Public School Library Propagates Falsehood That Governor Palin Banned Books

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How ironic it is that when news emerges of Governor Palin's book becoming available prior to its expected date, she shows up in my school's library. No, she didn't show up in person and no, there was no announcement to inform interested students about her book, which reportedly is already number one on the Barnes and Noble list.

She showed up in the center of a display highlighting Banned Books Week.

I was walking on my way to the weight room this evening when I stopped dead in my tracks after taking a few steps past the library. I backed up and took in the display in the window, which includes various books, quotes, and poetry about reading and book banning. Only one person's picture is a part of the display--and that person is Governor Palin. It was included in an old article called "Sarah Palin, aspiring book banner?" which was published in the LA Times a year ago. That article makes up a homemade poster that says, "Sarah Palin + Banned Books = Censorship."

Listen, I'm not talking about a local area library. I'm talking about a public school library, where they use this week to demonize Palin as the enemy of free thought, reading, and exploration. Nevermind the plethora of information out there that she never sought to ban books but had asked a general question of a librarian to discover how she would deal with censorship. Nevermind the numerous times Governor Palin has herself stated she never sought to ban books. And nevermind the fact that some of the books on the list, like Harry Potter, hadn't even been published yet! No, facts aren't important.

What's important is the growing determination to further a Left-wing agenda to destroy Governor Palin. What's important is the attempt to indoctrinate our children. I say indoctrinate because that is exactly what this is. As if it weren't bad enough that some schools are singing the "Mmm Mmm Mmm" praises of President Obama, chanting "Change Has Come," and changing the "Jesus" in the song "Jesus Loves the Little Children" to include Obama, now I walk past the high school library in the district where I teach, and there are falsehoods about the former vice presidential candidate. There is a clear attempt to lead our children down a particular road, and somebody has to be the road block. That somebody will be me...tomorrow when I walk back in that building and address this issue.

That article in the school library window states in part:

Librarian Jessamyn West, who blogs at, writes, "Usually I’m just happy to see libraries even mentioned in national level politics, but not like this."

This seems like a good time to mention Banned Books Week, beginning Sept. 27, which celebrates the freedom to read. 2007's most challenged book was "And Tango Makes Three," a children's book about a penguin with two dads; books by Mark Twain and Alice Walker appear, again, on the list. Exactly what books Palin might have wanted to ban have not been identified (other than some unsupported rumors), but it's safe to assume that she won't be joining in to celebrate the idea that no books should be banned at all.

I find it interesting that this particular article states that those books weren't identified. Another falsehood. Perhaps they left that out because the truth was embarrassing. Yes, it's embarrassing to list books that didn't exist when she supposedly tried to rid the world of them.

On the left and right of the display in the library window is the poem "Manifesto" by author, Ellen Hopkins. In the poem, Hopkins blasts "zealots, biggots, and false patriots," for their desire to censor. This poem is the official poem of this year's Banned Books Week--and Governor Palin's picture is the centerpiece!

What gives them the right to place this attack in the library window? Who approved the display--or who overlooked it? Am I the only person who walked by and saw it? What impression does it give our children? What impact will this have on their vote in a few years? I am livid, as I should be. This is absolutely unacceptable behavior.

Anyone who hasn't been hiding under a rock in the past year ought to know the truth about the book banning issue, but in case someone has just slithered out, here are some facts about Palin and the so-called book banning issue.

In an article called "Palin did not ban books in Wasilla as mayor," the USA Today reported

Taylor Griffin, a McCain spokesman, said Palin raised the issue of the library's policy because there had been widespread discussion in Wasilla at that time about banning books. She was trying to understand the city's policy, he said.

"Sarah Palin has never asked anyone to ban a book," Griffin said. "It shouldn't be surprising that the new mayor of a city that had seen recent protests over books and was in the process of re-evaluating the book-challenge policies at its library would ask the librarian what those policies were."

Michelle Malkin submitted in "The bogus Sarah Palin Banned Books List" this P.D.S. Alert:

Palin Derangement Syndrome strikes again. This time it’s hysterical librarians and their readers on the Internet disseminating a bogus list of books Gov. Sarah Palin supposedly banned in 1996. Looks like some of these library people failed reading comprehension. Take a look at the list below and you’ll find books Gov. Palin supposedly tried to ban…that hadn’t even been published yet. Example: The Harry Potter books, the first of which wasn’t published until 1998.

The smear merchants who continue to circulate the list also failed to do a simple Google search, which would have showed them that the bogus Sarah Palin Banned Book List is almost an exact copy-and-paste reproduction of a generic list of “Books Banned at One Time or Another in the United States” that has been floating around the Internet for years. STACLU notes that the official Obama campaign website is also perpetuating the fraud. And it’s spread to craigslist, where some unhinged user is posting images likening Palin to Hitler. Here it is again.


It’s a fake. Not true. Total B.S. A lie.

If it gets sent to you by a moonbat friend or family member, set ‘em all straight. Fight the smears. They’ve only just begun.

Malkin hit the nail on the head. They had only just begun last year, and they still exist--in our public school libraries, of all places. Read her entire article here, which includes the bogus list of books. reported:

She did not demand that books be banned from the Wasilla library. Some of the books on a widely circulated list were not even in print at the time. The librarian has said Palin asked a "What if?" question, but the librarian continued in her job through most of Palin's first term.


One accusation claims then-Mayor Palin threatened to fire Wasilla’s librarian for refusing to ban books from the town library. Some versions of the rumor come complete with a list of the books that Palin allegedly attempted to ban. Actually, Palin never asked that books be banned; no books were actually banned; and many of the books on the list that Palin supposedly wanted to censor weren't even in print at the time, proving that the list is a fabrication.

I could go on and on, but it's not necessary. As stated, anyone who cared to know, who actually did a little fact checking of their own, already got the 411 on the deal. However, I am addressing it again because obviously some who are supposed to be in the business of educating, have not been informed or are ignoring the information, and their ignorance is impacting--shall I say infecting--our children. This cannot go unchallenged--and it won't.

My approach tomorrow? I will go into the library with the facts and present them respectfully. I will ask that Governor Palin's picture and the article be removed. If that is denied, I will request they hang another article next to it--which I will graciously provide--that refutes the falsehoods. If I do not get anywhere with the librarian, well, I'll go to the next level. It is my hope that my talk with the librarian will suffice, but we'll see what happens.

No doubt as Governor Palin's book continues to sell, even before it hits the shelves, those with an agenda will beef up their attacks to misrepresent her as uninformed, anti-intellectual, and unworthy of paying attention to. I have some serious problems with that, but as a teacher, my main problem is that their misrepresentation hurts our children. So let the truth be told.

Below are pictures of the high school library display.


Pre-Order Palin's Book Now - Going Rogue: An American Life

Yesterday I wrote that you might want to get in line now for Sarah Palin's book, due out on November 17th. Today you can beat the rush. You may pre-order Going Rogue: An American Life here and here.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The book, which will be published on November 17, was a crash project. Ms. Palin actually moved temporarily to San Diego after she resigned the governorship in July so she could be close to her collaborator, Lynn Vincent. I bumped into Ms. Vincent, a former editor at the Christian-oriented World magazine, in New York a few weeks ago, where she had parked herself in a hotel close to the offices of HarperCollins while working on the book's final edits.

Ms. Vincent didn't reveal any details about the book, but did acknowledge it will describe Ms. Palin's frustration over her treatment by the staffers she inherited from the McCain campaign after her surprise pick as the GOP vice presidential nominee last year. Ms. Palin was booked on grueling interviews with hostile reporters while talk-show hosts such as Glenn Beck couldn't even get through to her aides. Mr. Beck tells me he was stunned when he picked up the phone one day just before the election to discover Sarah Palin was on the other end of the line. "She explained that she had been blocked from reaching her audience, so she was now 'going rogue' and booking her own interviews," Mr. Beck told me. "I was thrilled she had burst out of the cage they'd built for her and we were finally talking."

That incident was the only time Ms. Palin declared her independence from her keepers, and it's fitting that the title of her upcoming book will be "Going Rogue: An American Life."

Barnes and Noble offered this synopsis:

Sarah Palin burst onto the political scene at the height of the 2008 presidential campaign and overnight became a national sensation. Adored by the right, bitterly reviled by the left, she is the most polarizing figure to emerge in American politics in decades. Yet for all the dirt digging and gossip that has surrounded her, very little is actually known about who she is, what she believes, and above all, about her plans for the future. In her new book, Sarah Palin tells the story of her Alaskan upbringing, her marriage and family life, her political career, her religious beliefs, and her meteoric rise to national prominence. With her customary blunt common sense, she sets the record straight about the many myths and lies that have been spun around her and lays out her vision for an America that is strong, independent, and free.

