Thursday, April 30, 2009

You are all used to hearing what's on my mind. I'd like to hear what's on yours. So I'm opening this up for you to leave your comments, questions, and rants. Click on "Comments," and then post yours. Let's see if we can get some dialogue going.

So what's on your mind? The president's first 100 days? His teleprompter? The Swine Flu? Arlen Specter? Abortion? Miss California, Carrie Prejean's, answer to the gay marriage question? School choice? Illegal immigration? The stimulus? The wars in Iraq and Afganistan? Sarah Palin's 2012 chances? Media bias? Joe Biden's perpetual gaffes? Race relations? The Bible?

In other words, if you had five minutes with the world listening, what would you say? Go ahead and talk; we are listening...


I'm Done Sleeping with the Enemy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Senator Arlen Specter has jumped ship and joined the Democratic Party. I say, "Good riddance!" He clearly wasn't a true conservative anyway. He earned the ire of fellow Republicans recently when he and two other Republicans voted for President Obama's non-stimulus/swine package. Look, I'm a firm believer that people have to stand for what they believe in. I do not support obsessive partisanship, the "I'm voting with my Party no matter what" mentality. I think that's insane. No, one must be true to his principles. That's one major reason I respect our next president so much. That would be President Palin--as if you didn't know! She put her whole political future on the line when she saw, and went after, corruption in Alaska--even blowing the whistle on Republicans, male Republicans, the good old boys. That's an ingredient for disaster. That's political suicide, but she did it anyway--and survived. What she did may not have been Right, but it was right! (You'll get it in a second!) See, it's not about Party; it's about principle. So I don't fault Specter for not siding with the Republican Party 100% of the time.

I do fault him, however, for making the decision to switch parties simply because it serves his own ambitions to do so, simply because it's politically expedient. He made this move for his own survival. In his bid for a 2010 re-election, it looks like he stands a very good chance of suffering a primary loss to former Rep. Pat Toomey, if he ran as a Republican, because Republicans are not going to vote for a big-government, big spending, higher taxes candidate anymore. We're done with that. He realizes this, and therefore has pretty much admitted that he has no confidence in his ability to pass the test. So what does he do? He jumps ship to swim in calmer waters where he stands a better chance of reaching shore. Translation: he becomes a Democrat where it looks like he stands a much better chance of being re-elected. How noble of him!

What ever happened to integrity? What ever happened to the thrill of the fight, the eye of the tiger? What happened to believing that you had something to offer that someone else did not, so you were going to plant your feet firm and "may the best man win"? See, this is why America needs a fresh face--not just a Black face either--but a fresh one. America needs people who are not politicians, but servants. A politician does what Specter did: sell out to make things smooth for himself. A servant stands for what's right, even when it costs him everything. Sadly, it seems that there are far more politicians than servants.

Make no mistake, this switch of Benedict Arnold-type proportions does some damage to Republicans and America that far outweighs one man looking to skate his way back to the Senate floor in 2010. If Al Franken wins the long battle against incumbent Norm Coleman in Minnesota, he and Specter will give the Democrats a filibuster-proof 60 seats in the Senate. With the Left's unholy addiction to abortion, obsession with spending money the country doesn't have, refusal to secure our borders for fear that they might miss out on some more votes, with their commitment to removing Christ from the very fabric of our country, this is indeed a scary thought.

Ane yet I still say, "Good riddance" to Benedict Arlen, as Sean Hannity calls him. After some 30 years as a Republican, he wasn't doing us any good anyway, and I prefer waving bye-bye to the enemy over sleeping with him any day.


2012 Draft Sarah Committee Promotion Video

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Click to check out our promotion video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5TUGdMS-OI

The word on the street is that Americans want change. The FEC-registered 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, along with multitudes of Americans, recognize that Sarah Palin is that change, real change--for the better. She is indeed "A New Energy for America." The single vision of this committee is "to encourage Governor Sarah Palin to run for U.S. President in 2012."

As an avid supporter of Sarah, I believe her incredible record as the governor of Alaska, her experience as a reformer, and her heart of service will help put this nation back on course. But apart from God, all that is a waste of time. Sarah's commitment to Jesus Christ and faithfulness to seek His direction in prayer are truly what America is crying out for. Combine that with her expertise in energy matters, her understanding of the need for fiscal conservatism and smaller government, and her dedication to a strong military defense to help keep America safe, and we have someone worth fighting for--and with.

The 2012 Draft Sarah Committee has Organizers in 27 states, and very shortly intend to have all 50 states covered. In addition to State Organizers, we have local organizers and volunteers, including young people who are leading the charge on their college campuses. We even have a volunteer in France! Clearly, many people have been inspired by the governor to stand up, speak up, and make a difference.

