Exposing and Disarming Palin Divorce Rumor (includes pictures)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Here they go again biting on Sarah's ankles. You know who Sarah is: the one they call a nobody, insignificant, the one they hope will run in 2012 so they can walk all over her, the one who is too unintelligent, too small-town, and too cute to ever be a legitimate political threat. Yes, that Sarah Palin: the same one they can't stop talking about, are scared to death of, and intent on destroying because everything she is reminds them of everything they wish they were but lack the courage to be. Now that she is no longer the governor of Alaska and the non-ethical complaints have come to a screeching halt, they must find a new avenue to try to annihilate her. Surely you didn't think it was over, did you? Surely you didn't trust that the people who attacked her religious beliefs, her oldest daughter, her youngest son, and her character would resign from their hellish assignment on July 26th. Oh, surely you are smarter than that. They can't stop because they're still scared, still lusting after her ankles, and still desperate in their attempt to get rid of her. So what now?

Well, now they're attacking her marriage. Oh yeah, the new rumor states that Sarah has left Todd and that this is why she resigned. The new rumor says that they weren't speaking to each other at her farewell speech in Fairbanks. You can read the rumor here and here. Meghan Stapleton, Sarah's spokesperson, issued a response to the rumor today:

"Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story. There is no truth to the recent “story” (and story is the correct term for this type of fiction) that the Palins are divorcing. The Palins remain married, committed to each other and their family, and have not purchased land in Montana (last week it was reported to be Long Island).

Less than one week ago, Governor Palin asked the media to “quit making things up.” We appreciate that the more professional journalists decided to question this story before repeating it."

Meg Stapleton

Sarah dealt with the rumor this way:

"Divorce Todd? Have you SEEN Todd? I may be just a renegade hockey mom, but I'm not blind!"

These people are relentless. It is a sad, sad tale when you are so filled with hatred and fear that you will stop at nothing. They don't care where Sarah Palin fails; they just want her to fail, even if that means making things up--and that's what they've had to do. Because she is a woman of great integrity, they have had to resort to things like this. They don't know what to do with themselves. They're so used to being able to point out people's weaknesses because those weaknesses are often oozing from them. Sarah, although not perfect, really does walk in integrity and character, making it awfully hard on those who choose to see the worst in people--and usually find it rather easily. They feast off of these things, and Sarah makes that hard for them. So they do what desperate haters do: make things up. Isn't this what she told them in her farewell speech? Didn't she implore them to "Quit making things up"?

So now they have made up that she and Todd are divorcing, and she's moving to Montana with the kids. Why is this so absurd? What's the big deal? Don't people divorce all the time? What makes them so special? Check out what I tweeted earlier when I heard the rumor:
About divorce rumors: Anyone who has been in the presence of Todd and Sarah, and has seen them look at each other, knows this is nonsense.

It's true. This couple loves each other. Todd is a man who both loves and is in love with his wife. It's the same for Sarah. She adores her husband. And that, my friends, is part of the reason for the rumor. Look, some rumors come out and are reported with a certain sadness. Other rumors, like this one, are reported by people with a giddiness and excitement at the thought that what they are saying might be true. There are people who want the rumor to be true. Why? In my interview Thursday with conservative radio talk show host, David Lee of http://www.101wyde.com/, we discussed why Sarah is so hated. We got on the topic of Sarah as a wife and mom. And we hit the nail on the head. Many people on the Left see Sarah as a slap in the face of today's woman. As I stated Thursday, "Sarah honors her husband." Unfortunately, some regard this as a weakness. They are offended by what what they deem anti-feminism on her part. Sarah, however, knows that honoring her husband is a godly thing, a righteous thing, even a powerful thing. She is indeed a wife who honors her husband--unapologetically.

You would think the Left would see in Sarah the same qualities they herald. After all, she is a strong woman who was raised by strong parents who expected the girls to do what the guys did. She hunted, worked, played sports. She wasn't given a pass in rugged Alaska. So when it came time to pave her way in politics, she just did what she had always done: she went for it--never using her gender as an excuse to whine or be pampered. Sarah Palin has worked hard to get where she is. Yes, that part fits into the Left's definition of a strong woman. So what's the problem? 1) They expect that kind of woman to be a Democrat and 2) They are offended that she has come so far while simultaneously submitting to Todd and proudly loving her five beautiful children. Even the word "submitting" rubs them the wrong way. It's so...archaic, they think. And FIVE kids? Why, that's so...domestic. And be not deceived: The fact that she is drop-dead gorgeous after having those five children bugs the snot out of them, believe me! It would suit their agenda well if Sarah and Todd went their separate ways.