A couple things are certain: This book will be an instant bestseller, and the world will get a good look at Sarah Palin as she is--her own voice detailing her own experiences and sharing her own vision for America.

Pre-order Going Rogue: An American Life today.


Get in Line Now: Palin's Book Set for Early Release

Monday, September 28, 2009

(H/T LoLornaMarie)

The Associated Press has reported that Sarah Palin has already completed her book. It wasn't expected out until spring 2010, but it will be released November 17, 2009 instead.

The word on the street was that Palin was reportedly out of the state of Alaska from August until recently, hard at work on the memoir. Working hard she was, for it is already completed--just four months after the public became aware of the book deal.

Through this book called Going Rogue: An American Life, the world will discover the true Sarah Palin and the truth to which we have not heretofore had access. She will give the public her own unfiltered message--untainted by the likes of the agenda-ridden mainstream media.

You might want to get in line now.

Read the story here.


American Thinker: Palin, Obama's 2012 Competition

As President Obama fumbled badly at the UN and G-8 last week, Sarah Palin began redefining herself as presidential timber.

With these words James Lewis begins his American Thinker article. In it he highlights the disaster that was President Obama's speeches before world leaders last week but praises Sarah Palin's speech in Hong Kong. While the president seems to be on a downward spiral, showing himself to be unprepared to deal with many things, including America's enemies, Sarah Palin is showing herself to be stepping further into a leadership role to take America forward.

So we are seeing a president who is way over his head. Obama has great political talent, but not nearly as great as his overweening pride. So he keeps over-reaching, and there is a good chance that we will see him hit the first massive brick wall in his health-care power-grab in the coming weeks. The Democrats may pass a symbolic medical package to save face for Obama --- but then watch American seniors turn out in the tens of millions next year to throw the bums out of the House and part of the Senate. Seniors see their Medicare being stolen from them and they are not going to forget that by election time 2010.

Obama seems to be incapable of controlling his own egomania, and that means further humiliations in the years ahead. Remember that Bill Clinton looked unbeatable in 1992 and was impeached by a Republican House in 1998. No president since Richard Nixon has been brought lower than Clinton was ten years ago. Today we may be seeing Obama at the very peak of his ballistic orbit, and just beginning to curve down.

But you can't beat a strong candidate with a weak one, and the GOP notoriously nominates some real duds. Palin has scared the Left into mass hysteria because of her star quality on the campaign trail with a visibly creaking John McCain. Sarah Palin is our only charismatic leader at this profoundly dangerous time. That is why her actions are so important to the fate of the GOP, and to the future of this country and the world. Her use of Facebook to make public policy statements has been both effective and smart. Palin is using the web just as Reagan used radio and TV, to get around the murderous filter of the media.

Sarah Palin gave an extraordinarily well-crafted speech in Hong Kong, a real Reagan speech. It almost sounds as if Henry Kissinger is advising her.


Since the election campaign, it seems that Sarah Palin recruited a top-notch team of advisors and political talent. The Hong Kong speech goes straight to her alleged weakness in foreign affairs, and it is a very good first step toward re-making her media image to be more substantive. The truth is that most of our media heads would not recognize foreign policy substance if it hit them right between the eyes. But they know the image of substance, and the Hong Kong speech was good on both appearance and reality. She demonstrated "gravitas" -- in the pop slogan of the early Bush years. We need more of the same, but she has now shown convincingly that she can do it.

Obama is in for real competition in 2012; since world peace and our national well-being are clearly at stake, the more strong conservatives emerge, the better off we will be. Obama is the very worst president for these times. It is important to defeat him in a fair fight. Palin can do it; so can some others, but she is exceptionally talented.

Sarah Palin, now calling her own shots rather than being mishandled by the McCain camp, has only just begun her fight for America. As James Lewis points out in his article, she can get the job done, and she'll use--to borrow the words of Governor Palin herself--"commonsense conservatism."

Read the entire article here.


My Birthday Present from Sarah Palin

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today, September 27, 2009, is my birthday. Nevermind how old I am; that's not important!

I imagine every one of us has received great birthday presents over the years: clothing, dinner and a movie, money, etc. Some presents stand out more than others, however. That's what I want to talk about today.

Okay, the title seems misleading, but really it's not because it is the truth that Sarah Palin gave me the greatest birthday present ever--a present that was delivered to me a year ago. It's a present that--unlike other year-old presents--has appreciated rather than depreciated in value. It is a present that has grown rather than diminished.

A year ago when Governor Palin showed up on the scene, she personally gave me things that changed my life. I know I'm not the only person who received these gifts from her because I have heard multitudes of people say she gave them the same gifts.

Prior to September 2008, I had never felt passionate about America, about the military, about the unborn, about special needs. If I had been asked, I would have stated emphatically that each of these were important to me and worthy of admiration and respect. I would have declared the importance of someone standing up for every one of these. It's just that that someone had not been me. Until September of last year, I had never realized that there was a call upon my life to make my voice heard, to make a difference in this way.

I was never a patriotic person. I mean, I knew that this country was a good one, that we were blessed to be Americans, but I simply wasn't what I'd call passionate about America. Something happened when Sarah Palin showed up with such a love for America, its people, and its future. Something happened as I watched the sincerity in her eyes as she stood and reverently pledged allegiance to our flag. Somehow I went from appreciating this country to loving my country.

My uncle fought in the Korean War and my dad was in the Vietnam War, so I understood that men and women sacrificed their own personal freedoms to fight for a cause greater than themselves. I understood that they placed their lives on the line for the sake of America and what she represents. But to be honest, I didn't really love our military...until Sarah Palin. When she spoke about the cause of freedom, the soldiers--like her own son--who made their own independent decisions to fight for the cause of freedom, something clicked within me. All of a sudden, I loved these men and women, I honored their sacrifices, and I wanted to see them given every opportunity to successfully complete their tasks. I never wept on Veteran's Day or Memorial Day...until Sarah Palin. I never participated in a Fourth of July parade...until Sarah Palin, which brings me to another point.

Sarah Palin's present to me took me all the way to Alaska for a month this summer. It is unlikely that I would have ever even heard of Wasilla, AK--nevermind visited Wasilla, AK for a chunk of my summer. But on July 4, 2009, I was marching in a parade in Wasilla with other great Americans, marching with a pride that can only be explained in two words: Sarah Palin. March in a Fourth of July parade? Before Governor Palin, I couldn't even stand to watch a 4th of July parade! But there I was.

To back up a little, I never really prayed for an election like I did last year. Somehow I grasped what was on the line, and I began to cry out to God for this particular election before I even heard Sarah Palin's name. She was that answer to prayer. And once she showed up, I had someone to vote for. Before her, I had never truly voted for a candidate. I voted against a candidate in 2004, but I didn't really vote for anyone until 2008--and that someone was Sarah Palin. I rejoiced to cast my vote for her.

And I wept on the eve of that election day--for the first time ever.

It was shortly thereafter that I got involved with the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, eventually becoming the New York State Organizer, an Executive Board Member, and the Media Director. Me...involved in some kind of political movement? No way! But I knew on the night that Barack Obama became President-elect Obama, that we had not seen the last of Sarah Palin. In fact, that is exactly what I said through the sadness that night. I just knew at that moment--as surely as I knew my own name--that it wasn't over, and so I wanted to throw myself behind supporting someone who had so changed my life and my focus.

It was during this time that I became involved in Team Sarah. I had never seen such a power house emerge so quickly. People from all over the country--and even some from other countries--were committed to remaining strong in their support of America's governor.

The next month, I knew I had to do more, I had to say more, and I had to fight more. That's how Motivation: Truth was born. Little did I know at that time that this conservative blog would draw readers from all over the world. Little did I know that it would stand strong alongside other blogs that support conservative principles and conservative leaders like Sarah Palin. How was I to know then, also, that I would end up being a contributor to at least ten other blogs that stand strong for Governor Palin? This is another gift Governor Palin gave me.

In February, I went to CPAC, the largest gathering of conservatives in America. I had never been there before, nor had I ever heard of it before. But there I was in the company of Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, John Ziegler, Joe the Plumber, Fred Thompson, Michelle Malkin, Mitt Romney, Michael Steele, and so many others. There I was handing out stickers and buttons with 2012 Draft Sarah on them. There I was meeting with Team Sarah members. And there I was fired up to come back home and continue the fight.

