Governor Palin Boosted Todd Tiahrt to Close Race

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Although Jerry Moran defeated Todd Tiahrt in yesterday's Kansas Primary, Tiahart managed to make it a tighter battle once securing Governor Palin's endorsement. Before she endorsed him, he was trailing considerably.

Ian Lazaran of Conservatives4Palin writes:

Before he received Governor Palin's endorsement, Todd Tiahrt trailed Jerry Moran by a 23-point margin in late May. Tonight, he managed to keep it close with a guy who outspent him dramatically. Tiahrt even managed to overperform in the urban areas of Kansas, such as Overland Park, that are thought to be populated by more moderate Republicans. Unfortunately for Tiahrt, Moran overperformed in the rural areas of his home district. These rural areas would normally go for the more conservative Tiahrt had Moran not been the home Congressman.

The bottom line is that Tiahrt finished closer than anyone expected considering how badly he trailed prior to Governor Palin's endorsement. Congratulations to Jerry Moran on effectively becoming the next Senator from Kansas.


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