Another Palin Derangement Syndrome Sufferer Pays Hell

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two days ago, I covered the story of two New Hampshire Democrats who chose to use Facebook to wish death on Governor Palin after the plane crash that left Ted Stevens dead. One was State Rep. Timothy Horrigan. He resigned after he came under fire for his hateful comments.

The other was Keith Halloran, a Democratic candidate for State Representative in Cheshire County. RedHampshire has reported:

It took over 24 hours, a news story that spread from Concord to Anchorage, a mention on Fox News, and denouncements from state Democrats but Keith Hallaron has told WMUR that he will not actively campaign for the NH House.

Halloran at first called the criticism of his comment a “tempest in a tea party tea pot,” but he later issued a statement on Facebook apologizing for the post. Thursday, he said he was withdrawing from the race for District 7.

“After consulting with the secretary of state’s office, I am withdrawing as an active candidate for the New Hampshire House,” Halloran said in a written statement. “I urge registered voters to consider supporting and voting for the truly progressive candidates on the ballot on Sept. 14 and Nov. 2. Live Free and Move Forward.”

Read more here.

As I stated when I first covered this story, it's time for people to be held accountable for their words and actions, and contrary to what some of these characters may think, anything does not go when it comes to Governor Palin. Indeed, there is hell to pay for such asinine, evil comments.

(h/t Josh Painter)


Anonymous,  August 14, 2010 at 11:00 PM  

When I heard that Halloran wished for the death of Sarah Palin and Levi, I immediately went to facebook and found Halloran's real facebook page. I then urged all of my followers on twitter to send him a facebook message telling him that they were disgusted with his statement. I had over 50 people click on the link to his facebook...whether or not they sent him a message, I don't know, but hopefully I was able to help some with him being able to quit.

We've talked some on might recognize my username...

I love your blog! Feel free to follow mine in return if you don't mind :)

Great work! I really hope that Palin runs in 2012!

Dan August 16, 2010 at 12:47 AM  

Thank you so much for creating this blog! I definitely loved this entry because it's great to know that Palin bashers are beginning to get a taste of their own medicine. I especially appreciate your blog, because I, too, am a minority, and am VERY glad that other minorities aren't afraid to stand up and be Conservative leaders!

Please research on how to make your blog bigger and spread the word about it, because I truly believe that this site could be HUGE. You provide much needed truth in a time of media bias.

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