One of Jeff Pantages's Personalities Wishes Palin Well

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jeff Pantages has written an ADN article--later picked up by the Miami Herald--under the guise of wishing Governor Palin well. The truth of the matter is his article does more to reveal his split personality than any real support of the governor, which creates a problem for me. Now, I can tell which personality is speaking at any given time; that's not the problem. My problem is that the rapidity with which each personality takes over the conversation causes my head to spin.

Both personalities seem to be in a constant state of competition during this piece.

Personality One:

I voted for our former governor three times. I like her and respect her and think she's smart.

Personality Two:

I confess to having buyer's regret. No, I'm not talking about the current resident in the White House, although I expect more than a few are in that camp. I'm talking about the one, the only, Sarah Palin.

Personality One:

Palin has been defined as a lightweight and lacking gravitas by media elites and "opinion makers." The national media has been unfair and treated her horribly. They hold a double standard for Democrats vs. Republicans and men vs. women. Double bad for her!

Personality Two:

Still, I think she had a chance after the election to bone up on the issues and be a serious candidate for president in 2012. But she's blown it.

Personality One:

She was just on Jay Leno doing stand-up comedy and was quite good at it.

Personality Two:

She chose to resign as governor on July 4 last year, turning a normally quiet news day into a cable news food fight for video of what was a rambling speech. I was disappointed that she left office and thought that she should have gutted it out. She crawfished on what was a four-year commitment to the state.

Personalities One and Two then forget their manners and begin to talk over one another in the same sentence:

(Personality One:) I don't begrudge her for it, (Personality Two:) although to suggest that she did it for Alaska is a touch disingenuous. It's hard to keep 'em in the Valley once they've seen D.C.

Personality One tries to bring it back to "wishing Palin well" once and for all, but Personality Two just won't be outdone:

(Personality One:) I suspect I speak for many Alaskans when I wish her the best and hope she continues to speak out on national issues, have fun and (Personality Two:) make money. But, as a private citizen, not a candidate for office. I understand that she has to keep that option open otherwise the spotlight will move elsewhere. But Sarah, please, we've tried the inexperienced charismatic. A Republican reprise isn't a good idea.

Take a Dramamine, and then read his full piece, "Wishing Palin well and hoping she doesn't run," here.

This guy is a joke. He says the idea that Governor Palin stepped down with Alaska's best interests in mind is "a touch disingenuous." Pantages obviously knows a thing or two about being both touched and disingenuous, which might explain why he's projecting his character flaws onto her.

Look, if this is what he calls liking the governor, respecting her, and wishing her well, one would have to wonder how he would react to someone he didn't like, respect, or wish well. Well, one would normally have to wonder, but that's unnecessary in this instance because Pantages's record speaks for itself.

His wife supported John Binkley in the 2006 Republican Primary with the maximum $1,000 allowed. Of course, Binkley lost to Palin. After
she won the primary, she ran against Tony Knowles and Andrew Halcro in the general election, and Pantages supported Halcro, not Palin. Then, in true split personality form, a Pantages $250.00 contribution was made to the Palin/Parnell ticket two days before the election. Perhaps that's when his support and well-wishes suddenly kicked in and then departed just as suddenly--in time for him to announce so-called "buyer's regret."

Yet he offers his advice in this article. Why would anyone take advice from someone who can't even figure out where his loyalties lie?

The truth is Governor Palin's resignation has freed her up to be a voice of common sense conservatism for both Alaska and America. Unlike others who have remained silent on issues or spoken up only when it benefits them, the governor is consistently railing against the dangerous policies and plans of the current administration. She has not backed down or even buckled under constant pressure, and she is exactly what this country needs. So forgive Governor Palin if she doesn't rush to take the advice of an Anchorage investment manager who can't keep the voices in his head from publicly battling one another.

Politics-as-usual is cut-throat, and D.C. may be the only place where it's more bloody than Alaska. Pantages has clearly been affected. His track record doesn't reveal buyer's regret; it reveals a split personality. His article has nothing to do with wishing Governor Palin well; his article is politics-as-usual under the guise of concerned support.

I'm not fooled, and I have a funny feeling neither is the governor.


Jackytc March 14, 2010 at 11:31 AM  

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