Sarah Palin: On the List of “Mama Grizzlies”: Cecile Bledsoe for Arkansas

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Governor Palin endorses another "Mama Grizzly" today. Via Facebook:

Just had a great talk with Cecile Bledsoe (and talk about “boots on the ground” in her grassroots campaign, she answered her own campaign phone when I called). She’s an inspiring individual whom I’m happy to support.

Cecile is another Commonsense Conservative “mama grizzly” running for Congress this year. Her mission to protect our great country’s freedom is so commendable. Cecile is a pro-family, pro-2nd Amendment, fiscal conservative who will work hard for the people in Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District.

Please join me in supporting another member of the “pink elephant stampede” of Commonsense Constitutional Conservative women who will take this country back to our roots of limited government and fiscal responsibility. Please vote for Cecile on Tuesday, June 8th.

You can visit Cecile’s website here, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

- Sarah Palin


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