A problem for the haters, however, is something else they attack--and that is that not only are Todd and Sarah submitted to one another; they are submitted to God. I spoke of this in Thursday's interview as well. Sarah Palin loves her God, which is the driving force behind her ability to love her husband. No matter what, in Sarah's decision-making, she constantly says, "If God opens the door...if it's good for my family...if it's good for me..." She's all about God and family. As her family and friends in Alaska say pertaining to anything Sarah might do, "Only God and Todd know!"

But from a personal perspective, back to my tweet...

I have had the privilege of being in the presence of this couple over the course of three days in New York in June and most recently in Alaska. When they look at each other, the love is evident. The suggestion that they were not talking in Fairbanks is absurd. On the platform, in one sweet moment, Sarah and Todd reached for one another and sat there holding hands. I was too slow with the camera to catch a picture of the hand-holding, but I did get a picture of his hand on her leg and another with his hand on her waist at the close of the ceremony. In that second picture, I somehow didn't get Todd, Sarah, and Trig's face. I managed to get a picture of their midsection only. Perhaps that wasn't a mistake at all, as it clearly shows Todd's hand. Concerning this, I tweeted earlier:
My blog will have a pic I took at Fairbanks picnic of Todd & Sarah. Rumor says they weren't talking 2 each other?! Well, they were touching!
Certainly doesn't look like a couple that wants nothing to do with one another. Take a look; then read on.

During my time of talking to Todd at the picnic, he was standing behind the ropeline and was not serving food where Sarah was, but was a ways down in seeing distance of her, no doubt watching over her.

In New York, I was in the presence of these two for three days, and I could see their interactions. If they don't love each other...well, I hope for someone to not love me as much some day!

"A picture is worth a thousand words," they say. So enjoy some pictures from Alaska and New York. As you do so, notice how close Todd and Sarah are, how they look at each other, and how Todd looks at his wife as she does what she does. Like I said, if they don't love each other, I pray to one day not be loved so much! Now, tell me you buy into the rumor that this is a couple headed for divorce. Please! The media will have to come up with something else--and they will--because this divorce thing is not going to fly. And although we understand that their intense hatred, jealousy, and fear of Sarah Palin have led them to this new rumor, it's still low, it's still pathetic, and it still screams, "Help! I have Palin Derangement Syndrome!"

Besides, at this time, in this economy, isn't it rather foolish to waste the ink it took to print these lies on someone as "insignificant" as Sarah Palin. Hmmm...

The pictures below are ones that I took myself. I saw the love first-hand.

The last two pictures are ones that I did not take. See the love?!

God bless the Palins, and may their marriage always be firmly founded on His love.


J Sawyer August 1, 2009 at 11:17 PM  

Beautiful post from a godly woman. Very nice. Great pix!!

Emi Ragan August 1, 2009 at 11:19 PM  

WONDERFUL! I love it. And I love her quote back. :) Great blog!

Sheila,  August 1, 2009 at 11:44 PM  

All I can do is just chuckle. The world is insane. I loved her saying "Have you seen Todd?" Seriously folks.

A August 1, 2009 at 11:57 PM  

Well said.

Here is a tiny movie of the lovebirds holding hands while the Lt. Gov. was sworn in. Look very carefully. Keep looking. It replays.


Adrienne August 1, 2009 at 11:59 PM  

THAT'S the picture I was trying to get while watching, but I was too slow with my camera! Yes, it was very, very sweet.

munchnstuf August 2, 2009 at 12:54 AM  

In light of that wonderful post, Adrienne, I would like to dedicate the following song to Todd Palin and his beautiful Juliet....


oneXSturtle (LindaW) August 2, 2009 at 2:04 AM  

Thanks for sharing the experience. Yes, you can see the spark when they look at each other. They have great chemistry.

As tweeted before, I remember seeing the KTUU live stream of the farewell ceremony and she went for his hand and he grabbed it and held it. They were sitting side by side. It was cute.

oneXSturtle (LindaW) August 2, 2009 at 2:06 AM  

The link above from A was exactly what I saw. :)

oneXSturtle (LindaW) August 2, 2009 at 2:06 AM  

She even thanked him for his support during her farewell address.

