Buy Wall Street Journal's #1 Best-Seller: Going Rogue

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Congratulations to Governor Palin whose memoir continues to rock the world of non-fiction literature.

Going Rogue is #1 on the Wall Street Journal Best-Sellers List for Nonfiction.

If you have yet to purchase the book, get going on Going Rogue! You'll see why it's #1 on so many lists. I just bought another one today as a Christmas present. That's four total and probably more to come. Two are autographed--one autographed with a personal message the Governor wrote to me, and the other I gave to a friend. I also have one unautographed copy, which is the one I read, and the other one I gave as a present today. So I encourage you to buy it and read it, but if you've read it already, buy it for someone else. There's nothing like hearing someone's story in her own words. I think it's what we call "unfiltered."
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