Video - Dr. Alveda King at Restoring Honor Rally: "I, Too, Have a Dream. It is in My Genes"

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dr. Alveda King powerfully spoke the truth at the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, DC today. It was a message of faith, hope, and love--in spite of the challenges we face. In fact, she declared:

Yet we are not without hope. Faith, hope, and love are not dead in America. Hallelujah! We still trust in God!

One thing I respect so much about Dr. King's niece, Alveda, is she is not bound by anything that is controlling so many today. She's not interested in partisanship. Rather, she is a voice of unity and justice, she loves her country, she fights for the unborn, she proclaims our need of God, and she's not ashamed of her faith. Today she proclaimed:

I, too, have a dream. It is in my genes.

Indeed it is, and Uncle Martin--as she refers to Dr. King--would be very proud of his niece.

Below is the video, which I encourage you to watch in its entirety. Prepare to be inspired:


Just a conservative girl August 29, 2010 at 2:09 AM  

She was by far the best speaker of the day. The crowd went crazy when she came on. I not sure if that came through on the video or the live stream, but she was amazing.

I don't know a great deal about her, but I did she her speak a year ago about her pro life movement, and I was even more blown away today.

I throughly enjoyed the day today, even with the crowds.

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