Adrienne August 2, 2009 at 2:52 AM  

Of course! Their love is sincere.

Kristina August 2, 2009 at 10:19 AM  

Like you said...when being in the presence of Todd and Sarah, you totally feel the connection that they have with one another--that's what I experienced in NY and I know you did too, as well as in AK. I mentioned this in my blog as well: http://inspirationsarah.blogspot.com/

JoeTheMom August 2, 2009 at 11:25 AM  

I was disappointed at Palin's resignation but I soon after realized that one of the reasons I like her so much is that she is unconventional and seems to break all the rules...

I had a feeling this would be a rumor that would emerge, after all, women can't have it all, right? (Note my sarcasm, please) A double standard, to be sure.

If there were some truth that the marriage is strained, the Palins would be no different than any other American family. And if they were to divorce I wouldn't think any less of Sarah Palin. That said I hope they are still blissfully in love, as some of your photos show.

Adrienne August 2, 2009 at 11:58 AM  

We expect only the best...absolutely.

BostonBruin August 2, 2009 at 3:30 PM  

Great post Adrienne! One thing that was absurd that was mentioned as "suspicious" was that Sarah wasn't wearing her wedding band at the picnics. She has stated in the past that she doesn't wear the ring when she knows she'll be shaking a lot of hands! Ouch! Makes sense for people who use their brain!

BostonBruin August 2, 2009 at 3:33 PM  

Think Sarah will still refer to Todd as the "First Dude"? You betcha!

Greg August 2, 2009 at 7:58 PM  

Nice write-up. Be sure to watch "Ethicsgate" it shows the close working relationship between the anti-Palin bloggers, the "ethics" complaint filers, and the AK dem party. Jean Davon (Mudflats and former TS troll,) has been trying to suppress this video for a few days now. She was successful at first, but now even YouTube has it back up, and several other blogs are posting it as well.

Interesting how the MSM will bite on anything that the anti-Palin bloggers put up, but will not mention or even touch this well documented video.


Reaganite Republican August 3, 2009 at 8:07 PM  

Great post-n-pix Adrienne... thanks!

Anybody who had a hand in spreading the recent Palin divorce rumor is a tool- and should be ashamed of themselves. Talk about desperate- hard watching the Dear Leader tank so fast, I guess.

But this weekend's mischeiviously planted Palin divorce rumor might turn out to be a real can-of-worms for Team Obama and the DNC. First off, bloggers promptly uncovered the source of the false Palin divorce rumor as anti-Palin blogger (Immoral Minority) and kindergarten teacher Jessie Griffin of Anchorage. Mr Griffin is now being put up against the wall... served the sort of documents by Palin attorneys that tend to focus-the-mind.

Now we have news that ties together numerous Alaskan Democratic operatives, DNC-affiliated bloggers, and those behind the filing the 15+ frivolous ethics lawsuits against Palin directly to Barack Obama's crew of political racketeers- including Senior White House Advisor Pete Rouse.

Mr Rouse has deep political ties to Alaska, still votes in Juneau on an absentee ballot, but has an office that sits between Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod... clearly part of the president's inner circle. Rouse's best friend in Alaska -State Senator Kim Elton- is the one who filed the ludicrous Troopergate case during the presidential election.

Things that make you go hmmm-


LoveThatGirl August 3, 2009 at 9:45 PM  

for these obamafollowingfools to have stooped so low they are no longer just scared, they are not TERRIFIED, they are SHAKING WHILE THEY BLOG, they CAN'T SLEEP thinking she will go BUMP in the night, EAT thinking they might CHOKE IF THEY SEE HER COMING THEIR WAY, DRIVE without LOOKING IN THEIR REARVIEW MIRROR. They are TERRIFIED OF SARAH and TODD. They are hoping, wishing, crossing their fingers, and tossing pennies in the pond thinking that Yes this one will get her. What they don't realize is that She is anointed and she is in God's hands, so is Todd and their precious family.
We know the truth behind all their shenanigans, soon they will be running like the pigs in the Bible straight into the lake, and yes if Sarah and Todd are fishing they will fish them out. They won't let these pigs drown, execpt they are so afraid of her and Todd that they may refuse their help in fear of getting eaten.
I eat therefore I fish. ;)
God bless you Adrienne,
Blessings, Irma

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