Monday, March 30, 2009

Tuesday, March 31st, is Red Envelope Day. In case you haven't heard about it, this is the day where you mail a red envelope to President Obama. This solitary act is a statement to the president about the value of human life. Thousands upon thousands of people will be participating in this simple act to express our heartfelt stand against abortion. Love him or not, no one can deny that President Obama is a radical extremist when it comes to abortion "rights." His Senate voting record made this clear, as he would not even vote to provide children born alive after a botched abortion with health care. His comments during his presidential campaign also spoke to his views, once when he said it was "above [his] pay grade" to know when life began, and another time when he said if one of his daughters got pregnant, he would advocate abortion because he "wouldn't want her punished with a baby." And, of course, now that he is the president, he has pushed his pro-abortion agenda by repealing a Bush anti-abortion act and surrounding himself with staff members who are perhaps even more extreme than he is when it comes to abolishing life--and that's saying something.

BUT President Obama also said that he believed that "common ground" could be reached in the abortion debate. So let's take him at his word. Let's give him an opportunity to prove that he really is interested in hearing from the multitudes of Americans who want to be heard on this issue, who are seriously saddened and concerned about the loss of innocent life that comes as a result of abortion. Red Envelope Day is that opportunity.

In case you're asking yourself--as we all sometimes do--"What good will this do?" let me ask you a question: "What good has doing nothing done?" Exactly! So you might as well change tactics and take a stand. I'll go one step further. Let's imagine the worst case scenario. Let's imagine that nothing we ever do for the sake of the unborn ever amounts to anything and we totally lose this battle. Wouldn't you rather go down fighting? I would. I pray for the day that abortion will be eradicated. That is the cry of my heart. But I tell you what: No matter what happens tomorrow, or next year, or 50 years from now, if nothing ever works in favor of the pro-life movement, I am one warrior who will not be going down without a fight.

If you don't have a red envelope, do what I did: Buy a .99 Thank You card that has a red envelope accompanying it--and there you go! And if worse comes to worse, color a white envelope with a red crayon or marker! It's worth it, isn't it?

All you have to do is mail your red envelope to:
President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington , D.C. 20500

On the back of the envelope, write:
This envelope represents one child who died because of an abortion. It is empty because the life that was taken is now unable to be a part of our world. Responsibility begins with conception.

Mail your envelope on Tuesday, March 31st.



Tuesday's Special Election: Jim Tedisco for Congress

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tuesday is the special election to decide whether Jim Tedisco or Scott Murphy will replace Kirsten Gillibrand in Congress. Gillibrand's seat became vacant when New York governor David Paterson named her to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate.

My fellow NY District #20 voters, this election is of the utmost importance. We cannot afford to forget to vote. We cannot be too busy. We cannot be clueless about whom to vote for. Not this time. Too much is at stake. It's painfully obvious the shape we're in with Liberals controlling the House, the Senate, and the White House. It's been only two months since the new administration took office, but already they have spent more money than was spent from the administrations of Washington through Bush 43! We need someone in Washington who will be a voice for our children and our children's children. Imagine entering the world with trillions of dollars of debt on your shoulders, and you haven't even made a dime yet--or spent one! We need someone who will advocate for smaller government and bigger freedom for the American people. After all, it is "We the People," not "We the Government." The government is designed to protect people, not spend their money to fund programs and projects which, in many cases, do not stimulate the economy. At the very least, we need someone in Congress who will actually read the stimulus package so he knows what he's voting for. The only one in this race who will deliver on this, who will fight for you and your progeny, is Jim Tedisco.

Jim Tedisco rejects the empty chant of "Yes, We Can" and has declared "Now We Will." His campaign pamphlet asserts:

Now we will...cut taxes for working families and seniors.
Now we will...create new jobs and get our economy moving again.
Now we will...focus on resucing taxpayers--not bailing out corrupt corporate CEO's.
Now we will...bring accountability and transparency to Washington.
Now we will...make health care more affordable and accessible.
Now we will...with Jim Tedisco as our voice in Congress.

Having met Tedisco once and heard him speak on a separate occasion, I am comfortable saying he is a man for God, a man for the sanctity of life, and a man for the people...He's the man for you.

Do yourselves, New York, and America a favor:
Vote Jim Tedisco this Tuesday, March 31st.
Please remind your friends.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee


I'm Black and I'm Proud...To Support Sarah Palin

Monday, March 23, 2009

I was asked recently why I support Sarah Palin, and I hesitated, not because I didn't know what to say, but because I didn't know where to begin. It's such an emotional subject for me because I still--yes, still--ache over what America lost by not electing her Vice President of the United States. When I think about what could have been, I still shake my head and grip my heart.