With much work to be done, our eyes are fixed on bringing Sarah Palin to the White House where she belongs. Will you join us? Go to http://www.2012draftsarahcommittee.com/ to learn how you can help, sign up for our newsletter, get email addresses of committee members, find out where the next meetup will be in your state, and much more.


It's Time to Fight Back: You Can Help

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's finally here. Sarah Palin's Legal Expense Fund is finally up and running. Her supporters have been waiting for this. As many of you already know, not everyone likes the governor. Understatement, right? If that were the end of it, that would be okay. Hey, not everyone likes everyone else. Not everyone agrees with everyone else. That's life. But when it comes to Sarah Palin there has been a plan in place to absolutely destroy her and at any cost--literally because it is costing her exorbitantly. For the most part, people either absolutely love her or they vehemently hate her. There aren't too many who stand in the middle. This wide range of emotions is telling.

There is no logical reason to hate her. What reason is there to hate someone who was minding her business, governing her state--very well, I might add--and saying "yes" when asked to serve her country by running for Vice President of the United States? Is that worthy of the vitriol that she has received? Not agreeing with someone is one thing, but hate?! Her record in Alaska proves that she has governed in a phenomenal manner. She is bright, hard-working, and has stood upon principles of ethics and reform. Truly she believes in working for the people with a servant's heart. Those who hate her do so because she has blown the whistle on corruption even when that meant taking on her own Party in Alaska. Those who are pro-abortion hate her because her very life speaks for the sanctity of human life--for she has walked the walk--though she has recently revealed that she, too, had been tested on her stance for life. Those who have an issue with Christianity hate her because she is not ashamed of her faith and declares Jesus as her Lord and Savior, so they resort to calling her names and mocking her walk with the Lord. Some people who say she's incompetent hate her because they have not done the research on her true record and, therefore, have fallen for the media's representation of her. Many who hate her, bottom line, are simply threatened by her. She is, after all, a force to be reckoned with.

Some of these people have plotted to destroy both her reputation and her bank book. A plethora of ethics charges have been filed against her, all these people coming out of the woodwork stating she has abused her role as governor. Funny that none of these ethics charges were filed prior to August 29, 2008. Well, it would be funny if these charges weren't so expensive to answer. If she really were such a bad governor, if she really was violating ethics, if she really wasn't putting Alaska first, why is it that no one had a beef until after she was tapped to run for VP? Why is it that her approval rating was as high as 93% in Alaska? The truth of the matter is that when John McCain tapped Palin to run with him, all the hounds were unleashed, and they are still nipping at her ankles. But their ankle-biting is becoming expensive for the governor and the state of Alaska.

Look at some of these ridiculous attempts to take her down: One charge was brought up because she answered a question about the 2008 campaign while standing in her state office, another because she wore an Arctic Cat jacket at the Iron Dog race, another because she was given a hockey stick from a youth hockey team from Indiana, one because she left the state for a mere 36 hours to travel to Indiana to speak at Vanderburgh Right to Life Banquet about a week ago, although most governors travel much more often--even to foreign countries--during the legislative session (Palin left the state only twice), and another was actually filed in the name of a soap opera character! It truly is ridiculous, and has placed her in a half million dollar hole of debt. There is reason to believe that some of these charges are a part of a larger Democrat operative designed to ruin her reputation, remove any chance of a national run, and simply sap her of all money. It has been done in the past. Most people who run for public office are independently wealthy. Of course the appeal of Sarah Palin is that she is not that elite politician steeped in money and Washington doo-doo. She is beholden to no one. She is simply your everyday self-made--rather, God-made--woman, a wife, a mother of five, a commercial fisherman and hunter who has gotten where she is today through hard work and integrity. And as much as people say that's what they want in America, some people out there despise that very thing. Her character reminds them of their lack of it. These charges are a planned tactic to wear this woman down. I know what I'm talking about. I've been out there in the blogosphere. I've read the comments from people who are enjoying this, have laughed about these charges, and are out there in Alaska asking people to keep up the good work of trying to destroy her by trumping up these ridiculous charges. Yes, there really are people out there who plead with other people to find what else they can come up with to smear Sarah Palin. And they're laughing--at Sarah, yes, but really at the foolish people who are willing to be used for this sick agenda. The sad thing is these people who supposedly have Alaska's best interests at heart don't care that they are wasting the time of professionals who are supposed to be dealing with real issues of law and justice.

If everyone knows these charges are ridiculous, why are they costing her so much money? Good question. As unfair as it is, an Alaskan can wander into an office and file charge after charge without paying a dime. However, Sarah must pay the attorney's fees to answer these charges. These people don't have to prove their case or even make sense, but she has to prove that they don't make sense. Is this backwards or what?! And although each charge has been ruled unfounded and she has been cleared, it will cost her a half million dollars to prove what she already knew: the charges are ridiculous. This flawed system needs to be fixed because there's no end in sight. These hellish hounds have no incentive to stop making these things up because it's not costing them anything, but it's costing her everything--and costing their state as well to look into these allegations.