Sarah Palin's voice made me raise my own voice on issues of life. I became involved with the local Alight Pregnancy Support Center, offering support to those who are facing unplanned pregnancies. I decided that the best way to fight abortion was to work ahead of time and teach sexual integrity classes, which a friend and I began doing. Starting next month, I am taking that message to my junior high school through our afterschool program.

I now have a deeper appreciation for our special needs children, something I never really thought a lot about before...until Sarah Palin. Through Trig I have an understanding of how much they teach us, how much growth they cause in us, and how perfect they are in God's eyes. It's a lesson that has influenced my classroom and interaction with my students. It's a change of heart that transpired only when Sarah shared Trig with us. I got the message because Sarah gave me that gift.

Probably the most incredible gift Sarah Palin has given me is the gift of friendship. She probably will never know the amount of people she has brought together. I have friends now that I never would have had. In fact, I was marvelling at the fact that my first three birthday wishes came, not from New York, but from three different parts of the country. My first "Happy Birthday" came from Irma in Georgia, followed by Tracey in Alaska, and then Mary in Houston. By the time I returned from church today, I had about 50 different birthday messages from all over the nation--people from Facebook, Twitter, the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. These are people I connected with simply because Sarah Palin brought us together. I communicate with hundreds of people because that's the birthday present Sarah Palin gave me. It is absolutely amazing.

My trip to Alaska, for example, allowed me to meet people who left an indelible mark upon my life.

Of course, meeting Sarah's parents and children were an absolute joy. Her mom, in particular, remains a highlight for me. Her sweet spirit truly left me better off than before meeting her. I saw in her eyes a kindness that is so needed in this world. In her voice is a gentleness that makes those in her presence feel comfortable and safe. In her spirit is a sweetness that explains where Sarah got the same spirit.

I also met a few people who follow my blog. That was fun. Rosie is one such person. She was excited to meet me at the Wasilla picnic after the parade and to take a picture with me. I was like, "Me?!" By the time I had left Alaska, Rosie and I had seen each other several times, I had met her husband and children, we had lunch together, and just had a wonderful time.

I met Ivy, a woman who works, from the heart, for Sarah Palin. You want to talk about true-blue. Ivy is true-blue. My prayer for Sarah is always that she will be surrounded by those who have her best interest at heart, those who would give their absolute all to stand beside, defend, and support her. She has that in Ivy, and Ivy made me feel at home on the Fourth of July. She was the one who invited me to walk in the parade with the Valley Republican Women's Club, welcomed me to Wasilla, and introduced me to Sarah's parents and Piper.

I cannot say enough about Tracey. Tracey and I hit it off from the beginning. We connected, and still communicate just about every day. From meeting for lunch several times, to dinner at her home with her family, to hanging out at Pandemonium, to traveling to and from Fairbanks, we spent much time together. This is a friendship, I believe, that will last forever.

Jessica was also a delight to meet. Many know her as Jessica Beehive, Sarah Palin's personal hairdresser. We know what a talented hairstylist she is just by looking at Sarah, but she is also a sweetheart. Meeting her was a treat, one that I will cherish always.

Eddie Burke, beloved Alaskan radio talk show host, has become dear to me. He opened his studio and allowed me to come on and talk about the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee and Sarah's resignation. After I returned to New York, he had me call in to the show to talk about Obama's address to students on September 8th. He has been an encouragement to me and a great defender of Governor Palin. Would I have ever met Eddie prior to Sarah Palin? I doubt it.

Lynette Bergh is my dear friend--more like a sister. She and her husband were such a blessing to me during my stay in Alaska. They opened their home and their hearts, fed me delicious meals, including the long-awaited moose chili, and treated me like family. We, too, will always be friends.

I would be remiss not to mention April Moore. She is responsible for showing me so much of the great state of Alaska: Fairbanks, Wasilla, Palmer, Anchorage, Homer, Seward, McCarthy, Valdez. We were everywhere--and none of this would have been possible without April.

I am forever indebted to Tom and Kim. Had it not been for them, I never would have had the confidence to plan this trip to Alaska. Tom told me months before going that I not only would enjoy Alaska, but that I needed to go to Alaska. He sensed there was a purpose in it all, and it was a confirmation to me. He was right. His prayers, and his wife's, provided me with wisdom that I needed--and the rest is history.

I spent the last part of my trip with Olga. What a blessing she and her daughters were. Olga and I are still close, communicating often. Olga's prayers move mountains, and I have no doubt that I needed to end my trip to Alaska with her. She blessed me in ways I can't fully express. I could say so much more, but I will simply say that I believe Sarah Palin is so very blessed in part because people like Olga are always praying, always interceding.

Meghan Stapleton's name speaks for itself. I would never have met Sarah in New York had it not been for Meg. I am grateful for her, and for her support of Sarah. She is another who is true-blue. When I think of her, I think of a person who possesses a servant's heart--something so lacking in this world and yet so needed.

Todd Palin, too, truly touched my life and blessed me. When I first met him, I thanked him for being such a secure man, exemplifying such "quiet strength" as he selflessly stands by his wife while she does what she's been called to do. He assured me that they work together, each doing their part.

The problem with naming names is it's impossible to name everyone. There are so many gifts from so many cities in this great nation: there's Lynn, Gayle, Jill, Denise, Billy, Ana, Pastor Kalnins, Jo, Phil, C4P, KJNP, Mayor Graham of Watertown, NY, Kristina, Randy, Susan W, Lisa, Ron, Atlas Shrugs, Kenton, Rachelle, Raj, JD, Nande, and on and on. Sarah Palin has brought all of us together. Like I said, she will never know the full impact she has had on all of our lives.

Obviously, the moments I spent communicating with Sarah herself are moments I will never forget. They left me better off. They gave me the added assurance that she is the real deal, as if I didn't know that already. They gave me a deeper desire to stand up for her, for no one else has had to take the abuse that she has taken for us--for me. If she can do that for me, the very least I can do is stand up for her. They gave me a better understanding of how vital she is to America's progress. More than anything, they gave me a stronger commitment to pray for her.

Sarah Palin's gifts to me are too numerous to count and name. I know this is bigger than she is, however. I believe God has used her to get me to a place He wanted me in. He used Sarah to ignite a fire within me so that I would stand up for what's right, be active, and fight with everything within me. He used Sarah to bring multitudes of people together who would never--before Sarah--have had an occasion to talk, to meet, to stand together for the cause.

When Sarah Palin walked into America's heart, a fire was shut up inside my bones--a greater love for God, for America, for our military, for our children, for freedom, and for life itself. I had never experienced such great passion, and I told a few people, "Well, if it disappears in about two weeks, I'll know I was just caught up in the moment. However, if it remains, I'll know there's something to this thing." I think it's safe to say there's something to this thing! I do not have it all fully figured out yet, I do not yet know all that God wants me to do with what He has birthed within me through the gift of Sarah Palin, but I do know He's got a plan--and I will work with all my might to support the one he's used to light that fire.

Thank you, Sarah Palin, for giving me so much and making my birthday so special.


Another Governor Palin Apology

Thursday, September 24, 2009

On August 3rd, in an article called "Fagan Who? More Apologies to Sarah Palin Coming," I expressed what I believed to be the first of many apologies that would be extended to Governor Palin.

Certainly Dan Fagan's admission of guilt was not a small thing after such vehement criticism of the governor. What the title suggested, however, was that there would be many more apologies to follow, and the article went on to express why I was making such a claim.

I wrote:

The big surprise was an apology printed in the Anchorage Daily News by Dan Fagan. Now, for those who don't know, Fagan is a talk show host in Alaska. He is most known as a chief Palin hater in her state--very vocal, very disrespectful, very anti-Palin. So what happened?


The apology issued, as far as I can see, is only the beginning of more to come, just a confirmation of what I knew was coming. It seems so wild, so far-fetched, so completely out of the blue--but expect more.


Not everyone is going to understand the popularity, power, and success Sarah Palin will increasingly experience, and I'm sure that's no surprise to you. But mark my words: more realizations that the personal attacks against her were wrong, and more accurate, evil, are coming.

Read the entire article here and discover the reasoning behind my prediction, prophecy, or insight--whichever you choose to call it.

Today brought Apology #2. As covered by Amy Siskind, the Daily News-Miner has also seen the light on a particular issue. Rod Boyce wrote:

Today I must apologize to Mrs. Palin personally and on behalf of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner for the choice of words used on the bottom of Wednesday’s front page regarding her speaking engagement in Hong Kong this week to a group of global investors.