To keep it simple, Sarah Palin represents the best of America. That's what I always say. That's what I mean. She is America in its finest hour and, with the help of God, she can lead us back. And that's the number one reason I support her: She seeks God for her own life and the life of this nation. She relies on His direction and trusts that He has it all under control. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what America has lost and needs desperately to retrieve.

Sarah Palin's very life speaks to the values that will progress this nation. It says to the rest of us, "Embrace the innocent, love the vulnerable, and offer yourself up for service." I support Sarah Palin because she sees the perfection in a special needs child whom 90% of Americans faced with this same challenge would have aborted. I support Sarah Palin because she did not back down on her support of a strong military defense, even when it hit home as her own son enlisted in the army and was deployed to Iraq. I support Sarah Palin because she supports her daughter, even though she was no doubt disappointed by the news of a teenage pregnancy. We often say, "You never know what decision you'll make until it happens to you." Well, it's all happened to her! And she has walked out every stance she has taken.

Sarah Palin is a true conservative, which is why some don't understand her. A true conservative woman? That's too much for some to wrap their brains around. She holds to principles of life, family, personal responsibility, fiscal restraint, smaller government, and low taxes. She understands that government is not our best resource; the American people are. She is an expert on energy and has a vision--and a plan--to make us an energy independent nation, which will make us a safer nation.

Governor Palin is not a politician in the sense we have come to know politicians. She is a leader with a servant's heart, and she stands upon her principles. If this means taking on her own party, breaking up the old boys' network, and staring down corruption, so be it. She'll do it--and has done it. This kind of integrity earned her an approval rating in the state of Alaska of above 80%, which was unheard of--until we heard of Sarah Palin.

But isn't there pressure on a Black woman from New York who supports Sarah Palin and has Palin stickers on her car? You betcha! In this age of Obama-mania how do I handle that kind of pressure? It's not always easy because above all else, Black people are loyal--to their own. I am seen by some, no doubt, as a sell-out, a traitor, a misguided soul. I can handle it because I know what matters. I will never grant my support or cast my vote based on color or gender. I do what I do based on principle--and Sarah Palin's principles are what we need in America--including the Black community; they're for all people, of all ages, in all parts of the nation. The vast majority of Black people have pro-God, pro-life, and pro-family values. This comes as a result of our spiritual heritage. So many Black people claim God as their source. In light of this, we must come to understand that the government cannot be what we look to for hope, but to that God we claim. We must also understand that He has made us victors, not the victims the Left makes us out to be in their effort to secure our votes. This message is the conservative message that our community needs. It's also Sarah's message. Black people just need to hear someone articulate it--and Sarah Palin is the one who can articulate that message.

Again, why do I support Sarah Palin? The bottom line: I'm pro-God, pro-life, pro-family, and pro-country. Therefore, I'm pro-Palin. It's as simple as white...and!

Palin 2012...


I'm Judgmental, I've Been Told

Friday, March 20, 2009

I didn't expect to be posting again so soon; I just posted something a few hours ago. But given a question/accusation I received tonight, I will. So here is your answer...

If someone murders people, is he not a murderer? If someone lies every time she opens her mouth, is she not a liar? Is telling the murderer he's a nice guy and the liar she's telling the truth an expression of love, forgiveness, and mercy? Look, a tree is known by its fruit, as Scripture says. An apple tree that produces sour grapes...well, there's a problem. Pointing fingers at the person who recognizes that the apple tree has a serious problem and calling her judgmental is ridiculous.

This is the agenda I am here to counter. When Jesus saw hypocrisy, He spoke up. When he saw injustice, He addressed it--and so did His followers. It is disturbing when people tolerate a lack of respect for the sanctity of life and the annihilation of Christian principles all in the name of being non-judgmental--and then suggest that they are being Christ-like by remaining silent.

Look, I don't have time for liberal games. Anyone who believes that Christians don't need to take a stand, speak up, and make a difference, they're deceived--and my feedback from most of you tells me that you get it. But some people just don't get it. Jesus was not a wimp, did not walk around wondering who He was, and was not afraid to call a spade a spade--and neither are His followers! Granted, He did not give us the order to condemn other people to hell. That's not our job, nor one I would take if offered. Instead, He left His Word which separates light from darkness and has the power to deliver from hell. And although we are not to be judges, we are fruit inspectors, and we do have a voice that needs to be unleashed. I am blessed by the apostle Peter who stood up on the day of Pentecost, looked the people in the eyes, and told them that their actions were deplorable and that they were "wicked." Of course they were deplorable and wicked; they had killed the Savior. The response? They were humbled and ashamed and cried out, "Men and brethren, what shall we do?" It was then that Peter was able to preach the first message of the New Testament church: "Repent and be baptized..." They came face to face with their sin because someone had the nerve to confront them. Good thing Peter didn't say, "Gentlemen, I know you crucified Christ, but I don't know your hearts. Who am I to point out your wrongdoings? Who am I to judge? Go your way, and if you are so led, maybe you can stop killing and stuff!"

