Rochester Going Rogue Egg-Man Tells His Story

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yesterday a man attempted to hit Governor Palin with tomatoes at her book signing at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. He missed by a mile, hitting a police officer instead, which got him arrested. Read the story here.

Though some have made jokes of the incident, I don't find it funny at all. This wasn't the first time during the Going Rogue book tour that some coward has attempted to show his aversion for the Governor by firing some food item at her.

Upon my return from the Rochester book signing, I shared my account of how a man entered Borders shortly after she left, voiced disappointment that he had arrived too late, and then hurled eggs at a display of her books. The yolk splattered on me, and the Egg-Man was then apprehended by the police. Read that blog post and see the pictures here.

Egg-Thrower, who had stated that he let his emotions take over, apologized several times for splattering me with eggs and offered to pay my cleaning bill. Clearly, he was not sorry for the real offense: his intent to allow his insane hatred to cause the Governor embarrassment, if not actual harm. This is obvious by the article he wrote, which was published in The Buffalo Beast.

I park behind an Uno’s Pizza joint and make my way on foot. Hmm… no deluded zealots, and no patchouli-soaked hippies. Am I too late? I march past the door. The place is a wretched mess. Many people are milling about, but it seems like the end. There’s a news van outside and a woman appears to be giving an interview. I ask a clerk what happened here. “Sarah Palin” was her response. I ask if she’s gone. “Yes.” I’m only minutes late. My hand goes for the egg in my pocket. “I’m sorry I missed her,” I say. In one motion, the egg is out and I’m pitching it full force at a pyramid of Palin books. In slow motion I see the oblong, white missile fly true towards its mark. The egg loudly smashes into Palin’s grinning, idiot face, and chicken menses splatters the entire pyramid.


Next, a small herd of people gather around me. A black woman, whom I thought to be a reporter when I saw her in Borders, is front and center. Maybe she’ll take my story and turn this sad and ridiculous fiasco into something worthwhile. Wrong. Each of the crowd is holding Palin books, including my imagined African American savior. They are pissed Palin pals, and apparently, I’d gotten them with egg. The woman complains that she was up since 3 am for Sarah, and now she has to change her clothes. I receive multiple dirty looks and lectures. I graciously offer to pay their dry cleaning bills, but they represent the Party of No and predictably rebuff my generosity. I give them my reasons, and they warn me not to believe the “lame media” conspiracy against Sarah. To them, any facts are mere fabrications of a media conspiracy. We are no longer able to reason together, as they’ve discarded rational thought as a trapping of liberalism. I’m lucky Sarah’s not here, they vaguely threaten. I imagine a helicopter swooping out of the sky and a crazed, grinning Palin blasting me with a high-powered rifle, like so much helpless endangered wildlife.

You can read the rest of the article here, but be prepared to be annoyed if you expect to find even a hint of remorse in his words. In spite of damaging over $800.00 worth of books, "I still don't care," he wrote. And why should he? According to him, he received a huge discount from the store and was smiling and yapping it up with Borders employees and Rochester police officers. Yeah, that ought to teach him!

I still cannot figure out how it is that conservatives are coined as hateful, intolerant souls when it seems that Liberals are the ones who go on the attack whenever someone doesn't agree with them and won't sit down and shut up. I've said a million times that nobody has to agree with anybody; that's life. If a person doesn't like Governor Palin, he is entitled to that. But when that dislike turns into entering a public place and trying to assault her, it's crossed way over the line.

I chose not to bring charges against the man in Rochester, but I'm glad this Minnesota character was thrown--at least temporarily--in the slammer. A loud and clear message needs to be sent to miscreants who feel they have a right to take pot-shots at her--or anyone else.

Do these incidents embolden others? First eggs, now tomatoes. No, not funny.

Following the incident, the Governor tweeted the following (emphasis added):

Finishing up great MN event w great Americans who r geared up 4 Christmas;as w everywhere we traveled, staff&security have been outstanding

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Gina December 8, 2009 at 6:58 PM  

What a sad little man. Love how he instantly prejudged your views based on your race.

redshoes2012 December 8, 2009 at 8:19 PM  

Adrienne, we read with much dismay about that egg incident from Ron Devito's posts. We both had a response about it but good. What a selfish loser! I was glad in Virginia to see that Sarah had a security detail around her on her book tour. Somebody needs to tell these lame jerks this is a book tour not a political campaign.

Love That Lady December 9, 2009 at 11:44 AM  

Adrienne,these sad, miserable people blame everything on conservatives, mainly because they choose not to look at the Truth that is staring them straight in the face.

I love God's word, especially this scripture when it come to those who try to hurt Sarah in any way, form or fashion.
"And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they will know that I am the Lord, when I lay my vengeance upon them."
Ezekiel 25:17

God bless, Sarah, Todd, Track, Bristol, Willow, Trig, and Trip in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Blessings, Irma
Prayer Warriors for Sarah Palin

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