We used offensive language — “A broad in Asia” — above a small photograph of the former governor to direct readers inside the newspaper to a full story of her Hong Kong appearance.

There can be no argument that our use of the word “broad” is anything but offensive. To use this word to describe someone of the stature of the former governor — who is also the former vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party — only adds to the anger that many people appropriately feel.


There’s widespread belief that too much meanness exists in political discourse today. The media, already held in low regard, need to be extremely wary of that meanness slopping over into their own work. I am responsible for the content of this newspaper and need to ensure that our employees adhere to acceptable standards of decency.

I will say it clearly again now: We made a terrible mistake.

Mrs. Palin, please accept this apology from the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

And please accept it from me.

Read the entire article here.

None of this is to say that all who have heretofore despised Governor Palin have had a complete change of heart and are now her most ardent supporters. What it does say is that people are changing their perspective of the governor--and a change of perspective will always be followed by a change of approach. Not too long ago it seemed impossible for some to deem her worthy of any respectful treatment whatsoever. The idea of actually apologizing to her, even when an apology was in order, would have been unthinkable. The hatred, the anklebiting, the media malpractice--so intense--had rendered her fair game for derogatory comments of all sorts. Nothing seemed to be off limits--not her family, not her intellect, and certainly not her gender. Use of the word "broad" would absolutely not have elicited a formal apology.

Why now?

Now Governor Palin has had some months of calling her own shots, rather than being mishandled by a campaign that failed to recognize and capitalize on her strengths. Now she is free to be the Governor Palin her constituents in Alaska always knew she was when her approval rating was through the roof. Now she has emerged with wisdom on health care, tort reform, and foreign relations. She is speaking in her own voice both at home and now internationally. She is playing by her own rules this time, and she must be taken seriously. Even those who were fiercely critical are waking up and taking notice. It is precisely this kind of notice that makes people do a self-check when they step out of line. It's called respect.

Back in August I asked, "Fagan Who?" Today I ask, "Boyce Who?"

Now that we get to see more and more of a Governor Palin who has the liberty to speak freely, now that Governor Palin gives herself permission--as her dad said during the campaign--to "Let Sarah be Sarah," more eyes will see what millions have already seen, and apologies will come as people come stand behind this leader who is standing behind America. Once again, mark my words.


Video: Sarah Palin Speaks at Hong Kong Airport

Sarah Palin stopped to speak at the airport as she prepared to depart Hong Kong where she spoke at the CLSA Investors' Forum. Her speech, considered a major success even by her critics, was closed to the media, but you may read about it here.

(H/T C4P)


Sarah Palin Told Us So: Hong Kong Hit

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When Sarah Palin announced on July 3rd that she would be stepping away from the governor's office, she said it. She said in no uncertain terms that she did not need a title to make a difference and that she wasn't retreating, just moving in a different direction--and she meant it. She has gained international attention for her CLSA speech at the Investor's Forum in Hong Kong Wednesday.

Before we look at what others have said about her speech, read what Sarah has just placed on her Facebook page in a note she calls, simply, "Thoughts from Hong Kong":

Many have asked to see my remarks as presented in Hong Kong. Here is an excerpt:

So far, I’ve given you the view from Main Street, USA. But now I’d like to share with you how a Common Sense Conservative sees the world at large.

Later this year, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – an event that changed not just Europe but the entire world. In a matter of months, millions of people in formerly captive nations were freed to pursue their individual and national ambitions.

The competition that defined the post World War II era was suddenly over. What was once called “the free world” had so much to celebrate – the peaceful end to a great power rivalry and the liberation of so many from tyranny’s grip.

Some, you could say, took the celebration too far. Many spoke of a “peace dividend,” of the need to focus on domestic issues and spend less time, attention and money on endeavors overseas. Many saw a peaceful future, where globalization would break down borders and lead to greater global prosperity. Some argued that state sovereignty would fade – like that was a good thing? – that new non-governmental actors and old international institutions would become dominant in the new world order.

As we all know, that did not happen. Unfortunately, there was no shortage of warning signs that the end of the Cold War did not mean the end of history or the end of conflict. In Europe, the breakup of Yugoslavia resulted in brutal wars in the Balkans. In the Middle East, a war was waged to reverse Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. North Korea’s nuclear program nearly led to military conflict. In Africa, U.S. embassies were bombed by a group called al Qaeda.

Two weeks ago, America commemorated the 8th anniversary of the savagery of September 11, 2001. The vicious terrorist attacks of that day made clear that what happened in lands far distant from American shores directly affect our security. We came to learn, if we did not know before, that there were violent fanatics who sought not just to kill innocents, but to end our way of life. Their attacks have not been limited to the United States.

They attacked targets in Europe, North Africa and throughout the Middle East. Here in Asia, they killed more than 200 in a single attack in Bali. They bombed the Marriott Hotel and the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. Last year in Mumbai, more than 170 were killed in coordinated attacks in the heart of India’s financial capital. In this struggle with radical Islamic extremists, no part of the world is safe from those who bomb, maim and kill in the service of their twisted vision.

This war – and that is what it is, a war – is not, as some have said, a clash of civilizations. We are not at war with Islam. This is a war within Islam, where a small minority of violent killers seeks to impose their view on the vast majority of Muslims who want the same things all of us want: economic opportunity, education, and the chance to build a better life for themselves and their families. The reality is that al Qaeda and its affiliates have killed scores of innocent Muslim men, women and children.

The reality is that Muslims from Algeria, Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries are fighting al Qaeda and their allies today. But this will be a long war, and it will require far more than just military power to prevail. Just as we did in the Cold War, we will need to use all the tools at our disposal – hard and soft power. Economic development, public diplomacy, educational exchanges, and foreign assistance will be just as important as the instruments of military power.

During the election campaign in the U.S. last year, you might have noticed we had some differences over Iraq. John McCain and I believed in the strength of the surge strategy – because of its success, Iraq is no longer the central front in the war on terrorism. Afghanistan is. Afghanistan is where the 9/11 attacks were planned and if we are not successful in Afghanistan, al Qaeda will once again find safe haven there. As a candidate and in office, President Obama called Afghanistan the “necessary war” and pledged to provide the resources needed to prevail. However, prominent voices in the Democratic Party are opposing the additional U.S. ground forces that are clearly needed.

Speaker of the House Pelosi, Defense Subcommittee Chairman Murtha, the Senate Armed Services Committee Chair, and many others, recently expressed doubts about sending additional forces! President Obama will face a decision soon when the U.S. Commander in Afghanistan requests additional forces to implement his new counterinsurgency strategy.

We can win in Afghanistan by helping the Afghans build a stable representative state able to defend itself. And we must do what it takes to prevail. The stakes are very high. Last year, in the midst of the U.S. debate over what do to in Iraq, an important voice was heard – from Asia’s Wise Man, former Singaporean Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, who wrote in the Washington Post about the cost of retreat in Iraq. In that article, he prophetically addressed the stakes in Afghanistan. He wrote:

“The Taliban is again gathering strength, and a Taliban victory in Afghanistan or Pakistan would reverberate throughout the Muslim world. It would influence the grand debate among Muslims on the future of Islam. A severely retrograde form of Islam would be seen to have defeated modernity twice: first the Soviet Union, then the United States. There would be profound consequences, especially in the campaign against terrorism.”

That statesman’s words remain every bit as true today. And Minister Lee knows, and I agree, that our success in Afghanistan will have consequences all over the world, including Asia. Our allies and our adversaries are watching to see if we have the staying power to protect our interests in Afghanistan. That is why I recently joined a group of Americans in urging President Obama to devote the resources necessary in Afghanistan and pledged to support him if he made the right decision.

That is why, even during this time of financial distress we need to maintain a strong defense. All government spending should undergo serious scrutiny. No programs or agencies should be automatically immune from cuts.

We need to go back to fiscal discipline and unfortunately that has not been the view of the current Administration. They’re spending everywhere and with disregard for deficits and debts and our future economic competitiveness. Though we are engaged in two wars and face a diverse array of threats, it is the defense budget that has seen significant program cuts and has actually been reduced from current levels!

First, the Defense Department received only ½ of 1 % of the nearly trillion dollar Stimulus Package funding – even though many military projects fit the definition of “shovel-ready.” In this Administration’s first defense budget request for 2010, important programs were reduced or cancelled. As the threat of ballistic missiles from countries like North Korea and Iran grow, missile defense was slashed.