It amazes me that there is such an outcry when you speak out against abortion, insults to special needs individuals, and loss of religious freedom. Where's the outcry at the loss of innocent life, the discrimination against our most vulnerable, the despicable treatment of a Christian woman who had the unmitigated temerity to run for public office? Please! I AM NOT GOING TO BE SILENCED! It's the truth that sets people free, and that's my sole motivation--thus the name Motivation: Truth. When you are willing to speak the truth that God is leading you to speak, and then God sheds the light on it, it's a powerful thing. When you've been duped, however, into remaining silent, thinking you are thereby exemplifying Christ, well...we get what we have today: Roe v. Wade, Terri Schiavo, and the list goes on. Isaiah 5:20 says, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" and Proverbs 17:15 says, "He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD." But you ejaculate, "How dare the psalmist suggest that one could know who's wicked and who's just!

Look, the apple tree that produces apples stands worlds apart from the apple tree producing sour grapes. It's an obvious difference. It's plain to see. Now, let's pretend the tree has a will and a heart. I have no way of knowing if the tree, in its heart, has the will to produce apples rather than sour grapes--and I wouldn't dare judge that. But in its current state, it has a problem that needs to be addressed. Smiling at the tree won't help. Ignoring the grapes won't help. And insisting that someone else pat the tree's bark down and join in with you in your blind acceptance of unacceptable fruit-bearing surely won't help!

I find it amazing that in the one post where I actually gave the president the benefit of the doubt, said I wasn't sure what his intentions were in his Special Olympics gaffe, and acknowledged that he did apologize, I get an email about being judgmental! Boy, Sarah Palin sure could have used such support when they were dissing her by calling her a Right-wing Christianista, a scary born-again, tongue-talking lunatic, which the far-Left is still calling her. But I guess that was okay...'cause...well, you don't know what's in their hearts when they attacked faith in God--your God. Maybe not, but whatever's in there is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth, and it tastes a lot like sour grapes!

My sole motivation? The truth!


President Obama Jokes About Special Olympics

I was planning to continue talking about Legislative Day, but that'll have to wait because I just have to address the issue of President Obama's appearance on The Tonight Show last night.

I am going to tread very lightly on this one--to the best of my ability--because I really am at a loss, and I'm requesting your feedback. By now you've heard about Obama's joke about Special Olympics and the apology he issued soon thereafter. Concerning his poor bowling performance, he said, laughing, "It was like Special Olympics!" This has been the talk of the day and there are varying degrees of reactions.

A few people--very few--are quick to dismiss what he said with, "Get over it! Stop being so sensitive." Many more admit to the insensitivity of the comment but don't believe he was being malicious at all (just talking without his teleprompter for the first time! Sorry, I couldn't help myself!). Still there may be some who believe that the president knew exactly what he was saying and did so on purpose.

Those of you who frequent Motivation: Truth probably read my recent post where I wrote about my classroom discussion about people with special needs. At the end of that post, I placed a video of Sarah Palin with her son Trig who has Down Syndrome. This was a video promoting Special Olympics and expressing the special place it will have in the life of her son.

This is where I'm stuck. I hope with all my heart that what some people believe is not true. Please tell me you don't think President Obama's comments were a deliberate slap in the face of the woman he still perceives as a threat in order to counter the video I'm sure he knows she recently released. Tell me that's nonsense...please. I'm requesting that you leave a comment stating where you stand on this issue.

Now, I have made it clear that I disagree with much of what Barack Obama stands for. I do not trust him, I do not think he knows what he's doing, and I do not think his kind of "change" is what America needs. But this? Is he capable of such a low? Some believe he is and that he knew exactly what he was saying. I just don't know, so I can't say.

But I will say this: Malicious or simply insensitive, his "joke" illustrates the mindset that many in our culture possess. Just as I discussed with a friend recently, how many of you have ever called someone a "retard," or used the word "retarded" to insult someone whose actions you didn't like or who just said something that offended you? Just the fact that you used those words as an insult illustrates how you view people with special needs--without even realizing it. When I pointed that out to a friend recently, she said, "I never thought about that before. I'm not going to say that again." I so respect her immediate desire to change; she didn't want to demean special needs people, so when she realized that her words could be perceived as such, she made a decision not to use those words again. And giving credit where credit is due, President Obama did make a call to the chairman of Special Olympics and apologized for his words. But clearly, we have prejudices and deeply entrenched mindsets that we don't even realize, and Barack Obama is obviously no exception--unless of course he did realize it all along, as has been suggested, which you can decide for yourself.

