S.O.A.P. - 1/4/10

Monday, January 4, 2010

I will share my S.O.A.P. from today with you. If you don't know what S.O.A.P. is, please refer back to my post called "Pressing In."

In that post, I shared:

We are starting 2010 with a deeper commitment to prayer, to God's Word, and to obedience. We are taking these next two weeks to seek Him and draw close to Him.


So for the next two weeks, there will be very few, if any, political posts here. Perhaps the occasional copy and paste of a Facebook note. For the most part, however, anything that I post during this time will be spiritual in nature, like sharing some S.O.A.P with you.

What's S.O.A.P? It's a type of devotion that we do at Rock Solid Church. It stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. It involves reading the Bible and then writing out one Scripture that stood out, writing what I observe in it, writing how it applies to my life, and writing out my prayer concerning it.

Read that full post here.

S.O.A.P. - January 4, 2010

Scripture - Genesis 7:1 - "And the Lord said unto Noah, Come thou and all they house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation."

Observation - God took note of Noah's righteousness to Him. I don't know if Noah was aware of God's constant eye on him, but clearly the Lord was watching and was pleased. He, therefore, blessed Noah, and not just Noah, but Noah's whole family reaped the benefits. God had already told Noah to build the ark and that he and his family would be spared, Noah had already obeyed, and now God was honoring His Word. Through all the work Noah had done, obviously he knew God was a Man of His Word, so he simply obeyed--and God was faithful, as He always is.

Application - God sees me. Even when I am not aware of Him or I feel--due to circumstances--He's not aware of me, He is aware. His eyes are ever upon those who are His, He sees our love for Him, He sees our hearts, He sees our shortcomings too--but His love does not get dimmer. Noah reaped the rewards of a God Who loved Him passionately and intimately. I am reaping those same rewards. Like Noah, I can trust that all God has promised me He will fulfill. His Word is true. He's not like man. "The promises in Him are yea, and in Him, amen."

Prayer - Lord, I thank You that You are so faithful to Your Word. If You said it, that settles it. I can trust You. Lord, I want You to be able to trust me also. I want to be a woman of my word also. Jesus, when I say I will seek Your face, I want to seek Your face. When I say I will intercede, I want to intercede. I want my whole heart, body, and soul to be aware of You, Jesus, as You are aware of me. I desire to breathe You in, for surely You breathe me in. Lord, as You rescued Noah and his family, You have rescued me. You have set me high in the safety of Your love--without fail, without denial, Lord. Thank You, Jesus. Lord, help me to be aware, also, of the calling You've given Your people--the calling You've given me--to be a light and a blessing to others. As Noah's righteousness affected his family--saved his family--so let my walk with You impact those around me: family, friends, those who count me an enemy. God, let it impact the nations. Just to honor You, Lord, is the cry of my heart. Your faithfulness is without question, for You have shown it time and time again to me. So help me to be faithful to You, Jesus, in all things. I want to be quick to obey. Thank You, Jesus. I love You, Lord.


Whitney The Pipsqueak January 4, 2010 at 8:35 PM  

Amen, sister! I love it! I hadn't heard that acronym applied to Bible study.

I've used ACTS to apply to prayer:


Thanks for the post, Adrienne! I always enjoy your faith-based posts as well!:)

grammalou January 5, 2010 at 1:30 AM  

Adrienne, You are an inspiration! I enjoy reading your posts and so glad to see your S.O.A.P. post. Keep 'pressing in'.

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