Angela McGlowan: This is a victory ... because we’ve inspired others

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Angela McGlowan did not win the Mississippi primary election yesterday in her quest to become the Republican nominee for Congress. But there certainly is no sense of failure. Failure is being too afraid to try to make a difference. Failure is having a fire in your belly and quenching it, rather than offering yourself for service. On the contrary, asked to serve, McGlowan agreed and did everything she could to win that seat. We know we haven't seen the last of her. Her common sense impact did not begin with a run for Congress in 2010, and it certainly will not end here.

So in answer to the hate mail from the hateful hater stalking me as he hides behind his anonymous name and sits in front of his computer all day to be the first to read what I will write next (LOL!): all is well, and the best is yet to come! :) Oh so sweet! reports McGlowan's comments on the election (emphasis added):

"Right now it looks like Alan is going to take the nomination. I will vote for Alan, but I will not endorse him, because he’s a RINO Republican, and he has raised folks’ taxes, and I think he would run amok in Washington, D.C., the same as any other incumbent politician.

“I will go and work diligently to defeat Obama and Nancy Pelosi - to defeat their agenda. I have run as an antiestablishment, anti-incumbent candidate, and I stand by my principles of not raising taxes on people. To flipflop in people in Jackson, Mississippi, you’ll flipflop on people in Washington, D.C.

“I pray Alan changes, and if he does, I’ll support him.

“We put up a great fight and won. I’m the first black woman ever to run in this district. We did it on a shoestring budget. People said we were going to come here and buy votes; we didn’t buy votes. People said we were going to bring Washington, D.C., here; we didn’t. We ran an earnest and honest campaign, and I know that we’ve inspired people. Y’all ought to be proud. I’m very happy that you guys were part of my team.

"This is a victory ... because we’ve inspired others. We have greater things to do: We have to take on the liberals and the RINO Republicans.

"We put forth a great effort. I’m pretty sure FoxNews misses me; I miss my family. We brought a lot of attention to my home state. My father believed in this political system, and he paved the way for me. I feel victorious. Even though the votes didn’t come in the way we would have liked, I can sleep tonight knowing I did everything I could."

Clearly, McGlowan is still as outspoken and fired up as ever! I thank her for standing up for what's right and being willing to serve.


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