Star Parker May Help Take Our Country Back

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So the news is that Star Parker is running for Congress. I'm certainly happy about this piece of information, and others are reporting it.

Today Michelle Malkin writes:

I’ll admit my bias up front: I really dig Star Parker.

When I first met the former “welfare queen” back in 2004, it was like meeting a rock star. I shared a panel with her at a conservative student conference. I was so nervous, my voice shook. She was relaxed, funny, and informative.

In this month’s issue of World magazine, editor Marvin Olasky says Parker is running for U.S. Congress against Rep. Laura Richardson. It’s about time.
Read more here.

Marvin Olasky, reporting for World Mag shares:

Parker, born in 1956, is a Republican who hasn't held political office before, but we joked last month that she had a ready reply if attacked on grounds of inexperience: You're wrong. I've stolen. I've lied. I know how to do wrong. Indeed she does. Drugs, armed robbery, four abortions: "I was very flirty and promiscuous, and several bouts with sexually transmitted diseases didn't stop me."


But her change is mainly an "only in Jesus" story, because her family life and early education were not healthy. Christ had to transform her.

Now, will she be able to transform the politics of the 37th District, which includes Compton, Carson, and the inland portion of Long Beach? The incumbent, Laura Richardson, co-wrote the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in California and has been a stalwart Democratic vote in Washington.


Will Republicans compete in or concede poor districts? Will the Massachusetts miracle of January be the exception or the rule in November? California 37 will be a test.
Click here to read more of "Star Power."

I have great respect for Star Parker. Her story speaks to how faith in Christ can turn a life around and set a captive free, not only from sin, but from the liberal cesspool that too many Blacks are wallowing in.

I spoke to Star once when she was a guest on the Eddie Burke Radio Show in Anchorage, Alaska. I called in and thanked her for her hard work and for being an example of success. Eddie had hoped to get us hooked up so that we could perhaps touch base here in NY.

On that show, she made mincemeat of a caller who tried to push the Left's talking points, questioning the character of a Christian who's not willing to pay extra taxes to help others. Star pointed out that Jesus told people to dig into their own pockets to give, not somebody else's.

I also remember her handling of Joy Behar on "The View." Joy seemed totally blown away by the fact that Star had had four abortions. Star, who is now pro-life, expressed that if abortion was really acceptable, as Behar and "The View" ladies (minus Hasselbeck) say it is, then what difference would it make how many abortions she had? If it was all right to have one, then it was all right to have four. If what a woman is carrying isn't a life, why would it matter? But the four abortions did matter to the ladies, as it should have--as even one should have, for the baby is a life.

I hope Star Parker actually does run. She's one tough conservative who will stand up for what's right. America needs this.

Isn't it something how Americans, many never involved in politics before, are standing up and getting involved now? These people, like Star Parker, have one thing in mind during this crucial time in America's history: they simply want to take their country back.

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Nande March 24, 2010 at 12:11 AM  

I love that you mentioned Star's quote on The Eddie Burke show - reaching into your own pocket, not mine!

That statement is what I most remember about that interview, and it is an example of the type of straight-talking common sense that Ms. Parker espouses.

I join you in being excited about her candidacy!

Velcro March 24, 2010 at 4:53 AM  

Good for her!!! If God has "called" her to run, she's sure got faith. That's worse than simply praying for patience!

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