Obama, Follow Joe Wilson's Example and Apologize

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let me be clear. Joe Wilson's "You lie!" outburst was not appropriate during President Obama's address last night. I don't think anyone would defend it. However, I think there are many people who would agree with what he said. In fact, people have been saying for weeks that this Health Care Bill will allow illegal aliens to be covered, abortions to be provided, and health care to be rationed. How the president mangages to continue denying this leaves some scratching their heads. Perhaps Joe Wilson just reached his maximum and blew his top. It's not right, shouldn't have been done, but that doesn't mean he wasn't accurate.

It's the irony of it all that stands out to me. Wilson's out-of-order accusation came only after an out-of-order accusation by the president himself. Perhaps this is a case of simply reaping what you sow, or as some people say, "What goes around comes around."

Did you see Nancy Pelosi and President Obama's faces when Wilson's voice boomed through the room? Pelosi gave him what Neil Cavutto called the Death Stare, and Obama looked to me like he had to remind himself that he wasn't on the streets of Chicago where people sometimes handle such accusations in a less than civil manner.

Joe Wilson's outburst lacked professionalism and respect. But wait a minute. Did the President of the United States not call Sarah Palin a liar immediately prior? Should he not know that the manner in which he referred to her and to others who are not in agreement with his Bill is anything but professional? What was he seeking to accomplish?

Over at the Huffington Post, Paul Begala wrote it this way:

I loved Pres. Obama's speech. It rallied dispirited Democrats, reassured disenchanted independents and intimidated Republicans. He called a lie a lie, and pledged to call out the right-wing thugs if (well, when) they continue lying.

I'm not sure who Begala thinks the president intimidated. Clearly, Joe Wilson wasn't intimidated, and surely Governor Palin is not intimidated, for she came right back with another Facebook note.

The President can keep making unsupported assertions, but until he directly responds to the arguments I’ve made, I’m going to call him out too.

Does this sound like someone who is intimidated?

I dare say that Joe Wilson's behavior, rude as it was, was no worse than the President of the United States using his address to try to scare those who disagree with him into silence and conformity. He not only promised to "call out" those people, but he pinpointed Governor Palin, whom he referred to as a "prominent politican." He coined her concerns about health care as "laughable," "cynical," and "irresponsible." He attempted to put her comments to rest by asserting, "It is a lie, plain and simple." Governor Palin isn't intimidated, but the president certainly sounds like he's guilty of what Begala attributes to Republicans: thuggery.

It is completely inappropriate for the leader of the free world to continue to refer to and attack a private citizen through sneaky back door comments. It is worse to call her a liar, which is exactly what President Obama called Governor Palin last night.

Make no mistake; Joe Wilson did the right thing by issuing an apology for following the president's accusations with "You lie." It's time President Obama followed Joe Wilson's apology with one of his own. I'm sure Governor Palin would graciously accept--and then work with him on tort reform.


Bobbie September 10, 2009 at 11:20 PM  

I agree with you wholeheartedly! Here is what I said to Obama in an email today:
President Obama - You may not have to live by this man's rules, but the American people would. It is my opinion that you do not really care for the American people. I am also convinced that if you continue showing disdain for the American people and America, you will continue to have problems in your administration, clear example, Van Jones. I truly do not think you want this administration riddled with one problem after another as you have had since you came into office. "We The People" are speaking loud and clear and it does NOT appear that you are listening. The U. S. Constitution is our "bible" for this Country. I know that you do not like this document, but understand that "We The People" DO like it. This administration is trying to "force" madness upon "We The People" and We are not happy. You will not end up being happy if you continue your current path. Being elderly, I feel I can speak frankly which is exactly what I am doing. To quote an old adage, "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you". Believe me, continuing the current path, is forever shame for you. Do you want that legacy for your children?

You advised us to "call you to task". Sir, consider that done. Now, how are you going to handle it?
I just couldn't quit!!

Sheryl M. Smith,  September 13, 2009 at 11:15 AM  


I think you'll blog is awesome! I'm just wondering what your views are on abstinence-only education in schools? Do you agree with Sarah Palin that methods of birth control should not be taught and we should only cover the abstinence option? Also, what are your views on the morning after pill? Do you believe it to be abortion?

Again, congratulations on your dedication to a fine cause!

Adrienne Ross September 13, 2009 at 2:59 PM  


Thank you. I am glad you like this blog.

As for abstinence-only education, I do not speak for Sarah Palin. In fact, there has been some misinformation promoted out there about her stand on this issue. Her record on it has been misquoted and misrepresented. So I will not attempt to speak for her on that.

I will speak for myself, however, and say that I do not believe it is a school's job to teach about birth control in the classroom, showing kids how to use condoms, etc. In my opinion, that is not their place. Families and faiths should be the authority in this area. I am a proponent of abstinence until marriage--period. God's Word is right, and His way works. If a school delves into discussions of sexuality, as far as I'm concerned, abstinence is what they should be promoting.

The morning after pill? No. Because it may take effect after conception, and life begins at the moment of conception, I do not advocate it at all.

What I do advocate are married couples loving each other, having a healthy love life, and trusting God for their lives and families.

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