Gov. Palin is Outraged by President's Pleading to Cut Soldiers' Salaries

Monday, May 10, 2010

President Obama wants to cut the salaries of our military men and women? Are you kidding me? These soldiers who place life and limb on the line for freedom deserve better than this.

Governor Palin's tweets a little while ago brought a Newsmax article to my attention.

Newsmax Wires reports:

President Barack Obama — who came to power with the help of government employee unions across the nation and has lavished on them hundreds of billions in stimulus funds to keep them on federal, state and local payrolls with no strings attached — is moving to cut spending on salaries for military personnel.

This weekend The Washington Post headlined story, "Pentagon Asking Congress to Hold Back on Generous Increases in Troop Pay,” disclosed that the Obama administration is “pleading” with Congress to give military personnel a much smaller increase in pay than lawmakers have proposed.

"Pleading" to lessen the pay of our military? he can spend more money on...what? We certainly know enough about this president to understand that he's not big on saving money, so why is he tightening the belt here? This is not the area we should be cutting.

This is precisely why we need common sense people making decisions in D.C. Paging Governor Palin!

The governor tweeted:

1. Priorities,priorities- Keep eye on PresObama's soldier pay decrease in midst of overspending elsewhere&govt union pay raises. Is he serious?

2. Soldier pay decreases in the midst of overspending elsewhere and government union pay raises? Seriously? What are...

On Facebook, the governor called this an "outrage." Indeed, it is.

Read the full Newsmax article here.

(H/T @SarahPalinUSA)


Ron B May 10, 2010 at 8:19 PM  

Just one more example of a government run-a-muck. While only the federal government is the only place jobs are being created and where the average salary surpasses that of the private sector, this president wants to withhold increases to men and women and their families that make the ultimate sacrifices. My Word!

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