Our Haiti Miracle Arrives; Frankie's Cry Answered

Thursday, February 4, 2010

After the earthquake in Haiti, I wrote about the family in my church who had been going through adoption procedures for years for their little boy, Ednel. It was all tied up in red tape, but they continued to visit Haiti and their son, praying for the day they would be able to bring him home.

In that post, "Haiti and Frankie; a Young Man's Cry," I talked about their oldest son, Frankie, and his struggle to understand how such a tragedy could take place. I shared his heartfelt prayer to God.

I wrote:

During a time of prayer last night, Frankie went to the microphone and began to pray one of the most honest prayers I've ever heard.


Frankie began to tell God--just like one would talk to a friend--that He was confused, that He didn't understand the devastation, he didn't understand the why of it all. He then acknowledged that perhaps God was going to do something through it and asked God to help him see it. That was it. So honest. So real.

I shared then how the tears flowed from my eyes as I watched Frankie sing to God--in spite of the pain, in spite of the questions, in spite of the devastation in Haiti.

I watched as he sang, "praise God, praise God, praise God, praise God," and my heart was so grateful. Here's a young man just starting his life in this world in service to his country, grappling with a tragedy that not one of us can wrap our brains around and one that affects his family so deeply, asking God why--and in the midst of the pain, he still has the faith and strength to sing, "praise God." If that won't put things in perspective, nothing will. If that doesn't make you want to stretch your faith more, nothing does. And if that can't humble your heart, nothing can. I am reminded of Job 13:15, where he said, "Though he slay me, yet will I trust him."

God specializes in making a miracle out of a mess. I remember our church praying that God would open the doors, through the tragedy, and allow Ednel to come home.

Doors began to open.

On January 18th, I sent out an urgent request for people to contact their representatives, as we heard about orphans being airlifted out of Haiti and people receiving the children they had already legally adopted but hadn't been able to take home due to that infamous red tape.

In that post called "Personal Urgent Request for Haiti; Please Help," I wrote:

Another orphanage that my church works closely with, and travels to Haiti to help, has a plan in place if we can get these kids airlifted out also. That orphanage is called His Home for Children, and one of our families has been going through the process of adopting one of the kids for a long time now. He is the son they have been waiting to bring home for some time now. In the meantime, they have traveled back and forth to Haiti to visit him for a long time. We need to get him and the rest of these children out of Haiti before the pounding rain comes. The children would fly into Columbus, Ohio to a church where they would have food, shelter, and clothing. Those who already have families waiting to adopt them would be allowed to go with them, and host families would take the others. The plan is in place; we just need to be able to get them here to America.

God is faithful, and Ednel is home! He is a beautiful five year old who has great things ahead of him.

I was a greeter at church on Sunday when the family walked through the door shortly after church started. When I saw Ednel, he was clinging to his daddy, a little nervous. I asked for a hug and he readily gave it and indulged me as I gave him a kiss. People in my church joyously greeted him, Pastor Jaron announced his arrival and then went over to embrace him...and the journey begins. I was so in awe of God and how he can turn things around in what I call a "suddenly moment."

Needless to say, we had church on Sunday!

On Tuesday, we had a surprise adoption shower for the family. The celebration was filled with a loving church family, food galore, and gifts for Ednel.

I rejoice in how God can take tragedy and bring triumph. Like I said, He makes a miracle out of a mess. You know what I equally rejoice in? I love how God took the cry of Frankie's heart and turned it into answered prayer. Remember, I wrote:

He then acknowledged that perhaps God was going to do something through it and asked God to help him see it.

Oh yeah, He did it--and Frankie sees it. Frankie has not yet seen his little brother since he arrived, though. He attends Norwich Military Academy and wasn't able to come home, but the whole family will be going there this weekend so Frankie can see the answer to his prayer in person.

Enjoy the pictures:

Mom and Dad with their son, Ednel, in church on Sunday

Ednel on top of the world

Pastor Jaron with Ednel at cafe on Sunday


Family arriving at surprise shower. There's one of Ednel's siblings in Adidas sweatshirt


Anonymous,  February 5, 2010 at 5:04 PM  

Adrienne, thank you so much for the update on this story. Isn't God wonderful! We can never praise Him enough for the many blessings we receive. I have often thought how wonderful it would be if the people of this country would get as excited about God, as they do the Super Bowl. Oh, what a wonderful sight that would be. May God continue to bless you, Adrienne and thank you for your website.

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