Sarah Palin: Searchlight Shines Light on Wayward Washington

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Governor Palin pens a short Facebook note about yesterday's Tea Party in Searchlight, NV. Once again she drives her point home: we'll pass on Obama's desire to transform America. Instead, we'll just transform Washington!

She writes (italics added):

Searchlight Shines Light on Wayward Washington

Thank you, Tea Party Americans! A big thumbs up to the attendees, organizers and volunteers at yesterday’s inspiring Tea Party Express rally in Searchlight, Nevada. Take a look at these aerial photos from yesterday. What an amazing sight to see thousands and thousands of Americans show up in the middle of the desert to freely assemble and have their voices heard. In Harry Reid’s hometown (while he may have been doing a victory lap over the passage of Obamacare), more than 10,000 concerned citizens rallied to tell him and Speaker Pelosi that we’re ready for November.

We’re ready for a fundamental transformation of Washington – no need for their desired “fundamental transformation of America.”

The Tea Party Express rolls on... can’t wait to see you all in Boston on April 14th!

- Sarah Palin


Richard,  March 29, 2010 at 10:29 AM  

Your so right about Sarah. I particularly loved the way she bonded with her base by scribbling notes on her palms at that lovely Country First Rally. In a way she was telling her mostly illiterate & ignorant support structure that it's OK to be a moron. It's OK to know absolutely nothing. It's OK to have attained that high school diploma by the skin of one's teeth.
Smarty pants liberals have ruined America with their books & their knowledge & their spelling ability.
Finally, with Sarah, we, the average American, overweight clueless yet cocky, can have a voice.
Here's a big YOU BETCHA Sarah...

Adrienne Ross March 29, 2010 at 4:05 PM  


Since you unsuccessfully and dishonestly tried to portray Palin and conservatives as uneducated people, I thought I'd point out your first word. Hey, if YOU'RE (not your) going to try to paint a group of people as ignorant by contrasting them with Liberals who have such "spelling ability," you might want to proofread before attacking. Just a thought...

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