This brings us to the fund. It's called The Alaska Fund Trust and can be found at: http://www.thealaskafundtrust.com/. She was encouraged to open this fund by which her supporters can help her pay off the debts incurred due to the onslaught of these mean-spirited, calculated, and bogus charges that keep coming against her. Finally, the fund is up and running. It is one of the most restrictive and transparent of all such funds. On the website, you can even see how it compares to funds that were opened in the past, including those opened by Senator Kerry, Senator Clinton, President Clinton, Senator Stevens, Representative DeLay, and Representative Gephardt. You can also download the signed Alaska Fund Trust Agreement and the Legal Expense Fund Memorandum. As usual, she has nothing to hide.

To me, the most impressive aspect of this is Governor Palin's self-imposed restriction. Although the law allows each contributor to give a maximum of $1,000, she has restricted this to a maximum of only $150.00. Now, I've communicated with many people who have tried to figure out why she would limit the amount of money someone can give to well below the legally allowable figure. Doesn't it make more sense to allow people to give more? Even Bill O'Reilly is on record as saying he will gladly and readily contribute $1,000. Certainly I know people who would also gladly give $1,000, but she won't take it. So they'll simply have to be content with giving much less than that. Understand, this is the kind of person Sarah Palin is. She is not an opportunist, she is not a user, and she cares about the people. That is the real Sarah Palin, and that is Sarah's heart, which reminds me of her recent trip to Indiana. Vanderburgh Right to Life offered to fundraise to bring Sarah in, but she declined, refusing to take their money. And this is the woman they keep bringing up on ethics charges?!

I have already made a donation, and I encourage you to go to the website, read more about the fund, and give something. Every dollar adds up. Whether you give $5.00, $50.00, or the maximum of $150.00, I ask that you do something. If you are tired of people attacking this woman because of her love for God, her support for life and family, her refusal to compromise her integrity to be popular, then answer the call. Those of us who support and appreciate what Sarah Palin represents must stand up for those values, for they are your values too. As you stand up for her, you're standing up for you. This is a fight for the soul of America, and we need all hands on deck. Will you help? Click on http://www.thealaskafundtrust.com/, the title of this article, or The Alaska Fund Trust link on the right sidebar of this site to donate.

God bless you, and thank you for your generosity.


Because the President is Black

Thursday, April 23, 2009

“Let’s be very honest about what this is about. It’s not about bashing Democrats. It’s not about taxes. They have no idea what the Boston Tea Party was about. They don’t know their history at all. This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up. That is nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks.”

The recent comments made by Janeane Garofalo to MSNBC's Chris Olbermann about nationwide TEA parties are not just stupid. For a person who has considerable influence with the American people--as entertainers do for some unknown reason--to claim that people who have chosen to exercise free speech are nothing more than racists is irresponsible and dangerous. With emotions riding high from the election of our first Black president, the last thing anyone should do is suggest that thousands of people are protesting simply because the president is Black. How utterly degrading and downright ridiculous. This is the same woman who says that conservatives have a brain disorder, so we really shouldn't expect her to say anything remotely intelligent, but some people don't know she's got nothing of value to say. After asserting that these parties are all an outcry against a Black president, she goes on to express sadness that there are still so many racist people in America! Again, dangerous...Suppose at the next TEA party a group of people who have been incited by Garofalo's comments decide to confront the "racism" expressed at these parties. Suppose they decide to take matters into their own hands. Suppose they actually believe her. Will Janeane take responsibility for what ensues? If not, she needs to keep her mouth shut.

Clearly this woman is not too bright, but to suggest that every single person who disagrees with the president and his non-stimulus package is racist is something that she should have to back up. Olbermann, of course, did not say a word to challenge her, did not ask for elaboration, did not suggest that perhaps she was misreading the situation. He just let the comments go. But then again, what else do we expect from MSNBC? And that's a story all its own because her statement was so inflammatory, so accusatory, so deranged actually, that it should not have gone unchallenged.

People who were protesting couldn't possibly be people who love America, care about preserving her freedoms, and despise wasteful spending. Oh no, they couldn't be people who want to see America succeed and their children have a shot at the American Dream. No, they must be racists, right, Garofalo?

But what about any Black people who attend the TEA parties, who speak out against tax increases, who oppose the passing of a package that Congress didn't even read? Oh, Janeane has an answer for that too: They're suffering from Stockholm Syndrome! So in other words, any Black person who wants to keep more of what they earn and therefore supports and attends these TEA parties are sell-outs. Sure, she's a liberal Democrat--and we all know they think they have a lock on understanding Black people--but when she thinks she has the right to calculate whether I'm Black enough, basically calling me a sell-out, she's gone too far. Janeane, I think you'd better check yourself before the Blacks you're pandering to decide to turn on you and let you know how Black you are not! Don't get it twisted, sister!