Despite the need to move men and material by air into theaters like Afghanistan, the Obama Administration sought to end production of our C-17s, the work horse of our ability to project long range power. Despite the Air Force saying it would increase future risk, the Obama Administration successfully sought to end F-22 production – at a time when both Russia and China are acquiring large numbers of next generation fighter aircraft. It strikes me as odd that Defense Secretary Gates is the only member of the Cabinet to be tasked with tightening his belt.

Now in the region I want to emphasize today: The reason I speak about defense is because our strong defense posture in Asia has helped keep the region safe and allowed it to prosper. Our Asian allies get nervous if they think we are weakening our security commitments. I worry about defense cuts not because I expect war but because I so badly want peace. And the region has enjoyed peace for so long because of our security commitment to our longstanding allies and partners.

Asia has been one of the world’s great success stories. It is a region where America needs to assist with right mix of hard and soft power. While I have so much hope for a bright future in Asia, in a region this dynamic, we must always be prepared for other contingencies. We must work at this – work with our allies to ensure the region’s continued peace and prosperity.

I know that you all -- like all of Asia and indeed the whole world – has a keen interest in the emergence of “China as a great power.” Over the past few decades China’s economic growth has been remarkable. So has the economic growth and political liberalization of all of our key allies in Asia, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Asia’s economic growth and political development, together with our forward military presence in the region and strong alliances, have allowed the region to prosper in peace for a long time. We hope that Asia will continue to be an engine of world economic growth, will continue to democratize and will remain at peace.

Our future is now deeply linked to Asia’s success. Our children’s future. We must continue to strengthen our key alliance with Japan, a country going through its own democratic change. Together the U.S. and Japan built the security umbrella under which so many Asians prospered. While there is so much attention to China these days, we cannot forget the importance of Japan in helping to make this the “Pacific Century.”

The recent elections in Japan demonstrated that voters wanted reform and an end to debt and stagnation. We have a substantial stake in Japan’s success -- our alliance with must continue to be the linchpin of regional security.

With its open political system and vibrant democracy, South Korea wants to play a larger role on the international stage as well. Of course it wants us to work together toward a future where the peninsula is irreversibly denuclearized, and unified. But it also wants to play a global role. We need to work together with Japan, South Korea and our steadfast ally to the south, Australia, to make sure Asia remains peaceful and prosperous.

Australia rightly reminds us to keep our eye on Southeast Asia, where Indonesia has proved that Islam and democracy can co-exist. Indonesia has fought extremism inside its own border and is consolidating a multi-ethnic democracy that is home to hundreds of millions of Muslims. Those who say Islam and democracy are incompatible insult our friends in Indonesia.

Our great democratic friend India is also “looking East”, seeking a greater role in East Asia as well. Together with our allies we must help integrate India into Asia. If we do so we will have yet another strong democracy driving Asia’s economy and working on shared problems such as proliferation and extremism. And we must continue working with the region’s most dynamic economy, China. We all hope that China’s stated policy of a “Peaceful Rise” will be its future course.

You know better than most the enormous change that has taken place in China over the last thirty years. Hundreds of millions of Chinese have been pulled out of poverty as China has undertaken economic reforms that have resulted in unprecedented growth. Even today, China’s economy is projected to grow by some 8%. It is helping to edge the world out of recession.

China has amassed huge financial reserves. Chinese diplomats are engaged on every continent and, through its vote on the United Nations Security Council, China has become critical in gaining UN support on multilateral issues from Darfur to Iran to North Korea.

Just four years ago, then-Deputy Secretary of State Bob Zoellick urged China to become a “responsible stakeholder” in the international system. He observed the many benefits to China of a “benign international environment.”

The peaceful regional environment that China has enjoyed was created through the hard work of Americans, Japanese, South Koreans and Australians. Secretary Zoellick urged China to step up and play its role too. We are working with China to de-nuclearize North Korea. But to be a responsible member of the international community China should exert greater pressure on North Korea to denuclearize and undergo the fundamental reforms it needs. Zoellick urged China to play a greater role in stabilizing the international energy market by ceasing its support of dangerous regimes.

China could play a role in stabilizing its ally Pakistan, and working for peace in Afghanistan. There are many areas where the U.S. and China can work together. And, we would welcome a China that wanted to assume a more responsible and active role in international politics.

But Secretary Zoellick also noted that many of China’s actions create risk and uncertainty. These uncertainties led nations to “hedge” their relations with China because, in Zoellick’s words: “Many countries HOPE China will pursue a ‘Peaceful Rise’ but NONE will bet their future on it.”

See: this is the heart of the issue with China: we engage with the hope Beijing becomes a responsible stakeholder, but we must takes steps in the event it does not. See? We all hope to see a China that is stable, peaceful, prosperous and free. But we must also work with our allies in the region and the world in the event China goes in a direction that causes regional instability.

Asia is at its best when it is not dominated by a single power. In seeking Asia’s continued peace and prosperity, we should seek, as we did in Europe, an Asia “whole and free” – free from domination by any one power, prospering in open and free markets, and settling political differences at ballot boxes and negotiating tables.

We can, must and should work with a “rising China” to address issues of mutual concern. But we also need to work with our allies in addressing the uncertainties created by China’s rise. We simply CANNOT turn a blind eye to Chinese policies and actions that can undermine international peace and security.

China has some 1000 missiles aimed at Taiwan and no serious observer believes Taiwan poses a military threat to Beijing. Those same Chinese forces make our friends in Japan and Australia nervous. China provides support for some of the world’s most questionable regimes from Sudan to Burma to Zimbabwe. China’s military buildup raises concerns from Delhi to Tokyo because it has taken place in the absence of any discernable external threat.

China, along with Russia, has repeatedly undermined efforts to impose tougher sanctions on Iran for its defiance of the international community in pursuing its nuclear program. The Chinese food and product safety record has raised alarms from East Asia and Europe to the United States. And, domestic incidents of unrest -- from the protests of Uighurs and Tibetans, to Chinese workers throughout the country rightfully make us nervous.

It is very much in our interest and the interest of regional stability that China work out its own contradictions – between a dynamic and entrepreneurial private sector on the one hand and a one party state unwilling or unable to adjust to its own society’s growing needs and desires and demands, including a human being’s innate desire for freedom.

I do not cite these issues out of any hostility toward China. Quite the contrary, I and all Americans of good faith hope for the Chinese people’s success. We welcome the rise that can be so good for all mankind. We simply urge China to rise responsibly. I simply believe we cannot ignore areas of disagreement as we seek to move forward on areas of agreement. Believe me, China does not hesitate to tell us when it thinks we are in the wrong.

I mentioned China’s internal contradictions. They should concern us all. We hear many Chinese voices throughout that great country calling out for more freedom, and for greater justice. Twenty years ago, many believed that as China liberalized its economy, greater political freedom would naturally follow. Unfortunately that has not come to pass.

Ummm, in fact, it seems China has taken great pains to learn what it sees as “the lesson” of the fall on the Berlin Wall and the demise of the Soviet Union: any easing of political constraints can inevitably spin out of control. But, in many ways, it is the essence of China’s political system that leads to concerns about its rise.

Think about it. How many books and articles have been written about the dangers of India’s rise? Almost as large as China – and soon to be more populous – virtually no one worries about the security implications of India becoming a great power – just as a century ago the then-preeminent power, Great Britain, worried little about the rise of America to great power status. My point is that the more politically open and just China is, the more Chinese citizens of every ethnicity will settle disputes in courts rather than on the streets. The more open it is, the less we will be concerned about its military build-up and intentions. The more transparent China is, the more likely it is they we will find a true and lasting friendship based on shared values as well as interests.

I am not talking about some U.S.-led “democracy crusade.” We cannot impose our values on other counties. Nor should we seek to. But the ideas of freedom, liberty and respect for human rights are not U.S. ideas, they are much more than that. They are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and many other international covenants and treaties. They apply to citizens in Shanghai as much as they do to citizens in Johannesburg or Jakarta. And demands for liberty in China are Chinese, not American, demands. Just last year, many brave Chinese signed Charter 08, a Chinese document modeled on the great Czech statesman Vlacav Havel’s Charter 77. Charter 08 would not be unfamiliar to our Founding Fathers and was endorsed by Havel himself. No, we need not convince the Chinese people that they have inalienable rights. They are calling for those rights themselves. But we do have to worry about a China where the government suppresses the liberties its people hold dear.

