Headed to Hear Gov. Palin at Winning America Back Conference in Missouri

Friday, April 30, 2010

I am headed to Missouri to attend the Winning America Back Conference on Saturday, where Governor Palin will be speaking.

Also scheduled to speak are Liz Cheney, J.C. Watts, and Fred and Jeri Thompson.

About “Winning America Back”

“Winning America Back” will be an action packed one-day event promoting conservative values with some of the biggest names in politics – including keynote remarks from Sarah Palin. This event will equip conservatives with resources to take action on the grassroots level to make a positive impact for our future. Like a lot of Americans, members of Preserving American Liberty are worried about the current state of our country and the lack of leadership from our state houses to Washington, D.C. Instead of standing on the sidelines, we ask that members of the community join us as we hear from conservatives from across the country on how to be a part of the solution and to see what we can do to make a positive difference.
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