Isn't this just like far-left radical control freaks? They can't handle peaceful, healthy debate. So they resort to their usual tactic: calling people who disagree with them racists. It's a pathetic ploy that gets used repeatedly because too many people are quick to embrace it. The sad thing is they don't understand how revelatory words like Garofalo's are. They don't understand that what she's saying is she doesn't believe that there are Black people who are thinking, reasoning, intelligent people who might actually form an opinion based on sound research and observation. She doesn't believe that Black people are capable of coming to a logical conclusion for ourselves because she probably doesn't think we can read! So yeah, we must simply not be Black enough if we don't agree with those who want to dictate to us how to think! Yeah, her statements truly reveal her real view of the president and those who look like him!

Look, no more of this nonsense. There is a remnant of people--White, Black, and otherwise, who refuse to be manipulated by some entertainer, or anyone else, whose only aim is to beat us into submission. And if that rubs Janeane Garofalo the wrong way, hey, she'll just have to forgive me. After all, I have a brain disorder!


Columbine's Rachel Scott Said 'Yes.' Will You? (Update: Misty Bernall Says Her Daughter Cassie Said 'Yes')

Monday, April 20, 2009

On April 20, 1999, this nation witnessed what is the fourth deadliest school massacre in U.S. history and the deadliest for an American high school. We refer to this horrific incident simply as Columbine. Simply saying "Columbine" conjures those images we saw on television all those years ago: students being hustled out of the school and into waiting vehicles; parents gathered, all with bated breath while praying that their kids would be the next to run wildly out the school door; and a community--and nation--in mourning.

I'll never forget that day. Until September 11, 2001, that school shooting in Littleton, Colorado was, to me, the most horrific incident to ever take place during my lifetime. Today is ten years to the day that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Columbine High School students, killed 12 students, 1 teacher, and themselves, and injured 23 others. But I shift my focus to one student in particular.

Rachel Joy Scott, a devout Christian, was the first to be shot. Reportedly she was eating lunch on the lawn outside the school when she was approached by the killers and asked if she believed in God. Knowing full well that the end result would be death, she said yes. She Said Yes became the title of a book about Rachel. (See update below.) Refusing to deny her faith in God, Rachel was shot in the head at point blank range. As part of the investigation, video tapes were found in which Eric and Dylan mocked Rachel for her faith. As horribly sad as this is--a precious life lost and a family left with a hole that cannot be filled--I cannot help but be proud of this young lady who in an instant went home to be with the Lord Whom she would not deny. At 17 years of age, she showed more courage and conviction than many adults ever have. I honor Rachel today. And let's face it: she won!

As the story of her death unfolded in the media, I was moved to the core. "Would you have said yes?" I was forced to ask myself. Even while discussing Rachel in class today--10 years later--one of my students asked me that same question. "Would you have said 'yes'?" It all boils down to that, doesn't it? It's not about what you say in the cushy protection of your church pew or at home around people who believe just like you do. No, it's about what you do in the face of opposition, of mockery, and--most importantly--of death. It's about whether or not you're willing to take a stand for what you say you believe in.

Now, hopefully most of us will never be looking up at the barrel of a gun held by a crazed lunatic who wants to blow us off the face of the earth. But I am convinced now more than ever that we will be called on to give an answer for where we stand on issues that may mean life and death to what we hold most dear--our families, our values, our freedoms, and yes, for some, maybe our very lives. Will we follow the example of a 17 year old girl in a little town in Colorado and say "yes" to these things--no matter the price--or will we cower in fear, content to deny the truth so long as we can continue to live our comfortable lives?

Rachel Scott's simple one-word answer to a life or death question speaks volumes to us today. I echo the answer I gave myself 10 years ago and to my student today when asked what I would do when called to give the ultimate sacrifice: "I pray I say 'yes.'"

UPDATE: She Said Yes was actually written about Columbine student Cassie Bernall, who was also a Christian and said to have been gunned down that day for saying that, yes, she believed in God. The books about Rachel are Rachel's Tears and The Journals of Rachel Scott, A Journey of Faith at Columbine High.

There have been conflicting stories as to whether or not both these young ladies were asked that question that would cost them their lives, whether only Rachel or Cassie was, or whether neither was. Rachel's parents maintain their daughter was targeted because she was a Christian and that videos which were part of the investigation prove that she was harassed by the gunmen for her faith. Cassie's mother wrote the book She Said Yes, obviously because she believes her daughter died a martyr. Although people were certain originally about these exchanges between the victims and Eric and Dylan, after being questioned by law enforcement, there seems to be some doubt in the minds of some individuals.