I'll tell you what, though...Place Sarah Palin's views about the most vulnerable among us side by side with Barack Obama's, and I'll take hers any day. The woman has a heart: a heart for God, a heart for what's right. It's this reason, more than any other, that I am already at work to convince her that we are a nation that needs her in the White House--and the sooner, the better. 2012 sounds good to me!

Governor Palin issued a statement regarding the president's gaffe:

Comments on President’s Remarks on Leno
Governor Palin Responds


Governor Comments on President’s Remarks on Leno
March 20, 2009, Juneau, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin responded to remarks made last night by President Obama related to the Special Olympics on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

“I was shocked to learn of the comment made by President Obama about Special Olympics,” Governor Palin said. “This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world.“These athletes overcome more challenges, discrimination and adversity than most of us ever will. By the way, these athletes can outperform many of us and we should be proud of them. I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special needs community.”

Watch her video once again and then click to watch President Obama's comments on Youtube: How do they stack up against one another?


Taking Back New York--Tin Man Style

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday was Legislative Day in Albany, New York. It was a chance to go to the capital of New York, congregate with like-minded people, and learn. Legislative Day is a gathering of Christians who are concerned about and praying for our country, dedicated to understanding our Constitutional freedoms, and committed to standing up for what's right within the legislative process. Several assemblymen and senators--Democrats, Independents, Conservatives, and Republicans stopped in to speak to us. Some left meetings just to share a word or two and then return to the business of the day. Over 1,300 people attended, and what a blessing it was.

The theme was "To Every Generation," and the sentiment was that the nation's problem--which includes New York's problem--is that we have decided we do not care what our founders had to say about God and His Word. We have chosen to get rid of the moral compass--the Word of God--and, instead, chosen to be "wise in our own eyes." This, of course, has come at the price of Christian liberties to the point where we have embraced a system intent on threatening and silencing Christians upon whose beliefs this nation began, are sacrificing our children by robbing them of their right to truth within our schools and our homes as we teach them to cherish destructive mindsets, and have removed all clarity distinguishing right from wrong. But our focus yesterday was to declare that there was and is a standard that defines morality, and that standard is the Word of God--and its truth is a Truth that pertains to every generation. Yes, there is a remnant willing to stand up--and I have determined that I will be among that remnant.

Over the next few days, I will discuss three or four highlights of Legislative Day, addressing each in a separate post because there are a few points I want to make. Today, I'll start with the first highlight.

Highlight #1

David Gibbs III is a mighty man of God and the lawyer who represented Terri Shiavo in the case you may all remember. She was the young woman who, against her parents' wishes and protests, was ordered to be starved and dehydrated to death because her husband insisted she be left to die although she was "as alive as any one of us," said Gibbs, who spent much time with her in the hospital. He described in detail the suffering Terri was made to endure while he and her family watched her be killed over several days when the final decision came to deny her food and water--and this deprivation was court-ordered. She died on March 31, 2005. How depraved is a society that legislates such a death when she has parents willing to care for her. How sick a society has become when it stations a police officer behind the mother to make sure she doesn't do anything to help her daughter, not even wipe her brow--or he will arrest her. How unfathomable it is that her husband, her legal guardian, when offered millions of dollars to turn guardianship over to her parents, who desperately want her to remain alive but whose hands are tied, refuses. No food or water was allowed this woman. Gibbs watched as not only Terri's lips became chapped, but her very mouth--tongue and all--began to flake from thirst.

God, please help us. From the unborn, to the sick, to the elderly, and to those with special needs, we have somehow embraced a culture of death and called it "choice," but God has said, "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live"--Detueronomy 30:19.

Are you ready to take a stand for liberties, for justice, for all?

It has been wisely noted that the hypocrisy of abortion-support is that everyone who supports it has already been born. The truth is that those who oppose the right to life and any other God-given liberty do so to their own detriment. It might serve us well to understand that the fight we fight now for someone else's life might bring the victory needed to save our own one day. Silence is consent; find your voice. And if you're not moved by any of this, take a lesson from the Tin Man--and get a heart.


Yesterday I Met Jim Tedisco; Today I Went Door to Door for Him

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yesterday when I drove about 3 minutes from my house to meet up with the Tedisco camp--which was taking a tour of Hudson's recently-built Firemen's Home--I was excited to be a part of helping the cause. Tedisco himself greeted me as I walked through the door. His staff set me up with lawn signs, pamphlets, and a list of names and addresses. They were very appreciative, giving thanks profusely. My first thought? Wow...he's short! But I digress!