Nothing of what I am saying should be seen as meaning conflict with China is inevitable. Quite the contrary. As I said, we welcome China’s responsible rise. America and China stood together against fascism during World War II, before ravages took over in China – we were ready to stand together with China to shape international politics after World War II. Much has been accomplished since President Nixon’s fateful visit. And again, we stand ready to work with what we hope will be a more open and responsible China on the challenges facing the 21st century.

All of you here know how deeply integrated the economies of the United States’ and China’s are. We rely on each other, sometimes unfortunately in unhealthy ways. America spends too much that we don’t have, and then we go to China as a lender of first resort. Our fiscal policy, lately, seems to be “tax, spend, borrow, tax some more, repeat” and then complain about how much debt China holds. America needs to gets its own fiscal house in order. That’s a Common Sense Conservative perspective. We can hardly complain that China holds so much of our debt when it’s over spending that created the debt.

But here’s the reality. If in fact the United States does the “right” thing – if we spend less and save more – then China will also have to rebalance its economy. We need to export more to China – and we’d like China to consume more of our goods – just as we need to save and invest more. This vital process – so crucial to both countries – is impeded by problems of market access.

We must talk about these issues with more candor. If China adopts policies that keep our highest value products out of their markets, by manipulating technical standards or licensing requirements, our economic relationship suffers.

Our economic interdependence drives our relationship with China. I see a future of more trade with China and more American high-tech goods in China. But in order for that to happen, we need China to improve its rule of law and protect our intellectual property. We need to avoid protectionism and China’s flirtation with state-assisted “national champions.” On our part, we should be more open to Chinese investment where our national security interests are not threatened. In the end, though, our economic relationship will truly thrive when Chinese citizens and foreign corporations can hold the Chinese government accountable when their actions are unjust.

I see a bright future for America in Asia. One based on the alliances that have gotten us this far, one based on free and open markets, one that integrates democratic India into East Asia’s political life and one in which China decides to be a responsible member of the international community and gives its people the liberty – the freedom – they so desperately want.

Sadly, however, our largest free trade agreement ever in Asia, with South Korea, sits frozen in the Congress. In contrast, China is behaving wisely in negotiating free trade agreements throughout Asia. We want an Asia open to our goods and services. But if we do not get our free trade act together, we will be shut out by agreements Asians our making among themselves.

All of you here follow global financial markets and economic policy closely, I know that it will come as no surprise to you that United States leadership on global trade and investment is being sorely tested at this moment.

We are struggling with a monumental debate on whether fiscal discipline, or massive government spending, will drive a sustained recovery. We are struggling to repair the excesses that grew in our own economy and served as a trigger to a catastrophic collapse in the global financial system. And we are attempting to do so under the weight of a global imbalance of debt and trade deficits that are not only unbearable for the world’s mightiest economy, but also unacceptable in that they foster tensions between global economic partners like the United States and China.

I am proud to be an American. As someone who has had the tremendous opportunity to travel throughout the United States and listen to the concerns of Americans in towns and cities across the country, I can tell you that there is a sense of despair and even crisis afoot in America that has the potential to shape our global investment and trade policies for years, and even decades to come. Never has the leadership of our government ever been more critical to keeping my country, and the world, on a path to openness, growth and opportunity in global trade and investment.

It would of course be a mistake to put the entire burden of restoring the global economy on the backs of America’s leaders. There is plenty of work for all of us to do in this matter. Governments around the world must resist the siren call of trade protection to bring short term relief during a time of crisis.

Those who use currency policy or subsidies to promote their nation’s exports should remain acutely aware that if there ever were a time in which such policies could be viewed as “tolerable,” that time has now passed. All participants who seek to find benefit in the global trading system must also take the responsibility of playing by the rules.

The private sector has responsibilities as well. For instance, it should not be the responsibility of government to dictate the salaries of bankers or the ownership of companies. And yet, due of the excesses committed by some, this is exactly where we find ourselves now because government now owns substantial portions of the private economy – even, unbelievably, in the United States.

These are challenging times for everyone, but we in the United States must humbly recognize that if we are to lead and to set the direction for the rest of the world, it must be by our example and not merely our words. And we must tread lightly when imposing new burdens on the imports of other countries.

Well, CLSA: My country is definitely at a crossroad. Polling in the U.S. shows a majority of Americans no longer believe that their children will have a better future than they have had...that is a 1st.

When members of America’s greatest generation – the World War II generation – lose their homes and their life savings because their retirement funds were wiped after the financial collapse, people feel a great anger. There is suddenly a growing sentiment to just “throw the bums out” of Washington, D.C. – and by bums they mean the Republicans and the Democrats. Americans are suffering from pay cuts and job losses, and they want to know why their elected leaders are not tightening their belts. It’s not lost on people that Congress voted to exempt themselves from the health care plan they are thrusting on the rest of the nation. There is a growing sense of frustration on Main Street. But even in the midst of crisis and despair, we see signs of hope.

In fact, it’s a sea change in America, I believe. Recently, there have been protests by ordinary Americans who marched on Washington to demand their government stop spending away their future. Large numbers of ordinary, middle-class Democrats, Republicans, and Independents from all over the country marching on Washington?! You know something’s up!

These are the same people who flocked to the town halls this summer to face their elected officials who were home on hiatus from that distant capital and were now confronted with the people they represent. Big town hall meetings – video clips circulating coverage – people watching, feeling not so alone anymore.

The town halls and the Tea Party movement are both part of a growing grassroots consciousness among ordinary Americans who’ve decided that if they want real change, they must take the lead and not wait to be led. Real change – and, you know, you don’t need a title to do it.

The “Tea Party Movement” is aptly named to remind people of the American Revolution – of colonial patriots who shook off the yoke of a distant government and declared their freedom from indifferent – elitist – rulers who limited their progress and showed them no respect. Today, Main Street Americans see Washington in similar terms.

When my country again achieves financial stability and economic growth – when we roar back to life as we shall do – it will be thanks in large part to the hard work and common sense of these ordinary Americans who are demanding that government spend less and tax less and allow the private sector to grow and prosper.

We’re not interested in government fixes; we’re interested in freedom! Freedom! Our vision is forward looking. People may be frustrated now, but we’re very hopeful too.

And, after all, why shouldn’t we be? We’re Americans. We’re always hopeful.

Thank you for letting me share some of that hope, and a view from Main Street with you. God Bless You.
The New York Times also commented on Governor Palin's speech:

Sarah Palin, in what was billed as her first speech overseas, spoke on Wednesday to Asian bankers, investors and fund managers.

A number of people who heard the speech in a packed hotel ballroom, which was closed to the media, said Mrs. Palin spoke from notes for 90 minutes and that she was articulate, well-prepared and even compelling.

“The speech was wide-ranging, very balanced, and she beat all expectations,” said Doug A. Coulter, head of private equity in the Asia-Pacific region for LGT Capital Partners.

“She didn’t sound at all like a far-right-wing conservative. She seemed to be positioning herself as a libertarian or a small-c conservative,” he said, adding that she mentioned both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. “She brought up both those names.”


“She’s definitely a serious future presidential candidate, and I understand why she plays so well in middle America,” said Mr. Coulter, a Canadian.


Mr. Goodé, an African-American who said he did some campaign polling for President Obama, said Mrs. Palin mentioned President Obama three times on Wednesday.

“And there was nothing derogatory in it, no sleight of hand, and believe me, I was listening for that,” he said, adding that Mrs. Palin referred to Mr. Obama as “our president,” with the emphasis on “our.”

Mr. Goodé, a New Yorker who said he would never vote for Mrs. Palin, said she acquitted herself well.

“They really prepared her well,” he said. “She was articulate and she held her own. I give her credit. They’ve tried to categorize her as not being bright. She’s bright.”

Read the entire article here.

The Wall Street Journal, too, reported on the speech, and even included some excerpts:

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee, delivered her first major international speech outside North America Wednesday in Hong Kong at an investor conference. The speech was closed to the media, but The Wall Street Journal reviewed a recording of the event. Here are some excerpts on various topics, from death panels to Chinese human rights.

Sarah Palin, Hong Kong, CLSA Asia Pacific Markets Conference, Sept. 23, 2009 Speech Excerpts


On Conservatism:

You can call me a common-sense conservative. My approach to the issues facing my country and the world, issues that we’ll discuss today, are rooted in this common-sense conservatism… Common sense conservatism deals with the reality of the world as it is. Complicated and beautiful, tragic and hopeful, we believe in the rights and the responsibilities and the inherent dignity of the individual.