It is clear, however, that these young ladies lived lives of faith. They represented Christ, and their legacy is one of commitment to their Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. A person's legacy long outlives her. May both Rachel Scott and Cassie Bernall's legacy become our own.

A commenter on this post recommends the book Columbine by David Cullen as a good source of information.


Some People Just Don't Get It (Updated with Video)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some people just don't get it. Last night Governor Sarah Palin spoke at the Vanderburgh County Right to Life Banquet, our nation's largest function of this sort. Just as she did during the 2008 campaign when thousands of people would gather to hear her speak, she set the house on fire! That's because the fire is within her. I didn't think I could respect her any more than I already did, but I was wrong--because I do.

Sarah has been under incredible attack and pressure in the state of Alaska. Some of these people have nothing better to do than try to make life difficult for her. They slam her every decision, accuse her of tainted motives, and frankly are hell-bent on destroying her. They severely ridiculed her decision to leave the state to attend this event. Now, other governors travel out of their states during the legislative session much more than she does. She's left the state only twice, but these legislators are so intent on having her blow their noses, bandage their boo-boos, and wipe their...well, you get the picture. When she rejected part of the so-called stimulus, they said, "She's not doing this for the well-being of Alaska. I bet she's just focused on her national political future." When she says she traveling for 36 hours--yes, it was only 36 hours--out of state, they said, "She doesn't care about Alaska. She's looking to the future and a run for national office." How many times, and in how many languages, does she have to tell them that she is committed to the state of Alaska? What do they want from her? She faithfully serves the people of Alaska and does an amazing job of that. Before the MSM recognized her as a viable threat to the Kingdom of Barack Obama and pledged themselves to the task of destroying her, her approval rating in the state of Alaska was near--and sometimes over--90%! That's unheard of! She has a plethora of supporters, is an expert on the issue of energy, and remains a die-hard social and fiscal conservative. The liars and haters know she is a threat, and so no matter what she does or doesn't do, they will attack.

But one particular attack regarding last night's appearance was particularly absurd. All over the airwaves today people have discussed what a magnetic, powerful presence she had at this pro-life affair. The problem is some follow that up with comments about her using this moment to "reignite" her national image and set herself up for a 2012 presidential run. They're wrong. Many of these people simply don't get Sarah Palin, do they? She has turned down thousands of requests to speak all over the world. It's precisely because her #1 priority is Alaska that she has declined all but last night's. She said yes to them because the pro-life movement and families of Down Syndrome children really are near and dear to her heart. If you watched Sarah Palin speak last night, choking back tears when talking about the moment her son Trig was born, how God had answered her prayers, and how her "heart overflowed with joy," there should be no doubt who this woman is and the sincerity of her motives.

I'm not saying she doesn't want to run for president one day. In fact, I'm praying she does run. But I am saying, she didn't travel almost 4,000 miles, stand before a pro-life crowd, and bare her soul...for a better chance to become the next Republican Party presidential nominee. Sarah boldly shared what she went through when she learned at 44 that she was pregnant, discovered that the baby she was carrying had Down Syndrome, and "just for a fleeting moment" contemplated making this unexpected challenge that she said, "rocked my world" go away. The honesty and complete transparency she displayed did not emerge from a self-serving elitist political strategist. They flowed from the heart of an everyday American: a Christian, a wife, a mother. They came from someone who could very well live next door, who's had the same challenges that many of us have had. Her appearance before a crowd that gave her several standing ovations spoke to the values that are shared by most of us. Afterall, Sarah is one of us--which is exactly why we feel so comfortable calling her...very simply...Sarah. Sarah, unpretentious to the core, is misunderstood by some because, honestly, they don't understand that some people actually do things for the right reasons, out of conviction and service. And that is who Sarah is.


Americans are TEA-ed Off

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today, on this annual tax day, I am even prouder to be an American. All over the United States, Americans are participating in tea parties. They are gathering together. They are holding signs. They are letting their voices be heard. And they are doing so peacefully. I am proud because once again the time has come where thousands upon thousands of people have decided that there is something worth fighting for, and they've thrown their names into that hat. Enough is enough! Americans are "Tea-ed Off."


Who would have ever thought that tea parties would resurface after all these years?! The grassroots fever is spreading--and I love it. For so long so many have buried their heads in the sand because, they said, "Nothing I do will make a difference anyway." And, I admit, sometimes it's hard not to think that way. But today people are taking a stand. They're refusing to be silent. They're energized to act, and that's what America needs. America needs people with conviction, but simple conviction is not enough. America needs people who have a backbone and will put feet to their fervor. That's what's going on all over the United States today.

The new administration has gone off the deep end in terms of spending, putting Americans in deeper debt to the detriment of our children and grandchildren, not to mention ourselves. The out of control government spending has got to stop. Bigger government is bankrupting America.