Today was my first experience knocking doors on behalf of a candidate. I went alone, I got a taste of it, and I loved it. I enjoy people--talking, listening, informing, learning. So I enjoyed being out there meeting people today. Granted, not everyone said what I wanted to hear. Even some Republicans said they were undecided. One Republican said she and her husband were going to vote for Democrat Scott Murphy. Another said he did not like Tedisco's advertising--whatever that means. But still I had some very good conversations with people. I spent about 20 minutes with an older couple who were very engaging. They have an understanding of where the Republican Party needs to go. They understand the value of getting out there, being active, articulating our message to all demographics, working at the grassroots. By the end of our conversation, they offered their home if I ever wanted to hold a tea party for the cause. It was wonderful. I will be knocking more doors tomorrow after work.

I might as well get used to it, for I will be doing much more work like this for years to come as I will continue to be the New York organizer for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. In fact, as I was walking house to house, I couldn't help but think of Sarah Palin. Many of us have seen pictures and videos of her doing the hard work of getting out there with the people when she was running for governor. She had her red sign, her adorable daughter, Piper, and her ebullient smile. She stood on the sides of roads and waved at people for hours, no doubt--and we know how cold it is in Alaska! At least here in New York today was beautiful, sunny, and green.

I am pleased to be doing something to bring about the desired results. This election on March 31st is of the utmost importance. Until Kirsten Gillibrand's victory in 2006, a Republican held that seat since the 70's. It's time to take it back because it's a step toward taking America back.

I ask all of you to keep this election in prayer and perhaps go to and donate. They have a 20for20 theme--$20.00 donations for Jim Tedisco's District 20 campaign. Let's do it, New York!


Sarah and Little Trig Palin Come to My Classroom

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I teach 7th grade English Language Arts, and I had the most amazing experience Tuesday in my classes. We are about to begin a novel, one that I have done with my classes just about each of the 13 years that I've been teaching. The class participated in an introductory activity, followed by an intense discussion. I had never before done this particular activity to start this book, but the most powerful aspect of it was inspired by Sarah Palin and the story of her son Trig, who has Down Syndrome.

It was Trig's story that led me to include the topic of special needs individuals, and their place in the world, in the conversation. Although the subject is relevant to the upcoming novel, had I never learned about Trig, I would have never even considered bringing up the issue of special needs. It would have never even crossed my mind, as it never has in the past. I'm so grateful that she came on the scene with Trig's story on her lips and in her heart because this particular issue broke something open in my classroom--and in me. What Trig's life did for my class was something I will not soon forget. I learned more than my students did Tuesday.

As I simply facilitated the discussion and allowed the kids to express themselves, I listened to students who clearly have an understanding of the sanctity of every single life. They poured out their hearts as they spoke compassionately about what people with special needs contribute to our lives. They lovingly mentioned family members who have physical or developmental challenges whom they "can't even imagine living without." In one class, a student said we need special needs people in the world because they help us. Now there's something you don't hear often. In fact, we usually think about how much we have to help them. But this 7th grader's vision is sharper than most, for he went on to express how much richer they make our lives, how they help us see things differently. I then told them that about 90% of Down Syndrome pregnancies, for example, end in abortion--and silence followed.

My heart was full that day, and I was so proud. With all the talk about abortion, and embryonic stem cell research, and people shooting people up; with all that we've lost as a society in terms of how we view one another, make fun of one another, and dispense so easily of one another; with the sad realization that our so-called progressive attitudes have come at the expense of the innocence of our children, I was privileged to listen to teenagers defend the value of the vulnerable, unapologetically profess the blessing these individuals are, and unashamedly announce the joy they bring to our lives--just the way they are. I think of this, and I am so very glad to do what I do: spend my days with children who seem to know a heck of a lot more than adults about compassion, love, and life.

I thank Sarah Palin for being woman enough not to add to the horrible statistic of Down Syndrome abortions, for trusting God enough to give birth to her promise, and for sharing his story with the world. Sometimes we just don't know what our seemingly small experience can possibly do for the world. But this story--Trig's story--changed this teacher's perspective, her lesson plan, and most of all, her heart.

Sarah Palin 2012.............................................

This short video will thoroughly bless you.


President Obama, Stem Cells, and Bad Gifts!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Believe me, I want to have something good to say about President Obama. I really do. I desperately want him to surprise me. He does continue to shock me, however, with his total disregard for anything sacred, his utter arrogance, and his inability to "get it."

Two issues are of particular concern today.

This first issue disgusted me to the point of feeling like I could puke. Today the president reversed President Bush's ban on allowing your tax dollars to pay for embryonic stem cell research. I really should not be shocked. Would the man who three days into his presidency reversed the Mexico City Policy, which means that taxpayers are now funding abortions in other countries--during a recession, mind you--really care that there are millions of Americans who are morally opposed to creating life, using it for science, and then destroying that life? I know the mainstream media and many Obama's supporters think he is the Messiah, and I had an inkling he thought he was too, especially when he set up those Greek columns to accept his Party's nomination and when he later declared, "We (meaning "I") are the ones we've been waiting for." But when with the stroke of a pen you declare that life can be destroyed in the name of maybe making medical advances, you remove all doubt of who you think you are.