We don’t believe that human nature is perfectible; we’re suspicious of government efforts to fix problems because often what it’s trying to fix is human nature, and that is impossible. It is what it is. But that doesn’t mean that we’re resigned to, well, any negative destiny. Not at all. I believe in striving for the ideal, but in realistic confines of human nature…
Read more excerpts here.

Sarah Palin's common sense is good for America--and good for the world. As she said, she doesn't need a title to effect change, not in America and not in Hong Kong. We in America, however, would sure like to bestow one upon her in 2012!


Governor Palin Takes President Obama to School

Sunday, September 20, 2009

President Obama could learn a thing or two from Governor Palin.

The president is in my state, the state of New York. In fact, tomorrow he will be a mere 35 miles from where I live as he speaks at Hudson Valley Community College.

Today he made media round after media round, causing some to wonder if these plethora of appearances are too much of a "good" thing.

The New York Daily news reported:

Obama will push his health care reforms on five morning news shows today, an unprecedented presidential feat that has stirred debate over whether Obama has hit the point of overexposure.


Obama's decision to hit five network shows today - ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos," CNN's "State of the Nation," CBS' "Face the Nation," NBC's "Meet the Press" and Univision's "Al Punto with Jorge Ramos" - is known in media circles as "the Full Ginsburg."

It is so named after William Ginsburg, who in 1998 became the first person to hit five shows in one Sunday as the attorney for White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Hillary Clinton later did it when she launched her presidential bid in 2007.

Obama is the first President to even try, which just underscores his comfort level with the medium, experts said.

Comfort level? Hmmm...Well, apparently he's not too comfortable with one particular media outlet, and that would be Fox News. It appears he's still pouting that they are not cheering, fainting, and getting tingly leg sensations at the mere sound of his voice. Therefore, he won't give them the time of day. For a president many tout as a brilliant politician, why has he thumbed his nose at the cable news show that leads all others? An L.A. Times article called "Top of the Ticket" stated:

Latest ratings out for the second quarter of 2009 show the top-rated FNC having one of the best quarters in its entire history with prime-time ratings jumping an astounding 34%, not all of them Obama fans. That 8-11 p.m. slot is crucial for viewers -- and ad dollars -- which includes Fox's showcase "The O'Reilly Factor."

Throughout the viewing day, Fox News did even better with its 1.2 million viewers, on average, more than doubling CNN's 598,000 and more than tripling third-place trailer MSNBC's average audience of 392,000.

With the resistence of the American people to accept President Obama's Health Care Bill, one would think it a "brilliant" political move for him to have swallowed his intense dislike for the cable news channel he's always dissing and to have capitalized on the advantages of granting them an interview. Instead, didn't he dodge an opportunity to reach across the aisle, show he is not the ultra-partisan president he has been accused of being, and stand up to the hardball questions he would get from Fox that he would likely not get from other media outlets? GOP lawmakers said yes.

A handful of Republican lawmakers, including Rep. Joe Wilson (S.C.), say that President Barack Obama is ignoring a large segment of the public by refusing to appear on Fox News.

Obama is scheduled this weekend to appear on every major Sunday talk show except for “Fox News Sunday.”

Fox News, which is considered more conservative-leaning than ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, confirmed Obama will not be interviewed on its network on Sunday.

Wilson, who was reprimanded this week by the House for his outburst at Obama last week, said that by excluding Fox, the president was not being fair.

"If people are going to be on the Sunday talk shows, they should be on all of them,” Wilson said.


Freshman Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) said that the White House’s media strategy is an example of the president not living up to his promise to change the tone in Washington.

“The only thing this shows is that the president is ignoring a very large segment of this country. He said he was going to reach across party lines and be a different kind of president, but so far he hasn’t followed through with real action,” Scalise said.

Some House Democrats saw nothing wrong with Obama’s decision to forgo Fox.

Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) said that it has become clear “which networks are really fair” while predicting that the president will eventually appear on “Fox News Sunday” in the future.

So President Obama chose to appear on "really fair" networks while ignoring the likes of Fox News? Well, how interesting is that. I say the president has a lot to learn.

Rewind to the 2008 campaign. People can say what they want about the McCain camp throwing Governor Palin to the wolves when they allowed the likes of Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson to have at her. Both Couric and Gibson had an agenda. Katie couldn't get past the abortion question and Charlie played a gotcha game with the Bush Doctrine question. Prior to both interviews, the McCain camp clearly knew that the interviewers were in the tank for Obama. We can go round and round about that decision, but there's one thing that stands out about the McCain camp as I consider that the President of the United States refused to appear on Fox News even as he seeks to win over the American people on health care: At least they didn't hide. I don't know why they refused to sit her down with Bill O'Reilly but instead sat her with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson. But I do know she went on.

I also know that when she returned to Alaska after the election, she invited Matt Lauer into her home and let him interview her. She didn't hide.

I know, too, that upon her resignation announcement in July, Governor Palin didn't shy away from Andrea Mitchell but while fishing granted her an interview. Again, no hiding.

The bottom line is that Governor Palin, demonstrating true leadership, has neither run away nor been shielded from those who have not exactly been in her corner. President Obama, on the other hand, has almost every media outlet in his back pocket, and he wouldn't even rise to the challenge of the one "fair and balanced" one that was sure to ask him the toughest questions--questions to which Americans want honest answers. He's not even campaigning anymore(or is he?); he's already got the job. And he's not lying about health care, right? So what's the problem?

Maybe he'll answer that question while he visits with David Letterman tomorrow night. Surely that'll be a tough interview.


My Team Sarah Blog Talk Radio Interview: The Palins & Alaska

Saturday, September 19, 2009

On Friday, September 18th, I was privileged to be a guest on Join Team Sarah Blog Talk Radio. The interview was filled with details about my trip to Alaska during the month of July. I explained how I came to be in Alaska, what I did while there, my encounters with Sarah Palin and members of her family, and my reaction to her hometown of Wasilla. I also detailed what it was like to be in the state during her historic announcement that she would be stepping down from the governor's office and to be present at her fairwell address.

Prior to going to Alaska, I had met Sarah and Todd Palin in June right here in New York, and in the interview I shared those details.

I also gave information about the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee and other pro-Palin avenues through which I support Sarah Palin.

Perhaps the best part of the interview was being the recipient of phone calls from those who wanted to ask questions or make comments.

Sarah Palin is a blessing to this nation. She is making an impact by lending her voice to important issues like health care, energy independence, support of our military, and special needs. She has touched the lives of millions, not just in America, but across the globe. In fact, she is heading in just a few days to Hong Kong to speak at the prestigious CLSA Investor's Forum. Having had the opportunity to be a part of the community in which she was raised, to meet her parents and children, and to talk to her and her husband have left an indelible mark upon my life. You now have the opportunity to share in that experience. Simply log on here to listen to this exciting and informative interview.


God is Good: Track Palin Comes Home

Friday, September 18, 2009

(H/T C4P)

Track Palin is returning from Iraq this weekend. God is good! I have been praying and praying, as have many others, for Track's safety. He is a great American, as are the multitude of other men and women who have sacrificed their own comfort to serve this great country. My prayer has always been that God would place a hedge of protection around this young man, that He would guard His heart and mind, and that as much as Track has been learning to defend in the natural, he would learn even more to stand firm in the supernaturnal--the spiritual. I rejoice with the Palins on the safe return of their son, and as I have declared over this entire family, I declare over Track: The best is yet to come.

Below is the statement by Meghan Stapleton as reported in the Washington Times.

"The Palins are expecting the return of eldest son Track this weekend from a yearlong deployment with an Army combat brigade in Iraq," Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton told The Washington Times. "Mrs. Palin also has her first major paid speaking engagement in Hong Kong" in a few days, she added.


Constitution Day

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today is Constitution Day. In honor of it, American Thinker has a short but intense post about the background of this day. The article, written by Harold Witkov, is entitled "Constitution Day Regrets," which is quite appropriate. What do you imagine would be our Founding Fathers' response to some of the "change" being pushed in America?

On September 17, 1787, the Constitutional Convention met for the final time, and thirty-nine of our Founding Fathers, following a painstaking and meticulous effort, signed their names upon the greatest political document ever penned. Today, in honor of that momentous occasion, we celebrate the observance day known as Constitution Day.

If these great men of yesterday are somehow watching us today, they are no doubt marveling at our robust health and long life expectancy, horrified by the prospect of an impending government run health care takeover, and kicking themselves for not having written into their document a term limit provision for members of the House and Senate.


Why Hide?

