Calling CBS After Tebow Ad Airs

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Multitudes will gather around televisions of various sizes to root for either the New Orleans Saints or the Indianapolis Colts, as both teams' players fight to be the last team standing.

This year's Big Game is not without controversy, however. Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow, and his mom are sharing their story via a commercial during the game. It's the story of how, against her doctor's wishes, Pam Tebow chose to give life to Tim, rather than abort him. This story is inspirational and celebrates the strength and courage of a woman and the success of the son she brought into this world.

Who would think that such a positive thing would cause so many heads to spin?!

Women's groups and far-Left loons have whined about CBS airing the ad. It would seem that Pam would be applauded for digging deep to find the fortitude to give birth to her son. Not the case. Why? Because so-called pro-choice groups are not about choice at all. They're about abortion--and they desire to muzzle anyone who speaks up on behalf of life.

Telling the Tebows' story is just that: the Tebows telling their story. What's there to be offended by? Are these groups so afraid that one woman telling her story during the Super Bowl will demolish their "women's rights" campaign that they don't even want pro-life groups to have a voice at all? If even they know they're that weak, perhaps they ought to reconsider where they stand on the issue of life.

In the video below, Bill O'Reilly interviews Jehmu Greene about it. She has no substance at all; she only whines about the ad, and her real beef seems to be with Focus on the Family--and Ms. Tebow's choice, of course!

Recently, via a Facebook note, Governor Palin called out NOW and those women's rights groups who are all up in arms about the ad. She ended that note with this message:

And CBS: just do the right thing. Don’t cave. Have the backbone to run the ad.

Shortly thereafter, in an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Governor Palin stated that it's baffling that anyone would be offended by the ad. I agree. Like I said, what are these groups so afraid of?

CBS, thank you for not caving, for having the backbone to run the ad.

Tonight I will be watching the game at church, where we will have our Big Game party. After the commercial airs, we're all going to pick up our cell phones, call CBS, and thank them for doing the right thing!


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