Sidelined By Sprained Ankle

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's so weird how things happen sometimes. As many of you know, after the school year ended, having managed to survive sending those little ones on to their destinies--some headed to eighth grade, some to Summer School, and some to the la la land reserved for students who pretend, until the day before Summer School starts, that they never knew they failed every quiz, test, and subject. I was in desperate need after this particular school year to get away, so I hit the road early the next morning for a long drive to Missouri where I would spend most of my summer with my friend, Kristi. It's been such a joy, and we have been having an absolute blast. It's been a time of rest, spiritual refreshing/seeking God, and just plain fun.

Knowing I had to go home at some point, however, I finally settled on today to leave and start back on the 19 hour drive. But it all went "crunch" last night.

After a wonderful goodbye dinner at Kristi's parents' house Thursday, after cooking my last chicken dinner at Kristi's on Saturday, after saying goodbye to members of Cape First church Sunday, after Kristi's delicious chicken fettucini alfredo and broccoli dinner last night, after the plan to hit the road around 8 this Monday morning, I'm still here.

Here's why. I never feed Kristi's dog. Kristi feeds her dog, but last night I decided I would feed Jersey while Kristi cooked. I ended up stepping into an uneven spot on the lawn, my foot went down, it twisted, and I heard the horrible crunching sound. While howling (me, not the dog), I managed to hop my way inside before collapsing on the couch in agony.

Kristi tended to me, even made sure I got the ice on within minutes. Swelling still ensued, so here I am, still in Southeast Missouri, with a bum ankle propped up.

I wasn't ready to go home, I'll admit it, but this? I've been seeking the Lord about various and sundry things since I've been here, and God has certainly made Himself known. Many have joked about Missouri being the place for me. I am always open to God's leading, and I'd like to think I could catch a hint without having to stick my foot in a hole and sprain my ankle! In any case, starting out on the journey back to New York is not going to happen today. Perhaps tomorrow.

I'm listening...


Karen Allen August 9, 2010 at 11:28 AM  

Ouch. So sorry, but as you imply...maybe the Lord has more to add to the story. Peace and healing!

Adrienne Ross August 9, 2010 at 11:38 AM  

Thank you, Karen. He may indeed have more to add to the story. I'm SO listening. God bless you!

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