Palin's Real American Stories Owned Competition; Reairs Tonight

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Real American Stories," hosted by Governor Palin, debuted Thursday night on Fox. Tonight at 9 PM EST, Fox will reair this inspirational show highlighting ordinary Americans and their extraordinary stories.

Yesterday, Greta van Susteren, whose spot the governor's show aired in, blogged about Thursday's show and took on the haters who whine about everything Palin does, regardless of how successful she consistently is. We can always count on Greta to call it as she sees it.

She writes (emphasis added):

Have you seen the TV critics' reviews of Governor Sarah Palin's special? Nasty is a description I would assign to some of them. What is so bizarre is that not one single person who took a nasty swipe at her is remotely as successful she is. You don't have to agree with everything Palin says (I do not) but how can you deny her success? If you look at the ratings for her special, she easily beat the competition in the time slot! What is with the critics? Even with no TV experience, she crushed the competition. The critics are saying, among other things, she was boring. If she were boring with her ratings for her special -- what are the other networks who were crushed in that time slot saying today about their programming with their experienced anchors? It tells you a lot about the critics when they whack the winner and give a pass to those who are failing. It is rewarding the loser. Why can't they enjoy the woman's success?
Because they're haters; that's why, Greta!

Read the rest of Greta's thoughts here.

Ron Devito of US4Palin writes about "Real American Stories," responds to the Left's criticism of it, and also voices "one point of contention" with something Greta states in her blog. See what Ron has to say by clicking here.

Ratings tell the story, and Governor Palin owned the competition on Thursday night. If you missed the show, or would like to see it again, be sure to tune in at 9 PM EST tonight.

Click here if you've never seen the promo. Also, read my write-up of Thursday's debut by clicking here.

Our fellow Americans have stories that offer us incredible inspiration. Let's not miss out on hearing them.


romans 8:28,  April 4, 2010 at 4:03 PM  

hatred runs deep. they'll slander her all day long. I think she did a noble thing by stepping down as gov. to persue a greater cause. but the left will discredit her for abandoning her position. now hillary can run for president while still a senator collecting tax payer $ and nothing is said. where's the out cry. hipocracy.

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