And just to be clear, these protests cross Party lines. It's not a Republican thing, as some have claimed. It's an American thing. Look, this wasteful spending was wrong when President Bush was doing it, and it's wrong now that President Obama is doing it. So don't make this a partisan issue. It affects all of us.

People and businesses are tired of funding big government, and they are willing to make their voices heard. Can you hear them? Can you hear what they're saying? I do. They're crying, "Stop raising my taxes, and stop wasting trillions of dollars. Stop spreading my wealth around to fund your wasteful programs!" I hear them loud and clear. And I lend my voice to their pleas.

Oh yes, Americans have gotten "Tea-ed Off," and I, for one, am very proud.


Why Booth Killed Lincoln

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One hundred forty four years ago today, a great American was assassinated. President Abraham Lincoln was shot in the back of the head by John Wilkes Booth. But why? Booth was a passionate supporter of slavery; therefore, he hated Lincoln and the Republican Party. When Booth attended a public meeting where he heard Lincoln express his views about extending voting rights to African-Americans, he decided he had to be stopped. Five days later, he put the president to rest.

Isn't it ironic that Lincoln, the first Republican president, was hated in his time because of his stand for Black people, that the Republican Party began as an anti-slavery movement, but yet somehow history has been rewritten? Now the progression of the Democrat Party relies heavily on duping people into believing that Republicans are racists. The truth is that Democrats were fighting against the freedoms and rights of Blacks, and in my humble opinion, they continue to distort facts in order to victimize, use, and control Blacks. It's amazing how the script has been flipped and people have bought into it.

Certainly we know not every act performed was superlative, not every motive pristine, but the annihilation of slavery is certainly nothing to sneeze at, so today I honor President Lincoln for his sacrifice. And all these years later, though also run by imperfect people--as we all are--the Party that boasts Lincoln as its first president still stands for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Despite the slings and arrows of the Left, it still believes in the freedom of all, the potential of all, and the personal responsibility of all.


Don't Tell Me You Love Black People!

Friday, April 10, 2009

"We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population."

"Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated."

Can you imagine supporting someone with your money and your vote who feels this way? Can you imagine heralding the person who said these things as some sort of hero and then rallying behind those who support this person's vision? Unthinkable, isn't it? These words were uttered by Margaret Sanger, founder of abortion giant, Planned Parenthood. Yes, the founder of Planned Parenthood was a known racist and eugenicist. Her goal was to rid the world of social undesirables, such as Blacks. The way to do so was through birth control and abortion. Thus she began what she called "The Negro Project."

Before going further, I must tell you that it pains me to write this. I knew this would be a difficult subject, but until I began to type, I didn't realize how difficult this would be. But no matter how painful, it is necessary that I do what I'm doing: speak the truth. I didn't want to go there. I really didn't, but after a couple responses I received to my last post called "Sarah Palin is not a Racist!" I have to go there, so brace yourselves.

Although this message is for everyone, I have a deep desire to reach my fellow Black people with this. Why? Because we need to hear it, and we need to care. In my last post, I indicated how fed up I was with Blacks who cry "racism" at every turn, are still seeking acceptance, and need other people to validate them. But I am equally fed up with the lack of outcry against blatant racism and the support of racist ideology in our society with our voices, our finances, and our votes. The racism I'm talking about is ABORTION!

Many who call Sarah Palin a racist, for example, are some of the same people who support Planned Parenthood. These people are...plain and simple...hypocrites. Don't tell me you care about your people, don't tell me you want what's best for Blacks, don't tell me you abhor racism and genocide when you support abortion and the Planned Parenthood agenda. You say you love your own people while lending your support to this? You're lying! You want to talk to me about Sarah Palin being a racist? Please! Sarah Palin in Alaska cares more about Black people than many Black people care about themselves and one another! Why do I say that? Look, she has been hated and vilely treated by so-called feminists and equal rights supporters who never did and do not now care about Blacks or women at all. Many of these people hate her for this reason only: she's speaks out against abortion, she gave birth to her son Trig who has Down Syndrome, she is unashamedly pro-life. I submit to you, my Black friends, that in so being, she is more a supporter of you than you are of yourself. She cares more about Black people than many Black people do.

Almost 80% of Planned Parenthood clinics are in Black lower class neighborhoods. Although Blacks make up about 12% of the population, we make up 37% of abortions. We are no longer the leading minority in this nation. The reason for this? Abortion. More Blacks have died from abortion than have died from heart disease, crime, accidents, stroke, AIDS and all other deaths combined! Almost 50 million babies have been killed by abortion; 15 million of these babies have been Black--and we're less than 15% of the population! More Blacks are being aborted today than are being born. And Planned Parenthood has been caught on tape accepting funds from donors who specifically designated the money for the abortion of a Black baby! This is genocide, people--and this was Margaret Sanger's plan all along. And she knew that we would fall for it. That, ladies and gentlemen, was "The Negro Project."

