Praise Dancing to Worthy is the Lamb (Updated)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

This "Worthy is the Lamb" dance is absolutely powerful. The praise dancers of my church, Rock Solid Church, have studied and practiced the video below and will be ministering the same dance tomorrow at our Resurrection Sunday--Easter--services.

The song is most appropriate and certainly the Truth, and the dance really says it all.

For some reason I was not asked to participate in this praise dance; I wonder why! Actually, it's a very difficult one, and they're smart enough to know I had a hard enough time mastering our "Glorious" dance! (See a video clip of that dance here.)

The "Worthy is the Lamb" dance begins about 18 seconds into the video. He is indeed worthy! God bless.

UPDATE: Our praise dancers did an amazing job dancing to this song today. It was anointed, and God was glorified.


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