Governor Palin On the Record On the Issues

Saturday, May 15, 2010

After the Susan B. Anthony Celebration of Life Breakfast in Washington, D.C. yesterday, Greta Van Susteren interviewed Governor Palin. The interview entailed a plethora of crucial issues of the day. Topics of discussion were her candidate endorsements; Elena Kagan, the Supreme Court nominee; illegal immigration and border security; off-shore drilling; the Greece bailout; and what she would say to President Obama if the opportunity arose.

This particular interview was, I believe, her most detailed yet, surpassing the interview with Chris Wallace that followed the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville in February. The Governor is incredibly astute at weighing in on the substantive pressing topics at home and abroad; that has not changed. She is able to disseminate that information best, however, when the interviewer does his or her job well, asking the kinds of real questions to which we need real answers. Governor Palin is then able to utilize her experience as a city manager, an energy expert, a business owner, a governor, and a common sense conservative to cut through the "bull crap" many politicians employ and simply get to the meat of the matter.

Below you can watch the portion of the interview where she tells what she would say to the president. Then click here to access the entire interview.


Kristina Lazzaro May 15, 2010 at 1:31 PM  

Thanks, Adrienne. I missed this interview due to studying in the library for finals!

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