Now, a friend I love dearly made a comment about my last post, stating that most people she knows don't think Palin is a racist...just dumb. First of all, no one who has done any research thinks Sarah Palin is dumb. Only those who accepted the mainstream media's lies and malicious editing of interviews think so. Second of all, I'll tell you what dumb is. Dumb is agreeing with a racist that you and your children are not fit to walk the earth. Dumb is having access to information about the agenda of the abortion industry and cooperating with this agenda anyway, to your own detriment. Dumb is allowing them to move into your neighborhoods so they can make the murder of your children readily accessible. And, I'll just say it, dumb is voting for the first Black president who bragged to Planned Parenthood that his first order of business would be to support them by signing into law the Freedom of Choice Act which would remove all abortion restrictions. This first Black president doesn't care--or perhaps doesn't know--about their plan to kill off his own people. Did you hear me? Our first BLACK president. Quite ironic, isn't it? "But," you say, "I don't agree with abortion. I believe it's wrong, so I'm not dumb." Uhh...you're even dumber than you think. If you are pro-life and disagree with conspiring with racists to kill us off, but voted for someone who is committed to abortion--even if he is Black--you're beyond dumb! No, Sarah Palin is not the dumb one. Nor is she a racist. Those who fight her on this issue and hate her because she stands up for life--our life--are the dumb ones--and the racists. Yes, I said it--and I mean it.

Whereas our ancestors and civil rights leaders risked their lives for freedom and fought for a future for their progeny, we have become so "progressive" that we have completely turned the tide--no longer giving our last breath for the life of our children. Instead, we are content to take their breath away in the name of choice. Again, we have been bamboozled. Why would racists have to waterhose us down or bomb our homes anymore in an effort to kill us? They've figured out that many of us are so dumb that if they simply set up shop and tell us that pregnancy is the equivalent of slavery, we'll say, "Yeah, you're right," and allow them to lynch the children in our wombs. And don't tell me that's not the plan. That is the plan. That always was the plan. Margaret Sanger said we were unfit to walk the earth, and many of us agree with her. So instead of crying out against that, we call a woman racist because she didn't issue a proclamation that remembered the emancipation of our people. Now, Sarah Palin doesn't feel this way, and therefore wouldn't say this, but I'll say it: Maybe that proclamation shouldn't have been issued because we're not yet free. People who are truly free don't look the other way when they know that there is an organized plan to rid the world of...them. And they certainly don't lend their support to that plan.

So the next time you want to point at someone white while you vote for pro-choice candidates, trash pro-life politicians, and applaud Planned Parenthood, turn your finger on yourself. YOU'RE the racist!

And to those of you who do stand up against the injustice of abortion, thank you.


Sarah Palin is not a Racist!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can we Black people get a grip? I know this will not be popular among many of my fellow African-Americans, but I'm not motivated to be popular; I'm motivated to speak the truth! What is it with Black people who cry racism every time someone doesn't do what they want? Why do we accept the victim role so readily? When will we deal with issues as issues and stop reducing everything to a matter of race? Don't get it twisted; I know racism exists, but if we constantly call everything racism to fit our own agenda, who will take us seriously when there's a real situation of racial bias that needs to be dealt with? You ever read The Boy who Cried Wolf?

Sarah Palin is not a racist! Yet Jazz musician, Gregory Charles Royal, has recently filed a federal lawsuit against her. She's accused of violating the law by failing to issue the 2007 Juneteenth Proclamation as set forth by the Alaskan Legislature. Juneteenth is the celebration of the enforcing of emancipation in Texas on June 19, 1865. As of 2008, 29 U.S. states recognize Juneteenth either as a state holiday or state holiday observance. Alaska is one of those states. Nearly 2 years ago, Governor Sarah Palin did not issue a proclamation observing the day. A big deal? Well yes, in the sense that a governor's office must keep up with all its obligations and responsibilities. Sarah Palin admitted that this was "a clerical oversight." But for this she gets called a racist?! This is what we've done to the issue of race. Are you telling me that failure to issue a proclamation gets the same rise out of Blacks as slavery, Jim Crow laws, and lynching? You've got be to be kidding me! Now look, the law states the proclamation should have been issued, but is this worthy of a federal suit? Not unless you have an axe to grind and an agenda to advance.

The saddest part of this, though, is not the horrific, unfair allegations against Sarah Palin, what it says about her. On the contrary, the saddest part of this is what it says about Black people, my own people. And that is this: After all these years since slavery, after all these years since the assassination of Dr. King (41 years ago April 4th), after voting rights, and desegregation, even after electing the first Black president, Black people are still begging other people, "See us; acknowledge us; like us." Haven't we figured out who we are by now? Don't we know that we don't need the proclamation by the Governor of Alaska about something that took place in Texas almost 150 years ago? Her proclamation doesn't make us any more free. Her forgetting to issue it doesn't make us any less free, and isn't this the point? Why can't we celebrate that freedom on our own? Why don't we get it? Why can't the main thing be the main thing?

