Palin to President: Make the Right Decision

Monday, November 30, 2009

War is hell. I cannot wait until we finish the jobs in both Afghanistan and Iraq and return our troops to their families. Our soldiers are fighting a worthy cause, however. They deserve to be supported and protected. They deserve to be provided whatever it takes to win in these wars against terror.

The nation has been waiting to hear from President Obama about whether or not he will honor General McChrystal's request for more troops in Afghanistan, and that response has been a long time coming. Several days ago, we were told that the announcement would be made a few days after Thanksgiving. Now that the turkey leftovers are gone and the White House guests have left, the President is set to make an announcement Tuesday. We await his decision. We could do without the formal, televised announcement; we just want him to make the right decision.

While waiting--too long--for the President to make a move, I've declared, "Either give our soldiers what it takes to win--or bring them home!" Governor Palin quotes Harold B. Estes in her recent Facebook note, and he expresses that same common sense sentiment (emphasis added).

If We're In It, Let's Win It

As Thanksgiving festivities wind down we contemplate all we have to be thankful for as free Americans! We head into the Christmas season wishing for leadership in Washington that reflects our commitment to the values and ideals that have built the freest and most prosperous and generous nation on earth.

Heading into December and Tuesday’s announcement of our nation’s strategy in Afghanistan, I ask the President to reassure us that the administration is in this War on Terror to win.

And I’ll pass along the following from Harold B. Estes, a 95-year-old member of the Greatest Generation: “I realize you never served in the military and never had to defend your country with your life, but you’re the Commander-in-Chief now, son. Do your job. When your battle-hardened field General asks you for 40,000 more troops to complete the mission, give them to him. But if you’re not in this fight to win, then get out.”

Thank you, Mr. President. Please tell us on Tuesday that America is in it to win.

- Sarah Palin

PS: You can read Mr. Estes' complete letter here.


Love That Lady November 30, 2009 at 8:44 AM  

Sarah has it correct.
Apparently Obama is in it WAY OVER his HEAD. Not having any kind of previous Executive Experience is coming out LOUD and CLEAR. He doesn't have the courage to do the right thing for our troops and for America. Being the narcissist that he is he must go on TV to announce his decision. What a bunch of bologna. He must think that if we "see" him we will somehow agree with him, he has become the laughing stock of the West. No leader in the world takes him serious, he is a wuss and Americans are FED UP with his indecisiveness. I pray we can keep the United States of America from being completely destroyed before Sarah has the opportunity to get our Nation back on the right track, back to Prosperity, Enery Independence, and National Security.
Blessings, Irma
Prayer Warriors for Sarah Palin

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