Sarah Palin: Multi-Part Interview with Barbara Walters

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What an incredibly busy time for Governor Palin. There will certainly be no shortage of things to report now that her book tour is in full swing.

The most recent segment with Barbara Walters holds a special place in the governor's heart for a very good reason: it involves Sarah's precious gift from God, Trig, and other special needs children.

Via Facebook:

Multi-Part Interview with Barbara Walters

Had a great conversation today with Barbara Walters regarding America’s special needs community. Her compassion for those who some in our society see as “less than perfect” comes from personal experience as she was so close to her sister. Barbara wrote lovingly about her sister in her #1 bestselling memoir titled, Audition. Barbara and I even attempted to interview Trig during this segment, but he was about as patient through the interview as any other one-and-a-half-year-old child! I appreciate Barbara highlighting America’s special needs community. The beautiful heart of our country shines when we embrace these precious ones. Knowing of their unconditional love and need for our embrace reminds me every day of what really matters in this world.

- Sarah Palin


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