I have always said--and wholeheartedly believe--that the tragedy of slavery is not what other people believed about us. No, the tragedy of slavery is what it caused us to believe about ourselves. We have yet to shake that victim mentality. The result? God help anyone who gets in our way, looks at us funny, and fails to issue a proclamation. The result? Bogus lawsuits like this one. We are so quick to brand people racists out of fear that we are being taken advantage of and not being acknowledged--always looking for someone else to validate us and tell us we matter, but someone once said, "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." And it's true...many of us just don't believe it. If we did, this type of lawsuit would never exist.


41 Years Since Dr. King's Assassination

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we remember your sacrifice.

Forty one years ago today, an honorable man was gunned down. But his life was not in vain. I recently heard someone define success as "living your life for something that outlives you." Here we are 41 years later, and we still celebrate Dr. King. We still discuss his dream. And we still get inspired when we listen to his speeches. I would say his life has outlived him.

He certainly was not without controversy, however. The words he spoke were inflammatory, straight-forward, and poignant. He pointed his finger in the face of the leaders of the day and challenged them to do the right thing. Today, so many are so interested in being politically correct, they don't want to speak up and call right, right and wrong, wrong. And some don't want you to do so either. They probably wouldn't have liked Dr. King very much.

One of the most fascinating things about him is that the day before his assassination, he seemed to know his life would soon end. His last speech suggests this. He declared that he, like all of us, would like to live a long life, but that this was no longer his focus. He said, "I just want to do God's will." I pray that this is the cry of all our hearts as well. I know it's mine.



Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy Play Ball

New ball game. Score: 0-0.

Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy could not be any closer. The votes are tied at this point, so it's anybody's game. As a former girls' varsity basketball coach who won back to back conference championships and was state-ranked, I understand the drama of coming out of half-time tied with the other team. It doesn't matter what the scoreboard reads, whether it's 50-50 or 12-12. It doesn't matter which team went on a 10-2 run to end the first half and appears to have the momentum. It doesn't even matter if your star player went 0 for 10 from the field. What matters is that in theory both teams are at 0-0 and it's anyone's game.

This is the position Tedisco and Murphy seem to be in. Right now it's half-time, and we--the crowd--await the winner of the big game. The players are rested, the floor has been swept, and the stakes are high.


Jim Tedisco Closes the Gap

Friday, April 3, 2009

More absentee ballots have been tallied, and Republican Jim Tedisco has closed the gap even more. He is now only 6 votes behind Democrat Scott Murphy. I'm breathing just a little bit easier, but certainly I can't exhale completely yet. There are thousands of untallied votes, most of which won’t be counted until April 7, and overseas ballots can be returned until April 13. In the meantime, we wait for the results of this very important election.


New York Congressional Election Too Close to Call

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Yorkers in Congressional District 20 are still waiting to hear whether it will be Jim Tedisco or Scott Murphy representing them in Congress. The race was too close to decide and will now be decided by absentee ballots. A winner in this most important race will not be announced until April 13th--at the earliest.

Before going to bed Tuesday night, I was on the phone with a friend. During our conversation, she exclaimed, "Oh no! We're losing." The "we," of course, referred to those of us in Tedisco's corner. We weren't "losing" by much. I think it was an 85 vote margin at that point. All that came to my mind then was, "Please...I don't think I can handle another election loss!"

Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke and checked online, discovering that the ballot count ended with 65 vote lead for Democrat Scott Murphy. I was struck by the narrow margin and the importance of every single vote. I was also quite relieved that these were not the final results, but that 10,000 absentee ballots had been issued and would now have to be counted.

The Register Star reports:

"Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said he’s confident the absentee ballots will give Tedisco a win. With eight of the 10 counties reporting a breakdown for absentee ballots by party, so far nearly 2,600 registered Republicans have returned ballots to their districts, compared with nearly 1,700 Democrats. Another 586 absentee ballots have come in from smaller parties. Those ballots haven’t been opened or counted yet."

But Steele is not naive about the challenge ahead. He states,

"What we’ve done there is phenomenal,” Steele said Wednesday in New York City. “I mean, look, you’ve got (Sen.) Chuck Schumer, (former Sen.) Hillary Clinton, you had Obama — all of them win in that district. Everybody says, ‘Oh that’s a Republican district’ — well if it’s so Republican, how come Democrats are still winning there?”

Good question, Chairman. I don't have the answer, but I know one thing: With things the way they are in Washington, we Republicans better figure it out!

For now...we're still in this thing, and I'm praying for a victory.


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