Fox News Exposes AP's Bias; Quotes Me

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Robert Shaffer at wrote an article exposing the bias of the Associated Press' assigning 11 so-called fact checkers to Sarah Palin's new book. They did not do so for President Obama's book, Vice President Biden's book, or Hillary Clinton's book, among others. But they have taken a break from the important issues of the day to make sure a private citizen isn't misleading the American people in her Going Rogue memoir. How kind of them.

Reviewing books and holding public figures accountable is at the core of good journalism, but the treatment Palin's book received appears to be something new for the AP. The organization did not review for accuracy recent books by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, then-Sen. Joe Biden, either book by Barack Obama released before he was president or autobiographies by Bill or Hillary Clinton. The AP did more traditional news stories on those books.

Imagine that. Sarah Palin being treated differently than others well-known figures. Who would have thought?

Shaffer interviewed me for this article, and I spoke frankly of their agenda.

Palin supporters believe 11 reporters poring over every word of her book is excessive- and further proof of the media's obsession and maltreatment of the hockey mom from Wasilla.

"They're obsessed with trying to discredit her," said Adrienne Ross, New York state organizer for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. "Because she's a conservative woman, they make fun of her accent, comment about her looks. She doesn't come in the package they want her to come in."

Read the entire article, "AP Turns Heads for Devoting 11 Reporters to Palin Book 'Fact Check'" here.


Ron B November 18, 2009 at 10:44 PM  

Adrienne. I saw that quote and said Go Adrienne!
I got Ms. Palin's book yesterday and will spend the weekend reading it....not fact checking it!

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