The crazy part of this is that there is not one success story from embryonic stems cells. On the other hand, adult stem cells have proven successful. There is no excuse for the destruction of human embryos, but when you throw in the fact that there are alternatives, like adult stem cells, that we know work, how does one justify this?

Obama had the audacity to say we can't elevate politics over science. Does he really not understand that some people actually have principles, and that it's those principles--not politics--that cause them to stand up and say, "No"? Just tell me: he really doesn't get it, does he? It has been my experience that people who themselves have principles that are rooted in something greater than themselves don't have a hard time getting that. What does this say about him? Hey, just asking. It's a wonder I only felt like puking and didn't upchuck all over myself. When life is dispensable for the sake of a possibility in the presence of certainties (You'll get it in a minute), we are in a world of mess and judgment will soon come.

The second concern would be hilarious if it weren't so embarrassing. If you get your source of news from the same mainstream media that demonized Sarah Palin and almost single-handedly got Obama elected, you may not have heard, but every fair and balanced (There aren't many) news sources have covered the story. British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, visited the United States and was treated like a pesky neighbor by our president. Understand, Great Britain is our chief ally. Thousand of their troops are fighting by our side in Afghanistan, and our relationship with them goes way back. We are truly sister countries. So why then did President Obama treat Prime Minister Brown so poorly?

It is customary for the two countries to exchange gifts. Gordon did his country proud when he presented President Obama with a pen holder made from a real anti-slave ship, along with a certificate of authenticity. This gift would be cherished by any president, but Gordon showed that Obama's being the first African-American president was not lost on him. The anti-slave ship speaks volumes. What an honor for our president. And what had President Obama prepared for this big day to give to our biggest ally? Hold on to your hats now. Our president presented Prime Minister Gordon, on behalf of the United States of America...drum roll please...25 DVDs! No, this is not some heinous joke! He actually gave him DVDs, which included Psycho, E.T., and The Wizard of Oz! All 25 DVDs are classics, so they can be bought from any video store for...oh...about $1.99 a pop! As if that wasn't pathetic enough, the British have a different system, so Gordon can't even use those DVDs in his country! No, I'm really not joking! Not only did we give Great Britain an embarrassing basket-full of garbage, we gave them garbage they can't even use!

Then--now this ought to make you crawl under your seat and hide--President Obama had the nerve to return the bust of Winston Churchill that Great Britain gave us after 9-11 as a symbol of their solidarity with us. Again, I am not joking! They gave us a gift to show their support of us, we've had it for 8 years, and this president gives it back. What in the world is going on?!! The reports are coming in: the British media is burning mad at us and are ripping us apart over there--and we deserve it. Not only that, but Prime Minister Gordon and his entire country deserve an apology from our president. To make matters worse, we normally hold an official state dinner for the Prime Minister, which we denied him, and we cancelled his joint press conference with President Obama. This is all inexcusable, and I don't understand it. True, Obama has no experience worthy of being called president, but even as a community organizer, I'm sure he had to pick out a gift before! What...did he realize Gordon's plane was landing, quickly ran out to the local five and ten and grabbed some DVDs, threw them in the cart, and headed back to the White House?! Could he possibly not have known better--or is he sending some kind of message? Is the message, "Sorry, but we're in a recession, and since we're paying for abortions in other countries and paying for the destruction of human embryos, we can't afford to buy you a decent gift, and by the way, since we bought you a cheapy gift, take back your bust of Churchill; that ought to even things, eh?"

Somebody wake me up in 2012.


In God--Not the Government--We Trust

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Governor Tim Pawlenty from Minnesota followed up Senator Rick Santorum on Saturday morning at CPAC. He, too, spoke of our need for God to be the Lord of our nation. When he spoke of being a Party moving forward, he charged us in this manner: "It all starts with acknowledging God as our Creator and that our rights come from God. God didn't give the rights to the government to give to us. He gave them to us!" That, of course, is something most know but somehow forget. The Declaration of Independence asserted that we have inalienable rights endowed by our Creator. They are not the government's to bestow or confer upon people. They are already ours. No power can give them because God already beat him to it! They exist simply because God exists.

Governor Pawlenty highlighted something that Santorum had already stressed in his speech, and that is the desire of some to remove God, to eliminate God, from the picture of America, to replace the church with the state. Pawlenty said, "Our founders didn't want to protect government from church; they wanted to protect the church from the government!" That's the truth, and yet so many are walking around reciting, "separation of church and state" like a bunch of robots, as if the church is the threat. Nevermind the fact that those words are nowhere to be found in our Constitution!

