Governor Palin Demands Answers

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last night, after President Obama chose to voice his support of the controversial too-close-to-Ground Zero-mosque during a White House Ramadan dinner, I posted an article. In that piece, I mentioned some questions that need to be asked. I wondered why President Obama wasn't asking the same important questions.

Well, perhaps the President doesn't see that we need answers, but Governor Palin certainly does, which is just another reason she's considered to be a leader among possible presidential contenders. She writes the following in her recent Facebook note called, "Legitimate Questions for the President":

Mr. President, should they or should they not build a mosque steps away from where radical Islamists killed 3000 people? Please tell us your position. We all know that they have the right to do it, but should they? And, no, this is not above your pay grade. If those who wish to build this Ground Zero mosque are sincerely interested in encouraging positive "cross-cultural engagement" and dialogue to show a moderate and tolerant face of Islam, then why haven't they recognized that the decision to build a mosque at this particular location is doing just the opposite? Mr. President, why aren't you encouraging the mosque developers to accept Governor Paterson's generous offer of assistance in finding a new location for the mosque on state land if they move it away from Ground Zero? Why haven't they jumped at this offer? Why are they apparently so set on building a mosque steps from what you have described, in agreement with me, as "hallowed ground"? I believe these are legitimate questions to ask.

- Sarah Palin

She followed that note with the following tweets:

1. Mr. President, should they or shouldn't they build a Muslim mosque steps away from where radical Islamists killed 3000 people?Your position?

2. We all know that they have the right to do it, but should they? This is not above your pay grade.

3. Mr. President, did you encourage the mosque dvlprs to accept Gov. Paterson’s offer of land if they move away from hallowed ground @ GZero?

4. Mr. President, why are they so set on marking an area w/ mosque steps from what you described, in agreement with many, as "hallowed ground”?

5. 9/11 mosque=act of fitna, "equivalent to bldg Serbian Orthodox church@Srebrenica killing fields where Muslims were slaughtered" - Raza&Fatah

6. Please read this op-ed: by Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah.

Governor Palin's obvious disappointment (understatement, I'm sure) in the President's "unshakable" support of this slap in the face of the 911 victims' families, New Yorkers, and Americans--the majority of whom do not want the mosque there--is understandable. In fact, I simply cannot comprehend those who do not see why this is the wrong position for the President of the United States to take, why it's the wrong position period.


honestyinGov,  August 14, 2010 at 7:33 PM  

The simple Fact is that " Legitimate Contenders for the Presidency " don't rule or develop Policy positions using Facebook. THAT is a FACT that everybody agrees on.

15 year old teen-age girls talking about their boyfriends and their dates think Facebook is important. NOT Presidents.

Adrienne Ross August 14, 2010 at 7:47 PM  


I beg to differ. Obviously it's working because you're responding to the FB note. I notice, too, that you didn't address the issue itself. With so many challenges facing our nation, do you really want to spend time debating whether or not someone should use FB to get the message out?

Ralph Buttigieg August 15, 2010 at 3:47 AM  


honestyinGov, why not? previous politicians published essays in newspapers, magazines, radio speeches etc. She uses the 21st century medium Facebook. Sarah has over 2m members to her facebook page, twice the circulation of the New York Times. Note, newspaper circulation is declining while her facebook count is still increasing.



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