Monday, September 14, 2009

School started last Thursday for students, but teachers returned two days prior. News travels fast, so I came back to some teachers who, without hearing it from me, knew that I spent half my summer in Alaska. Others, whom I also had not spoken to myself, are aware now of my pro-Governor Palin efforts.

I was greeted by a couple benign comments such as, "So I hear you've gotten involved politically" and "How was Alaska?" But then there was the comment that tickled me, though it really is more sad than funny.

As I was walking down the hall, my co-worker called to me. We met half-way, with her looking around rather sheepishly. Totally out of the blue, she whispered, "I love Sarah, too." This immediately made me smile, and almost made me happy to be back to work--almost! I held up both hands, and we high-fived. She added, "It's a shame that I feel that I have to say that quietly around here." I responded, "Don't be quiet. Say it out loud!" My excitement and intensity, however, did not elicit a rise in boldness on her part. Instead, she remained a bit uncomfortable with her "confession." She clearly wanted to keep her support of Governor Palin on the "down-low" but said, "I do. I love Sarah." Her sincerity, albeit undercover, was obvious. I do, however, take issue with that kind of sincerity.

Nonetheless, I walked away wearing a smile, as I always do when I meet another person who recognizes the qualities Governor Palin exemplifies. The smile was followed quickly with a shaking of my head. It baffles me that people feel the need to hush up their support for Governor Palin--which begs the question: Why might my co-worker be hiding her respect for Governor Palin?

She mentioned having to hide her support "around here." Does that mean the particular city in which we live? Maybe it means the state of New York. Although she could have meant either, I think she meant neither. I am inclined to believe that she was referring to the public school setting, a.k.a. Liberal City, USA. No doubt, there are pressures associated with supporting conservatives in the public school setting--and in the state of New York, one might say that's double pressure. I am well-aware of that. However, I am amazed that the values of a few can cause those with mainstream values to feel like they're on the fringe, to make them ashamed, and to cause them to hide.

Why should any supporter of Governor Palin be anything but proud? The mainstream media has done its job of painting her as some nut job whose beliefs are a detriment to a progressive society, a neanderthal woman who, if she had her way, would set America back a hundred years. They depict Governor Palin as dangerous and completely out of touch. Is this why my co-worker appeared ashamed of her?

So how far out of the norm are the governor's views? Actually, they are not out of the norm at all. In fact, her stand on key issues are in line with those of most Americans. So why hide? Which issue has her whispering her support, rather than shouting it from the rooftops and actively supporting the governor?

Is it the abortion issue? This controversial subject has earned Governor Palin a very bad rap, thanks, in part, to Katie Couric whose distaste for the pro-life perspective was manifested in her interview with Governor Palin. However, an article called "More Americans 'Pro-Life' Than 'Pro-Choice' for First Time" reveals that more and more Americans agree with Governor Palin.

It states:

A new Gallup Poll, conducted May 7-10, finds 51% of Americans calling themselves "pro-life" on the issue of abortion and 42% "pro-choice." This is the first time a majority of U.S. adults have identified themselves as pro-life since Gallup began asking this question in 1995.


The new results, obtained from Gallup's annual Values and Beliefs survey, represent a significant shift from a year ago, when 50% were pro-choice and 44% pro-life. Prior to now, the highest percentage identifying as pro-life was 46%, in both August 2001 and May 2002.

The majority of Americans embrace the sanctity of life now. So if this is the cause of my co-worker's timidity, it's not a good one, for Sarah's perspective is the perspective of most Americans.

Is it Governor Palin speaking up for lower taxes? Again, most Americans do not want their taxes raised. We want to keep more of our own money so we can spend it in ways that we deem fit. That's what free people do. That's what Americans do.

Here's something that should come as no surprise: a new Rasmussen Reports telephone poll shows that 70 percent of Americans prefer lower taxes and smaller government. Not only are those numbers up by 5 percent over last month's poll, but they also represent the highest numbers reported in almost three years.

The poll found that only 19 percent of likely voters "would prefer a government that provides more services in exchange for higher taxes," the first time this number has dropped below 20 percent.

According to the Rasmussen poll, 88 percent of Republican and 78 percent of voters not affiliated with either one of the major political parties favor lower taxes and fewer government services. Surprisingly, 48 percent of Democrats share the same position, while only 34 percent of Democrats favor more government services and higher taxes.

I ask again, why the shame for being a supporter of Governor Palin? What's odd about fighting for lower taxes? If it's odd, then 70% of Americans who like money in their pockets are also odd.

Lately, of course, Governor Palin has been battling President Obama's Health Care Bill. In so doing, she has captured the ire of the president and his ardent supporters because she refuses to let the issue go and will not take "death panels" back. Is this a reason to hide support of the governor? Is she out there all by herself on her objection to this plan? Once again, Governor Palin is more in touch with Americans than those who seek to demonize her.

More Americans oppose health care reform than support it, as backing for President Obama's hallmark legislation remains tepid following a month of combative town halls on the subject, according to a Gallup Poll released Tuesday.

Just 37 percent of Americans support the pending legislation, which is expected to be picked up again as Congress returns to session Tuesday following a month-long recess. A slightly larger number -- 39 percent -- want their congressmen to vote against the bill, the poll found.

So what's the problem with proudly declaring that Governor Palin is right? There shouldn't be one.

Now, if there is one issue that has caused anklebiters to rant and rave, it's Governor Palin's faith. In fact, I have said repeatedly that those who harbor the most intense hatred for her very often reveal the true cause of that hatred if you listen to them long enough: They take issue with the fact that she is an unashamed born again Christian who lives that out by walking the walk rather than just talking the talk. This, above all, truly grates on those on the far Left who show gross disrespect for anyone who would dare confess faith in a Creator, who would dare reject the theory of evolution as anything but a theory, but instead acknowledge God's hand all over creation. In this, have we uncovered the reason for a public school teacher to hide her love for Sarah Palin? I mean, only a handful of religious idiots take the stand that the governor has taken, right? Wrong! An article titled "Evolutionists Lament That Americans Still Believe in God" tells where Americans stand.

In a recent U.S. News & World Report debate, Glenn Branch, Deputy Director of the National Center for Science Education, speculated that Charles Darwin “would not be happy to learn that almost half of Americans don’t accept evolution.”1

Actually, Mr. Branch, the majority of Americans (some 66 percent, according to Gallup) don’t buy the “theory” that we all randomly evolved from fish and monkeys.

So why did Katie Couric attempt to use the evolution debate against Governor Palin? Would she have us believe that the vast majority of Americans believe something other than Governor Palin, who did say, by the way, that she was not opposed to evolution being taught in schools? We're not buying it, for once again most Americans side with the governor in their faith in a Creator.

I have never believed that truth must be defined by the number of people who accept it. In fact, often those who stand on the right side of wrong stand alone. However, there has clearly been a attempt to make it appear that Governor Palin is way out in left field and so far removed from American values and ideals. That's a flat-out lie. America is more like Governor Palin than we are like the Katie Courics and MSNBC's of this world. The fact that even one person would feel she must almost lip sync the phrase, "I love Sarah, too" is enough to make one laugh outright--if it wasn't so sad.

There is an agenda to force or, at the very least, silence the many into submission to the few. We must not allow that to happen. True, there's a sense of safety that comes from hiding and not being the subject of attack, but as they attack Governor Palin, they're attacking Americans, and we are Americans.

It's time to come out of hiding. Too much is at stake. In a blog post called, "They're Coming for YOU!" I pointed out that your hiding will cost you dearly.

The radical factions who espouse an anti-God, anti-family, and anti-freedom agenda are coming for you. Yes, you. So you'd better determine where you stand, and you'd better make that determination now. The attacks on conservatives--particularly Christian conservatives--are constant, calculated, and cold-blooded. And they're only going to intensify. You better believe that attacks on people like Sarah and Willow Palin and Carrie Prejean are not isolated, rare incidences. The heat will be turned up. The question is: Will you feel it? The answer depends on you. You'll feel it only if you're in the kitchen. In other words, only if you're a threat, only if you're engaged in the fight. As long as you sit and do nothing, don't worry; you're safe. But that inactivity comes at a great price.

Read that entire post here, and then stand up--loudly.


Inspired by Sarah Palin, 12 Year Old Speaks Out

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sara Warmack, 12 years old, was inspired by Sarah Palin's 2008 RNC speech. Since then, she has used her voice and her passion to proclaim the truth about freedom--rather the loss of freedom. Watch the video below. Then read more about Sara here.

More and more people are realizing what's on the line in our nation today. More and more people are getting involved--young and old. How about you?

(h/t C4P)


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