I submit to you that the true threat is a government hell-bent (literally) on destroying the church and anyone who worships God. Our founders wanted the government to stay in its place. Never did they intend for our society to become what it has become: Christian values are attacked, prayer is a dirty word in school, and the Bible is hate speech--here in America of all places! God help us. This is where we end up when government gets too big and declares itself Savior and Lord. Half-devil and half-beast is more accurate. Why not just let God be God? He's pretty good at it! How is it that speaking the name of Christ is taboo in a nation founded on Christian principles? How did we get to this point? Without a doubt, the devil is busy, as we in the church like to say. But isn't that a cop-out sometimes? What role have we played in allowing this day in which we live to be born? What leaders have you supported with your freedom to vote? What issues have you swept under the carpet in order to cast that vote and still sleep at night? Where do you stand on God and Godliness in America. Does it matter? True, the devil is busy, but can't we determine to be busier? God help us to stand for righteousness in our nation, our states, our cities, and our homes--and God help us to depend on Him.

With President Obama in office, the government might send you a check, bail out your company, and promise to take care of all Americans' education "from birth to their first job" (unbelieveable!), but what government gives, it can also take away. If government is doing all that, supplying your every need at the expense of future generations, if government is your "baby daddy," no wonder God has been lost in it all. Don't be deceived. All this comes at a terrible price. The woman who said, the night Obama was elected, that she would never have to pay her mortgage again, is all messed up. Big government = big let-downs and a welfare-mentality.

Governor Pawlenty got it right: It all starts with God. And you all ends with Him as well. He'll be the first, the last, and everything in between--if we just let Him.

May God arise in our hearts, and may He arise in this nation as He brings us to a place where we cry out to Him. As Ronald Reagan said, "Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." But God is faithful.


Senator Rick Santorum Brings God to CPAC

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The most powerful part of CPAC, if you ask me, was reserved for the last day--and I'm not talking about Rush Limbaugh. I'm talking about former Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania. Listening to this man speak was like going to church. He reminded me of the main reason I became a Republican in the first place. He heralded God, the character of God, and the faithfulness of God.

Ever since I understood a little somethin'-somethin' about politics, I've never been able to fathom how people who profess Christ could ever be Democrats. I don't say that to be mean and ugly; I'm just being honest. The main reason for that is that the Democratic Party defends, tolerates, and promotes things that God's Word clearly and vehemently denounces. Look, everyone has to answer to God for his or her own self, but I personally just can't wrap my brain around Christians who support anything other than a traditional family, who are so-called pro-choice (i.e., pro-abortion), and who will literally fight to remove God from the very fabric of our society. Christians! It blows my mind that any God-fearing, Bible-believing person could ever support such a sick and demented agenda that will be the destruction of our society if we don't repent.

But Rick Santorum was a bright light Saturday morning. While he talked about conservatism in terms of our principles, the bailout as a mistake, and lower taxes as a necessity, he spoke of several other things that stood out for me more, things that are at the heart of social conservatism.

He said that "a nation cannot have smaller government, lower taxes, etc., alongside moral decay." Ain't that the truth?! You can cry out all you want about unsecured borders or threats to capitalism, but apart from morality, it's pointless--and morality comes from God. Some people cry out against higher taxes, a lack of school choice, and weakening our military--and they should. These are worthy of the battle, but lower taxes in a culture that kills its unborn is a death to any people. School choice is vital, for parents have the right to send their children to the best possible institutions of learning, but if those institutions deny or undermine God, where are we?

Santorum quoted John Adams who said, "Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people." This is the truth. So what happened?

He went on the say that conservative power rests in 2 things: 1) the family and 2) the church. "And that is why the Left wants to destroy us. The Left doesn't want to separate church and state," he said. "The Left wants to replace the church with the state." This is part of their Liberal agenda. Ann Coulter wrote a book called Godless: The Church of Liberalism, and she hit some things right on the head. Liberalism wants to be its own church, and in order to do that, it must annihilate the principles of the true church. The saddest part of that is that so many caught up in its web have no idea, and others simply don't care, so they've prostituted themselves by becoming one with a system bent on destroying what they value most.

Senator Santorum received thunderous applause and a standing ovation when he ended with this: "This is a heady time; we must be people of prayer. If you will be faithful, God will be faithful!"

No one person or movement is perfect. Only God is. But the number one reason I respect the Republican Party is that it has God at its center. The principles are based on the knowledge that God, not the government, is our source. It understands that to remove God from the foundation of our nation is to remove all hope. No one is scared to say "God" at a Republican function. No one is frightened to discuss the sanctity of human life. No one is afraid to say that marriage--as God ordained it--is to be between one woman and one man. And when it's all said and done, no one is afraid to jump up and clap when someone declares, "If you will be faithful, God will be faithful!"

God bless you all.


