denise July 17, 2009 at 12:53 PM  

Another nice post, Adrienne. I'm so glad that you were able to work on this person's mind. Maybe you will get an email from her soon that she is now seeing things differently. Looking forward to working with you on 2012DSC.

kid July 18, 2009 at 8:32 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Adrienne July 19, 2009 at 3:05 AM  


I'm not interested in your blog. I don't care how you handle your business over there. I'm not controlled by your opinion, and I've had enough of your ridiculous tactics.

I wish you well.

Rightmindedmom August 2, 2009 at 8:32 PM  

Adrienne -- As a long-time Team Sarah member, I admire your activism on that site, but until this weekend, had never gone to your blog. All I can say is, TERRIFFIC!

Your insight about Sarah being chosen by God for "such a time as this" has been my belief from the time John McCain picked her to be his runningmate on 8/29/08. John McCain didn't win, but God's plan was to use McCain to introduce Sarah to all of us, and use her to be the alternative to the Socialist programs of Obama and his cohorts.

I was thrown by her resigning as Governor, and it took me a few days to process and understand it. But now I understand that she's FREE to support other conservative candidates, FREE to write her book, FREE to fight against crippling energy "cap and tax" laws, FREE to fight against Obamacare. She's FREE to fight against the Left, who I believe have dark forces behind them. George Soros, David Axelrod, and Obama himself are NOT Godly men. Sarah has been sent by God to fight against these forces in the "arena of ideas", as Rush Limbaugh calls it.

Anonymous,  August 13, 2009 at 11:48 AM  

Um, just a question that I have after studying our political system in civics this past school year: do you think Sarah Palin would have done a good job, as vice president to John McCain, of helping keep church separate from state? Many people on the Internet (in blogs, which of course are not the most reliable sources) feel that keeping religion and politics separate is important, yet they want their leaders to be guided by religious morals, generally in the form of Christianity. So what I am basically asking is do you think separation of church and state is more important, or is it better to have a leader who is religious and who uses religion as a guide of sorts?

Thank you!

Adrienne August 14, 2009 at 7:45 PM  


Thank you for your question. To be upfront, what I really want to see is an honest interpretation of the so-called "separation of church and state," which cannot be found in our documents as such--nor was there ever any intention to remove God from our affairs. It was to keep the government from forcing a particular religion on people. So the desire wasn't to keep the church out of government, but to keep the government out of the church! I want to see that kind of honesty. To remove God from our foundation is the antithesis of what this country was founded on.

As for Sarah Palin, yes, I believe she would have done a good job as vice president in every way she would have needed to--as I believe she will do a very good job as president starting in January of 2013.

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