CPAC: Joe The Plumber

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here I am with Joe The Plumber & Joe The Plumber's book poster

I have returned from Washington, D.C., where I attending CPAC--the Conservative Political Action Conference. If you have had a pulse the last few days, you have been hearing the conference updates on Fox News (and those other stations), seeing video footage of the speakers, and watching pundits weighing in on those speakers. Since last night you have, no doubt, heard endless remarks about Rush Limbaugh who closed out CPAC and is being hailed now as the leader of the Republican Party. You have also heard that this year's CPAC was the most attended, most enthusiastic in its 36 year history, with about 9,000 conservatives present. Now, from that we can deduce that either they all came to see me (not likely) or people are actually fired up and ready to get involved in reclaiming America and rescuing her from...I'm trying to come up with a cute little disease-ridden-sounding name, but all that's coming to me is...socialist liberal big government entitlement destruction. Since that about sums it all up, I'll stop looking now for something else to call it.

I want to tell you all about CPAC, but I don't want you to miss a thing, so I'll break things down over the next few days. I wouldn't want to overwhelm you with the whole account at one time. That would surely overwork both your brain and your heart and make you enormously jealous of me too--all in one shot. I'd rather spread out your jealousy over a few days; it'll be easier for you to stomach that way, not to mention much more fun for me!
I can't even begin to tell you all that was offered at CPAC. Go to and you'll find valuable information, including the speakers and panelists. But I will tell you about a couple things right now.

First, the amount of young people in attendance was amazing. This is exactly what we need in America: college students who love this country, understand the value of freedom, and are ready to get involved at the grassroots level. Tons of these fireball college students and young professionals were spreading the word about organizations that uphold conservative principles and values. I wish I had taken the time to get involved and make things happen when I was at the tender age that these young people are. Many of them have a light in their eyes and a fire in their bellies. They're ready, and they believe it's their turn. In fact, many were even wearing stickers that said, "It's Our Turn"! I wore my sticker as well. Hey, it doesn't matter that I'm no longer walking the halls of University. It doesn't matter that I'm entering the ballgame late; just like many of these CPAC registrants, I still want a chance to hit a home run. I might add also that many people assumed I actually was a college student! So hey!

Don't get me wrong. You didn't have to be--or look--young to be a valued part at CPAC. Many older people were there as well. Many, I'm sure, have been life-long conservatives and have stood for conservative principles through thick and thin. Those people are just as important to regaining power, and they have the unique role of imparting into the youth while learning from them also. We need both to be grounded, productive, and relevant.

Tonight I want to talk to you about Joe the Plumber. You all know Joe. He's the guy who was outside throwing the football with his son when an unlikely opportunity unfolded. The then presidential candidate, Barack Obama, came by and Joe asked him a question about how he would be taxed as a small businessman. Little did Joe know that day that he would be giving birth to the spread-the-wealth debate. It was a question that x-rayed Obama's ideology, sparked the beginning of his being viewed as a socialist, and caused a brief rise for McCain/Palin in the pre-election polls. Joe was immediately placed on a pedestal and hailed as a hero by conservatives--and had his private life delved into by liberals, who look to destroy the enemy--most often with the help of the media.

Since that day, Joe the Plumber has travelled to the Middle East to visit our troops, written a book, and now has been a major attraction at CPAC. Who ever thought that being at the right place at the right time would lead to such nationwide acclaim? But it did. Like it or not, this is what is so appealing about America. Here you can encounter and capitalize on opportunites to rise from virtual obscurity to having a resounding voice. In America, you have the right to write a book, find someone to publish it, and engage others enough to buy it. You have the right to pursue whatever dream you've made your own. So whether you're Joe the Plumber--whose name we've all heard--or Jeffrey the Mechanic or Shaniqua the Hair Stylist (names I just made up), we say, "Go ahead; try to be successful. Anything is possible in America." And this is exactly why conservatives don't want the government playing God in people's lives. We don't want government punishing people who have found a way to realize their dreams. Government must not be allowed to take away hard-earned profits, exterminate dare-to-hope audacity (sound vaguely familiar?), and give people's money to others who have the same opportunity to be in the right place at the right time.

Do I find it a little outrageous that a man who simply asked a question, Joe the Plumber, has become the icon that he has? You betcha! But this is America! And in America, the greatest country in the world, things like that happen. It's the stuff dreams are made of. Taking away from these people is not what will drive America. On the contrary, it will snuff out our small businesses which drive our economy and, just as detrimental, it will snuff out our audacity to dream and our motivation to achieve those dreams--and then America will cease to be America. Government will be large, but spirits will be low. At CPAC, I was among thousands of people who say, "No way! I will NOT let this happen. I may have lost an election, but I must not lose my way. I will go back to my city, my college, my family--and most of all, my knees--and I will fight for what is right. And maybe--just maybe--I will be next Joe the Plumber." Why not?

Stop by again for Round 2 of CPAC.


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